5 Best Canister Filter For Saltwater Aquarium: Review And Buying Guide

Canister filters are one of the most popular types of aquarium filters, and for good reasons – they can provide top-notch filtration for your tank. However, choosing the best canister filter for saltwater aquariums can be tricky.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best canister filters on the market and help you choose the right one for your tank.

Can I Use A Canister Filter In A Saltwater Aquarium?

Yes, but canister filters are more suitable for fish-only marine tanks than coral or reef tanks.

Canister filters are usually effective at removing debris from fish-only aquariums through mechanical filtration. However, corals require better water quality than a fish-only aquarium, so this is an excellent place to start and figure out your maintenance regimen before moving on to corals.

To eliminate soluble fish waste and clean the water, most fish-only marine tanks with canister filters use a lot of filter floss and Purigen or Activated Carbon.

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Pros & Cons Of Canister Filters In Saltwater Aquariums

Every item of aquarium equipment you intend to utilize should be considered in terms of how it will fit into your setup. Everyone’s setup is unique, and while one item may not work for them, it may be ideal for you.

  • As far as marine tank equipment goes, canister filters are relatively affordable.
  • Many freshwater aquarium owners may already have a canister filter.
  • They are simple to keep clean.
  • Canister filters have readily available spare parts.
  • They don’t need a drilled aquarium to work.
  • Multiple trays in a canister filter allow for different filter material types.

Why They Are Not

  • Regular maintenance is required for canister filters.
  • The amount of media that each basket can hold is limited.
  • It’s too little to fit any more equipment inside.
  • As they clog, the filter media as a whole suffers.
  • Only suitable for aquariums with a capacity of smaller than 100 gallons.

Best Canister Filter For Saltwater Aquarium: Review

Fluval FX6 High-Performance Aquarium Filter

Fluval FX6 High Performance Aquarium Filter,...
4,552 Reviews
Fluval FX6 High Performance Aquarium Filter,...
  • Multi-stage filter pumps out 925 US Gal (3,500 L) of water per hour, Smart Pump advanced microchip technology...
  • Self-starting – just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over, trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to...
  • Easy water changes eliminate need to lift heavy buckets. Simply attach hosing to output and Smart Pump does the rest
  • Removable, stackable media baskets eliminate water bypass and hold a total of 1.5 US Gal (5.9 L) of media, all filter...
  • Compact 21 in (53 cm) tall design - easily fits under most aquariums

Because the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter is made by a respected business, it may be described as a fantastic filter. The flow rate of this filter is 563 GPH. In addition, it boasts a new motor technology that can provide you with better performance while using 10% less electricity.

The Fluval FX6 is a high-performance aquarium filter that includes all the necessary filter media for a healthy marine aquatic environment. With its Aqua-Stop valves and Click-Fit attachment system, the FX6 is easy to install and maintain. The telescopic strainer ensures continuous water flow, while the multi-directional output nozzles can be adjusted to create customized water flows.

The impeller is equipped with precision-built bearings and a protective cover that helps to reduce noise. Also, the rubberized feet help ensure quiet operation. In addition, the body can help keep moisture and dirt out of the unit, making it more robust.

The Purge Valve with drain hose makes maintenance and flushing of the canister a breeze. However, the 21″ tall design easily fits most aquariums.

This device includes a self-priming Smart Pump system. As a result, you’ll be able to set it up quickly. All you have to do now is fill it with water and plug it in. The pump will then automatically adjust itself to track your water flow. As a result, the canister will be purged for 12 hours of trapped air.

Furthermore, this device has a six-stage filtration system. This product’s baskets have been meticulously developed. As a result, they are capable of stopping any water bypass.

Read the detailed review of the fx6 canister filter for more information.

  • It is labeled for saltwater use.
  • Ensures that the performance is improved.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • Reliable and long-lasting.
  • It operates quietly.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • It takes up a significant amount of space.

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter –...
580 Reviews
Hydor Professional External Canister Filter –...
  • COMPLETE ECOSYSTEM IN A BOX: This external filter for generation aquariums offers maximum performance and high...
  • PREMIUM VERSATILITY: This professional external canister filter for aquariums features a priming pump that offers the...
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The long-life ceramic shaft, large filter volume and safety locks make this professional external...
  • FILTER OPTIONS: Choose from professional external canister filters that operate with gallon ranges from 20 to 150. The...
  • SPECIALIZED SERVICE: With more than 30 years of experience offering high-quality products for the passionate marine...

The Hydor Professional External Canister Filter offers maximum performance and high filtration standards for your aquarium. This unit is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and features a priming pump for added versatility.

This space-saving filter is perfect for both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike and comes in various gallon ranges to fit your needs. With circulation rates from 160 to 290 gallons per hour, this professional-grade filter is sure to keep your marine tank clean and healthy.

There are three media trays in the filter, each of which contains ceramic rings, filtering pads, and a sponge. With the rotating spray bar and telescopic intake tube, you may modify the filter to meet your specific demands and requirements. Three stages of filtration will adequately clean the water and provide a safe environment for your aquatic creatures.

Installation of the Hydor Professional is really straightforward. Even if you’re a complete rookie, you won’t have any difficulties because the filter comes with full instructions to assist you with the process. And the installation process becomes effortless and rapid when the input and outlet connectors are swiveled.

This filter is extremely quiet, and you will not be able to detect any humming sounds at all. Therefore, the noise will not annoy you if you store it in your bedroom or living room.

  • Suitable for saltwater tanks.
  • The package is compact in size.
  • There are several different types of filter media.
  • Excellent filter circulation.
  • The installation and cleanup procedures are straightforward.
  • For chemical filtration, there is no carbon filter.
  • There are issues with connection points.

Penn-Plax Cascade Aquarium Canister Filter

Penn-Plax Cascade 1500 Aquarium Canister Filter...
9,513 Reviews
Penn-Plax Cascade 1500 Aquarium Canister Filter...
  • CASCADE 1500 CANISTER FILTER: Without effort, the Cascade 1500 Canister Filter quietly delivers crystal clear water...
  • STATE OF THE ART FEATURES: In addition to the push button primer that allows for a simple and quick prime, this Canister...
  • FILTER MEDIA: This Canister Filter comes standard with 5 Poly Fiber Floss Pads, 1 Coarse Bio-Sponge, and 1 Bag of...
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: 2 Independent Valve Taps, Push Button Primer, Flow Rate Control Cut-Off Valves, Swimming-Pool Style Hose...
  • MEASUREMENTS AND OTHER USEFUL INFO: The Cascade 1500 Canister Filter measures 11.5” (W) x 12” (D) x 20.5” (H)....

Looking for a powerful and quiet canister filter for a saltwater aquarium? Look no further than the Penn-Plax Cascade Canister Filter! However, there are several models in this series, and I prefer the Cascade 1500 for your marine tank

This filter delivers crystal clear water throughout your tank, thanks to its 350 gallons per hour flow rate. It’s perfect for aquariums up to 200 gallons and can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks

The filter is constructed of extremely tough plastic that will last for a long time. Moreover, the hue cobalt blue has a calming effect.

The multi-stage filtration process is made possible by using several media baskets. It can perform mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration to ensure that marine organisms are kept in a secure environment. Moreover, it is equipped with a flow rate control valve, which is particularly useful during the cleanliness and maintenance procedures.

A small effort is required to set up this canister filter because the method is so simple. You will be provided with all of the components necessary to set it up. It is equipped with hose clamps in the swimming pool style, which makes the assembling and maintenance operations a breeze.

The filtering process will begin within 30 minutes of completing the installation, and you will notice visible changes in the tank water within a day of starting it. Additionally, it operates quietly, making it an excellent choice if you intend to put the tank in your bedroom.

The 360° rotating valve taps make it easy to use in even the tightest spaces. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable filter that will keep your fish happy and healthy, the Penn-Plax Cascade Canister Filter is a perfect choice!

You can read A Detailed Review on Penn-Plax Canister Filter.

  • It’s simple to set up and maintain.
  • Large marine tanks will benefit from this product.
  • Material is solid and long-lasting.
  • The flow rate is high.
  • Filtration method with multiple stages.
  • Consumes more energy than its rivals.

Aqueon Quietflow Canister Filter

Aqueon QuietFlow 155/400 Canister Filter
136 Reviews
Aqueon QuietFlow 155/400 Canister Filter
  • Easy access for routine maintenance
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Flexible options for optimal performance
  • Uses Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges
  • Includes: Quick Disconnect Valves, Pump Locking Heads, Water Intake/Output Connections, Hoses, Media: Activated Carbon,...

Looking for a top-of-the-line canister filter for your aquarium? Check out the Aqueon Quietflow Canister Filter! This filter is designed for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and includes a unique hang-on-the-back water polishing unit that makes maintenance quick and easy. 

Unlike other canister filters, you don’t have to remove the entire canister to replace the media basket. All you have to do now is change the carbon cartridge in the polishing device.

The quick disconnect valves, pump locking heads, water intake, output connections, hoses, and water polishing unit with cartridge make it super easy to set up and use. 

The Aqueon Quietflow also lives up to its name. Despite the high efficiency of the motor, it runs smoothly and quietly. In addition, the installation is quick and straightforward, making it one of our top picks for the best canister filter available.

The canister is preloaded with biological, chemical, and mechanical media to efficiently remove waste and harmful toxins from your fish tank’s water.

  • Works well in both saltwater and freshwater tanks.
  • The flow rate is high.
  • Cleans very quickly and very well.
  • The polishing machine is easy to keep clean.
  • Numerous media filters.
  • Not suitable for massive tanks.

Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter

Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter For...
3,761 Reviews
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter For...
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment
  • VERSATILE: For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • FAST SETUP: Water-tight canister lid lifts up for easy removal
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Valve block for quick release to shut down water flow – separates from housing for quick, spill-free...
  • THREE SIZES AVAILABLE: Comes in 220 GPH, 360 GPH and 360 GPH sizes

The Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter is a powerful and easy-to-use filter for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium. This top-sealing gasket filter offers a strong seal and easy access to media baskets. So, the Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter is designed to give quick assistance and a spill-free installation. It can also clean tanks up to 100 gallons effectively.

It’s chock-full of one-of-a-kind, user-friendly features. These components might make maintaining your aquarium easier than before. For example, when you compress or pull up the filter for easy expulsion, it comes with a lid that can create a water-tight barrier.

The stack and flow filter trays force water through, not around, media layers for total mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Furthermore, you won’t have any problems changing or cleaning the media because it can be readily removed from the plate.

A fast-prime button is included with this product. You can load the filter chamber with water for a rapid, self-priming setup by pressing this button. It also has a valve that was created specifically for it. You’ll be able to shut off the water flow instantaneously and separate the cover from the engine housing for spill-free maintenance using this valve.

The advanced components of this filter can provide you with the resources you’ll need to create a pristine, healthy aquatic environment with significantly less effort.

  • The operation is quiet and tidy.
  • It has a three-year warranty.
  • It’s a high-quality canister filter.
  • Simple to keep up with.
  • It comes with a set of instructions that are difficult to understand.

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How To Choose The Best Canister Filter For Saltwater Aquarium

We’ve compiled a list of excellent canister filters for you to consider. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you. 

Let’s discuss the elements that influence decision-making.

How To Choose The Best Canister Filter For Saltwater Aquarium

Size Of The Tank

The size of your aquarium will have a significant impact on your decision. The Fluval FX6 is a solid contender from this list if you have a more giant aquarium of over 100 gallons.

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If your marine tank is large, one filter may not be enough; in that case, a multiple canister filter configuration may be necessary. At the same time, you’ll need to measure the available space in your aquarium cabinet to see if these will fit.

Motor Reliability

To a canister filter, the motor is everything. If the motor fails too soon, you’ll be without a filter. Therefore, we consider motor quality the most important consideration in our purchase, so we prefer motors made in Italy and Germany.

When buying a Chinese-made pump, you face the chance of acquiring a malfunctioning motor, and manufacturers who do not offer a multi-year warranty on their canister filters should be avoided.


The ability to adapt is the next factor to consider. We want to be able to control the flow of our aquarium canister filter using a ball valve. Unfortunately, some of the units on this list lack ball valves, limiting your ability to modify your flow and fast shut off the drain on your canister filter.

It’s also crucial to think about where you’ll keep the canister filter. If your aquarium comes with a stand, you may simply place it in one of the cabinet sections. However, if the filter is particularly tall, you may need to consider other options for concealing it or blending it with the fish tank.


The canister filter you purchase must be well-made to provide exceptional long-term service. But almost of canister filters are composed of plastic nowadays. So, no matter which canister filter you buy, make sure the material used to produce it is safe and can last a long time.


The most crucial element to consider when selecting a canister filter for your aquarium is the filter’s purpose. This implies you must consider the filter’s capabilities and your filtration requirements.

Before you choose a filter, consider if the canister you want can manage the flow, volume, and variety you require, among other things.

Consider selecting a canister filter with a more significant flow rate to get the best filtration for your tank. Canister filters with a faster flow rate can complete the filtration process quickly.

Learn more on canister filter setup and maintenance:

Using Canister Filters In Saltwater Tanks: Special Consideration

Using Canister Filters In Saltwater Tanks

Although these filters are suitable for use in all sorts of saltwater aquariums, we believe that canister filters are the best option for a fish-only setup. This is for a variety of reasons:

Firstly: In a reef aquarium, the biological medium of a canister filter could result in excessive nitrate production, necessitating more frequent water changes and non-ideal settings for corals.

Debris and detritus that rots and decomposes inside the filter is the most prevalent cause of nitrate problems.

Unfortunately, especially in saltwater tanks, this ‘nitrate factory’ effect is almost always unavoidable. You should attempt to keep nitrate levels below 5 ppm in saltwater tanks, as greater levels can lead to excessive algae growth. ​

A moderate amount of algae development is beneficial to your aquarium, but too much leads to excessive phosphate levels, which can harm your fish.

Secondly: Many saltwater aquariums are based on a reef-ready system or a sump, incompatible with a canister filter.

Finally: Live rock and dry rock provide significantly greater biological media than a canister filter in saltwater aquariums and are entirely natural.

However, there are also alternative uses for a canister in a saltwater tank. For example, a canister filter could be used as a filter media reactor to feed water into a UV sterilizer from the display or as an additional flow.

Other Alternative – A Sump

There are numerous reasons why most saltwater aquariums have a sump, and the benefits are well worth the additional cost. 

If this is your first saltwater aquarium, I’m sure it won’t be long before you’re thinking about your next one! Use this tank to learn, then go to a drilled aquarium with a sump for your next project.

If nothing else, a sump helps you conceal all of the equipment, allowing you to focus on the natural beauty of the fish and corals rather than the pipes, cables, and equipment strewn around!

Final Words

These days, canister filters are very popular among aquarium owners. The reason for this is that canister filters are better at mechanical, chemical, and biological filtering.

These filters can also be used for saltwater tanks, reef tanks, and various other applications.

As a result, we feel and hope that our study and buying guide will assist you in selecting the best canister filter for a saltwater aquarium. It’s not a problem if you opt to go with a different model. Keep in mind the factors to consider when selecting the proper model.

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