The 7 Best Betta Fish Tanks For 2021: Pick It In Your Way

Best Betta Fish Tank Review by Aquarium Tales

Betta! What a beautiful creature! Cute, lively, and colorful, on the other hand, overly aggressive! They love to fight, and they fight for no reason. No wonder they are known as ‘Siamese fighting fish‘ in another name! Beauty and aggression together created a unique combination that made Betta the top choice among fish keepers. 

You will get different answers if you ask other people which one is the best Betta fish tank. In our opinion, the best Betta fish tank is the one that is comfortable and cozy for them, where they can live happily. A Betta fish can live two times longer than its expected life span of 2 to 3 years in an ideal aquarium.

In this article, we’ll try to give you an idea of how you will choose your Betta fish tank. We provide a list of Betta tanks to make your search process more manageable so that you can pick one quickly if you are in a hurry. You will get a detailed review of the products in our review sections. Hopefully, that will be useful for you as a buying guide. 

Essential Things to Know About Betta Fish

Just because they are fighters doesn’t mean hard to keep. Despite their aggression, Bettas are one of the low-maintenance aquatic pets! You need to know some basic things about Betta fish to handle them well.

Origin and Diet

Betta or Siamese fighting fish are native to the Mekong basin of East Asia. They are small fish, and a full-grown Betta can be 3 inches in size. Betta’s expected life span is 2-3 years in the wild, extending to 4 years in captivity.

They are carnivorous, and they feed on zooplankton, small crustaceans, and the larvae of mosquitoes in the wild. In aquariums, they take prepared pellet foods or frozen foods. 

Tank Companion

Male Bettas are furious! In aquariums, they cannot cohabit with their female counterparts, so you have to keep them single. But female Bettas are comparatively sober enough (still aggressive), and you can try to keep two or more of them together.

Tanks with multiple female Bettas are known as Betta sorority tanks. In that case, don’t forget to provide them a sizeable spacious aquarium. Making a Betta sorority aquarium is not that easy. It needs some research, so we don’t suggest this method for first-timers.  

You can keep some peaceful tankmates in a spacious aquarium of more than 10-gallon. Blue Gourami, Neon Tetras, and bottom feeder catfish like Bristlenose plecos, Glass catfish, or Cory catfish can be excellent Betta companions in an aquarium. 

Basics of a Betta Aquarium

Bettas are highly active fish, they love to swim around, and an ample space comforts them. A five-gallon is the minimum size of a tank to relax a single Betta fish. Conversely, small tanks from 0.7 gallons are relatively standard for Betta keeping! But if you ask us, we will recommend you ‘larger is better’! Because you will love to see your pretty friends playful enough! Aren’t you?

They love to play hide and seek (but sadly when they are unhappy), showing their mood. A natural biotope aquarium can please Betta fish a lot. To add natural flavors in a Betta tank, you can add live aquatic plants. Floating live plants can be the right place for them to hide behind. Live plants beautify your aquarium gorgeously as well.

Bettas are from paddy fields of the east and south-east Asian warm zone, and so, they do well in warm temperatures like 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. An effective aquarium heater can keep them warm and happy.

They prefer low flow or even no flow in their home because they are a type of labyrinth fish who can breathe air. Although Bettas are okay with low oxygen water, a little water flow is good for maintaining your aquarium water quality. A filter & pump package with an adjustable flow rate can be the perfect choice for a Betta Fish Tank.

The Criterion that Makes a Tank – The Best Betta Fish Tank

You are pondering to select the best Betta fish tank, aren’t you? No worries, we are here to help you further, now we’ll talk about the qualities that an ideal Betta fish tank should possess.

Tank size:

We said earlier, size does matter, and the larger is better! As a type of labyrinth fish, Betta can live in low oxygen water, so some people keep them in small bowls. Though they can survive, it does not mean a small tank is ideal for them.

The real beauty of Bettas resides in their social behavior that you cannot get unless you keep them in a large aquarium. So the best Betta fish tank is the perfect spacious one. You should choose a minimum of 5-gallon, but 10-gallon or more is the best as Betta fish tank.  

A suitable filter:

The filtration system is a crucial criterion for selecting a Betta fish tank to maintain the water quality and keep the water circulation rate comfortable. 

The primary target for your aquarium filter is to achieve clean and healthy water, so the filtration must be proper. At the same time, the water circulation rate should be optimum. If the filter pump output rate is too strong, your Betta struggles to cope up. So the best choice for Betta fish tank is a three-stage filter with an adjustable pump. 

Temperature control:

All Bettas are tropical fish, came from paddy fields of South-East Asia, so very naturally, they are comfortable at a warm temperature. You should maintain your aquarium water temperature from 76° to 80° Fahrenheit and never go below 74°. 

Lower temperatures weaken their immunity, so they suffer from fungal and other diseases. It would help if you had an aquarium heater to keep water warm. Only in some aquarium kits (such as Aqueon 10 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit), a heater is available with the package. Otherwise, you have to buy one additionally.  

Space at the top:

A labyrinth type fish can directly breathe oxygen from the air, so Bettas love to come up to the water surface and take a quick breath like Dolphins. You should select a tank where you can provide a 4-inch gap from the water surface to the container’s edge. Some fish tanks with portrait shape like Marineland Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit gives an advantage for this point.

Live plants and no plastic plants:

Live plants inside your aquarium can create an environment that Bettas like most, as it gives them hiding places. But avoid plastic plants as those might have sharp edges. Betta has beautiful but sensitive fins, and sharp edges can injure your Betta. 

Our Choice List to Select The Best Betta Fish Tank

Our review section analyzed the product features and user feedback to come up with the selection. Hopefully, it will help you to select the best Betta fish tank as you desire. 

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is a perfect deal, no matter you are a newbie or an expert! Superior quality, expert design, and elegant look make this product the most preferred aquarium kit of 2020. Your Betta will love to play and swim all around inside this healthily managed spacious aquarium.

The filtration system is very efficient in maintaining clean water inside. The adjustable flow pump will benefit your Betta because Bettas struggle with high pump flow if the output is too strong. As a portrait shape tank, it fits easily inside any room with limited space. We don’t have to think a lot to pick this as our best choice! (For a more detailed review, you can visit our single product review post)

Why MarineLand Portrait 

  • The ‘5-gallon size’ and an ‘adjustable flow pump’ made MarineLand Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit the perfect choice for Bettas.
  • If the pump output is too strong, Bettas struggle; by adjusting the flow, you can ensure their best comfort.
  • A three-stage filtration system with rite-Size Z Cartridge, bio-foam, and adjustable flow pump is handy to deliver healthy water for Bettas.
  • The filtration system is hidden; it is out of your sight, thus enhancing aquarium viewing.
  • A clear canopy with rounded corners allows aquarium viewing from various angles.
  • Two colors (white & blue) LED lights can create a sunlight effect and moonlight glow, and your aquarium will come to life!
  • Choose a lighting effect that suits your mood! A three-way switch to toggle between white and blue, off, and blue-only settings, smooth!
  • Hinged LED light and sliding glass canopy allows easy access. Thus feeding, cleaning, water care dosing, and all other regular maintenance is very easy.
  • Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is straightforward to assemble and easy to maintain.


  • 5-gallon aquarium size is perfect for Betta fish.
  • A three-stage advanced filtration with bio-foam and the Rite-Size Z Cartridge is perfect.
  • The hidden filtration system is suitable for better viewing of the aquarium.
  • An adjustable flow filter pump is suitable for Bettas.
  • Blue & white energy-efficient LED lights can create two different unique effects.


  • As a glass made product, it is a bit prone to fragility, and you have to handle it with care.
  • Portrait shaped tanks can be a little inconvenient for cleaning.

Marineland is one of the leading brands in the fishkeeping arena. They have created many innovative items to create the ultimate aquatic showcase. The MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit is a beautiful creation to make another perfect Betta fish tank.

This aquarium kit is available in two different sizes of 3-gallon and 5-gallon. We recommend the 5-gallon tank for your Betta as it is perfectly spacious, whereas the price difference is minimal.  

Why MarineLand Contour

  • This tank is very similar to the Marineland Portrait Glass tank and similarly an ideal choice as Betta fish tank. 
  • The Marineland Contour Aquarium Kit comes up with an adjustable flow pump. If the pump output is too strong, Bettas struggle, so you can ensure their best comfort by adjusting the flow.
  • A three-stage filtration system maintains a clean and healthy aquarium environment. In which mechanical filter screens out dirt and debris, chemical filter with activated carbon removes odors, discolorations, impurities, and biological filter eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite.
  • The filtration system is hidden; it is out of your sight, thus enhancing aquarium viewing.
  • A clear canopy with rounded corners allows aquarium viewing from various angles.
  • Two colors (white & blue) LED lights can create a sunlight effect and moonlight glow, and your aquarium will come to life!
  • Hinged LED light and sliding glass canopy allows easy access. Thus feeding, cleaning, water care dosing, and all other regular maintenance is very easy.
  • The Marineland Contour Aquarium Kit is straightforward to assemble and easy to maintain. It provides a quick and stylish foundation for starting a new aquarium for beginners.


  • The Marineland Contour is a beginner-friendly fish tank.
  • The filtration system is an effective one.
  • Secure access features are helpful for feeding and maintenance.
  • The hidden filtration system is useful for better viewing of the aquarium.
  • An adjustable flow filter pump is ideal for Bettas.
  • Blue & white energy-efficient LED lights can create two different unique effects.


  • Some users complained the LED lighting is not bright enough to keep live plants.
  • Some people criticized the filter compartment for being tough to clean.

The biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium is an excellent choice for beginners. The experts already know about the brand’s quality & fame! BiOrb is a reliable brand for aquariums, and they created many stylish aquariums that are gorgeous and elegant.

The biOrb Flow 30 is a beginners-friendly aquarium to set up and own. Almost everything you will get with the box that you need to start. Eight-gallon volume is a perfect size for Betta fish. Moreover, an acrylic made aquarium is light in weight and easily portable.

We do not doubt that the BiOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED is one of the best Betta fish tanks. You can keep a single Betta with some compatible tankmates in this aquarium. BiOrb Flow 30 is attractive, unique, and trendy while equally functional with some exciting features. 

Why BiOrb Flow 30

  • BiOrb Flow 30 is an acrylic made product, which is ten times stronger than glass but only half in weight, durable and impact-proof, and less prone to leakage.
  • The most common problem with other aquariums is gravel clogged up with dirt as they use smooth stone. At the same time, this aquarium uses special ceramic media that provides biological filtration. You don’t need to think about additional substrates, beautiful!
  • Any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base. All you need to do is replace the filter cartridge once a month. At the same time, change one-third of the water.
  • Beneficial bacteria are vital to establishing a healthy biological cycle in aquariums, which keeps the aquarium environment healthy. You can add some beneficial bacteria in your BiOrb Flow 30 aquarium at the starting, as they will provide 5 ml of bacteria liquid with the box.
  • This aquarium kit comes with LED lighting with 16 preset colors! You can control the entire spectrum of colors using a remote control.
  • BiOrb Flow 30 presents a very well design. The platform base creates a unique and stylish look. Simultaneously, the feed hole at the top of the tank allows easy access for feeding.
  •  Another unique offering of BiOrb Flow 30 is an air Pump & 12V transformer with the box. 


  • 8-gallon size is suitable for Betta fish.
  • The filtration system of BiOrb Flow 30 is excellent. It’s a five-stage filtration and very useful indeed.
  • The filter cartridge is readily available as it is ‘designed to fit for all BiOrb’ type.
  • It offers LED lighting with 16 preset colors, remote control to adjust the brightness and select the day/night mode. 
  • You will get two years of warranty for BiOrb Flow 30 Aquarium (and for LEDs).
  • It has a dedicated feed hole, which helps easy feeding.


  • The bubble pump may come a little noisy, especially during sleep time.
  • A few people complained that the filter capacity is not sufficient to filter out grimes from every corner.

We like most about the Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit is, it has a beautiful embellishing view! The rockery mountain 3D background made this aquarium looks like an amazing underwater world. Your Betta can play and hide in the rockery mountain decor. If you want to plant small plants or green grasses, it will look gorgeous, no doubt.

This one is a magnificent aquarium for beginners. The aquarium kit includes all newbie’s requirements, and they can set it up and maintain it with ease. For the unique convex curve shape, the Hygger Horizon will catch everyone’s attention, becoming a focus in your homeroom or office.

Why Hygger Horizon

  • The Hygger Horizon has s unique convex arc curve shape, which enhances your viewing of the aquarium and makes it a spacious one.    
  • The Hygger Horizon 8-gallon aquarium LED lighting unit is fetching one with some unusual features. You can adjust the light length from 0 to 19 inches with extendable brackets. You can set the timing, brightness and shift the lighting modes with a digital controller.
  • This tank comes with a two-stage filtration system, including the pump, which runs quietly.  There is a groove in the rockery mountain decor to place the filtration unit so that it does not create any obstruction for aquarium viewing.
  • You can adjust the water flow by rotating a knob at the top of the filter. This one is a useful feature for a Betta tank.  The water flowrate should be moderate for Betta fish, as they struggle with a high rate.  
  • The filter is operable with a low water level; even though the water level is as low as 2.5 inches, the filter can function. The filtration quality is good to deliver crystal clear water. The power filter is easy to take apart for maintenance and combine again for use. 
  • The Hygger Horizon features two rain shower tubes that reduce the noise of water and create water curtains. 


  • 8-gallon aquarium size is suitable for Betta fish.
  • Lovely LED with sliding brackets.
  • You can put this fish tank on a flat surface without any stand. 
  • A broad and curved front side enhances aquarium viewing.
  • The 3D decor can create an eye-catching beauty. 
  • You can adjust the water flow rate, which is an essential feature for Betta. 


  • Some users complained that the filter too intense for small Bettas.  
  • Some people complained about LED lighting for generating heat to evaporate water quickly. 

Why always small tanks for Betta! A 10-gallon sized aquarium is a perfectly spacious playground for Bettas to bring out their actual sports talent! So in our list of the best betta fish tanks, we included this excellent 10-gallon aquarium kit. However, if you want to avoid hassles for setting up your new friend’s home, Aqueon 10 gallon led aquarium kit is a perfect choice for you.

The Aqueon 10-gallon LED aquarium is a complete package that includes everything an ideal Betta aquarium needs. The five-stage filtration, preset water heater, and bright LED lighting altogether make a perfect combination that suits your adorable Betta. 

Aqueon 10-gallon tank is a great one to make the perfect accents for your drawing room, bedrooms, or office room. For a more detailed review, you can visit our single product review post.

Why Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit

  • Low profile full hood LED lighting of this Aqueon 10-gallon tank is cool. Bright and white lights consequently bring life to your aquatic environment.
  • The Aqueon 10-gallon aquarium includes Aqueon QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter with the replaceable cartridge. This filtration unit can efficiently keep your aquarium water clean and transparent. 
  • Timely replacement of filter cartridges is crucial to keep healthy water for Betta. In this tank, a red light indicator at the top of the filter-casing will blink to indicate when it’s the time for cartridge change. No guessing!
  • This aquarium kit provides a 50W preset heater with the box. It is not common that you will get a heater with the aquarium kit. This Aqueon 10 Gallon tank is giving you an added benefit. 
  • As a tropical warm-water fish, Betta needs warmer water. A stick-on thermometer shows the real-time water temperature to ensure your Betta’s comfort. 
  • For the beginners, they provide a water conditioner & Fishnet with the box. All parts fit easily, with no hard pieces to punch out of the hood; therefore, it is super easy to assemble.


  • 10-gallon tank is perfectly spacious for Bettas. 
  • Crisp and bright LED lighting can make stunning effects.
  • On/Off switch on the power cord, thus easy to operate.
  • Redlight indication for the cartridge replacement time.
  • Filter cartridge replacement is simple, and it takes less than three minutes typically.


  • The water-intake part of the filter, which has holes in it, is too big, and some users are worried that small Bettas can get sucked in and die.

This fish tank is unique! They call it a ‘mini home ecosystem,’ a water garden, and a self-cleaning fish tank! Let me explain a bit; keeping your aquarium water clean is your primary concern. In this water garden fish tank, you can keep water naturally pristine.

You will grow organic micro greens on top of the aquarium (you can use them in smoothies or salads!). These plants will clean aquarium water as they take all fish wastes as fertilizer. Fish wastes produce toxic gas like ammonia and nitrates. Live plants take these byproducts as nutrients, thus establish a natural cycle to keep the environment healthy. This mechanism works in this water garden fish tank. 

Sounds terrific, huh? It is a ‘scaled-down hydroponics system’! Now, let’s look at some key features of this home ecosystem and check whether it can qualify as the best Betta fish tank. 

Why Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

  • Well, if you want a different taste, you can experience the magic of aquaponics! Experience the charm of growing your salads, in addition to the fishkeeping!
  • This home ecosystem will bring more color & joy in your daily life, no doubt about it.
  • This water garden aquarium will require 50% less cleaning than a conventional fish tank. The fish waste fertilizes the plants, and plants keep water cleaner and healthier, establishing a natural biological cycle. 
  • The manufacturer will provide everything in the package you need to start with, including a 100% ‘Guaranty to Grow’ promise. All ‘Back to the Roots indoor gardening kits’ are covered by this promise.
  • They are providing microgreen seeds to start your water garden on top of the aquarium. Microgreen plants require grow-stones to root, and you will get it with the box.  
  • You will get a fish coupon with their package, to pick your new friend. To lessen your hassles as a first-timer, they will provide nutritious food for your fish to ensure your smooth opening. 


  • A 5-gallon sized tank is ideal for Betta fish.
  • The aquarium includes a water pump for water supply to top parts where you grow plants.
  • They supply organic seeds with a guaranty to produce, 100% refund in case of failure.
  • You will get a free Betta fish coupon with this tank.
  • They will supply grow-stones where you will grow plants.
  • They supply a natural water conditioner with the package.


  • It is not a traditional type of tank; thus, the operation can be a little complicated.
  • Natural cleaning is functional only if you put the aquarium in bright sunlight.
  • You will have to clean grow-stones manually.

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium is an attractive & stylish tank that is manufactured primarily as a Betta habitat. If you are a beginner and starting your new hobby with a Betta, this tank can be a perfect choice for you.

Many people preferred to keep Bettas inside some bowl like small aquariums. Still, tiny homes don’t make them playful as they naturally are. It is better to pick at least a 5-gallon sized tank for Betta. 

There are four different sizes available for Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits. We will recommend you for the 5-gallon tank to provide your Betta a comfortable home. 

Why Aqueon LED MiniBow

  • Aqueon LED MiniBow is a stylish and compact aquarium with energy-efficient LED lights available in white and blue colors.
  • Elevated base, contemporary design, and shiny bright lights altogether made the Aqueon LED MiniBow an admirable package.
  • There is no frequent water changing hassle for this aquarium. The filtration system is quite useful to keep your aquarium water clean & healthy for fishes.
  • The filter cartridge is easily replaceable, as simple as you pull out the used one and place the new one. On the whole, it takes less than three minutes typically.
  • The pump of the filtration system runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Aqueon LED MiniBow is easy to set up. You will get a complete guide with the package for a step-by-step setup.
  • They will carefully ship your product in their container, thus more reliable.


  • 5-gallon size is available, thus suitable for Betta fish.
  • Low profile energy-efficient LED hood.
  • Filter & pump package with Aqueon QuietFlow filter.
  • Feeding hole with the aquarium hood helps easy feeding. 
  • The box comes up with a complete installation guide with a food and water care sample.


  • There is no option for adjusting the flow rate.
  • Some users complained, LED lights can raise water temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions that we often receive to give you a better understanding of how an ideal Betta fish tank should work.

What size tank is suitable for a betta fish?

In our article, we discussed it in detail. Bettas are super flexible fish; they can survive even in a small jar of half a gallon. But it does not mean a half-gallon container is the ideal one for a Betta. The larger space they get, become more cheerful and lively. 

Typically 5-gallon is a standard size for a single Betta, but a 10-gallon is better. In a 10-gallon tank, you can keep a single Betta fish with some compatible tankmates of other species. A 5 to 10-gallon aquarium with suitable facilities is considered the best Betta fish tank.

How often should I clean a Betta tank?

Usually, once a month, it depends on the tank size, filtration, and cleaning features. If your tank is smaller than 2-gallon and without a filter, you should clean it twice a month. 

Your cleaning’s main intention is to keep the inside environment healthy, so the frequency depends on how quickly your tank is getting dirty. If you have a large tank with low fish density and an effective filtration system, your tank condition will remain neat and tidy longer.

How often should I change the water for a Betta fish?

It depends on several factors, mainly on your tank size and the aquarium filtration system. If you have a tank with a perfectly functional filtration system, you should change 20% of the tank water every week. Whereas in a smaller tank without filtration, you should change at least half of the water twice a week.

Why does my Betta tank become dirty so fast?

Probably you are feeding your Betta too much! Feed them only as much as they can finish in two minutes. If there is any leftover, remove it and lessen your food supply. Another common reason for this can be too much fish inside an aquarium. Remove some tankmates of your Betta.

If you have a Betta sorority tank, reduce the number of its members. The main reason why a fish tank gets dirty quickly is too much fish waste and food leftover. If you can minimize it, you can resolve your problem.

 Can I use tap water for Betta fish? 

Tap water is perfectly okay for aquarium use unless Chlorine is present in it. Chlorine and its compound are harmful to fish. If excessive Chlorine or Chlorine compounds are not present in tap water, there is nothing to worry about.

What is the best filter for a betta tank?

The filter output should be moderate to be suitable for Bettas, as the struggle to cope with the flow if it is too high. So take an adjustable flow filter for your Betta fish tank. For detailed information, check our article regarding aquarium filters

How do I know if my Betta is happy or not? 

Interesting question, indeed! But yes, Betta has a strong personality, and it reflects their mood. Unhappy Bettas like to hide behind any shelter. In contrast, happy ones enjoy being the focus of attention. They will love to display their caricature.

Final words

We hope this article will be useful for you to pick the right aquarium for your Betta fish. It is not an easy task to mark a particular fish tank as the best Betta fish tank. ‘The best’ is a relative term; it depends on an individual’s choice, requirements, and perceptions.

In summary, the best Betta fish tank is the one that provides a healthy aquarium environment for your Betta fish. At the same time, it should be affordable, easy to set up, and effortless to maintain. Your aquarium is an adornment for your home or workplace, so it has to be eye-catching with beauty and style.

If you still cannot fix your account, don’t hesitate to take another peek at our tested-and-proven picks. We tried to bring out every detail of the listed aquariums, including pros and cons, so that you can easily choose the one that meets your preference.

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