About Aquarium Tales

Hi, I am Sujit Modak, creator, and editor of this blog.

I started Aquarium Tales back in 2020 when the world was hit by the pandemic. The primary goal was to share my fishkeeping experiences with others through this blog.

I have had a strong affection for fishkeeping since my childhood, and I owned several small fish tanks containing community fish species when I was young. Later, for the last five years, I added varieties including Betta, Oscar, Shrimp, and Plants in my aquarium.

You can learn more about me here.

About Aquarium Tales

Thank you for visiting Aquarium Tales.

Aquarium Tales is an online resource for high-quality information related to the fishkeeping hobby. The sole purpose is to help readers in their fishkeeping journey.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, this blog provides you with valuable resources and expert advice to enhance your fishkeeping journey.

This website is dedicated to sharing knowledge and guidance on all aspects of freshwater fishkeeping, including aquarium setup, fish selection, tank maintenance, water chemistry, and more.

Aquarium Tales also provides detailed profiles and care guides of various fish species, and plants to help you make informed decisions when selecting and caring for your aquatic pets, and plants.

Moreover, Aquarium Tales delves into the art of aquascaping, showcasing stunning designs and offering inspiration for creating beautiful underwater landscapes. It brings you the most relevant information, and technology updates to help you stay at the forefront of the hobby.

All the articles published in Aquarium Tales go through a strict editorial process to avoid grammatical mistakes, and factual errors, and to make them useful for the readers.

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I also share useful information through Aquarium Tales Youtube Channel. If you like to see videos you can subscribe to the channel where I upload videos every week on various fishkeeping topics.

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Aquarium Tales Pinterest Profile