Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner (Pick For Your Aquarium)

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

Aquariums are not only beautiful, but they also make the room more pleasant and relaxing. But cleaning them is a pain in the neck!

To avoid this hassle, you can buy an aquarium gravel cleaner that does make your job a lot easier. 

You’ve got to be careful about cleaning your fish tank because you don’t want the mess at the bottom. Over time, lots of waste accumulates, including food leftovers and fish poop, making for a dirty-looking unhealthy aquarium if left unchecked!

Moreover, waste buildup leads to a toxic environment in the aquarium forming ammonia and nitrates. So, gravel cleaning and regular water changes are crucial parts of successful fishkeeping. 

The best aquarium vacuum cleaner is the one that helps you do the cleaning job effortlessly. 

The aquarium industry is booming, and with all the different brands out there to choose from, it’s hard for consumers like us to pick the right one. 

I hope this article will help!

What Is An Aquarium Vacuum?

Aquarium vacuum cleaners come with all sorts of benefits that make life easier in general and let us focus more time on caring for our tanks properly.

A gravel vacuum will suck up all of the dirt and waste produced in a fish tank while keeping it clean for your fish! These vacuums usually consist of tubes that are placed inside aquariums to continuously drain water until removed. 

When sucking water, it takes out wastes and debris from the substrate at the bottom of the tank.

Types of Aquarium Vacuum

There are two main types of gravel vacuums — a siphon vacuum and an electric one. While both have their benefits, it’ll be up to you to decide which will work best for your aquarium needs!

Siphon Gravel Vacuum

Siphon Gravel Vacuum

A siphon gravel vacuum is the most popular type of aquarium vacuum. It’s easy to use because gravity does all your work for you. 

They use siphoning effect to suck up water with dirt, so you’ll need to drain the tank every time while using them. So, siphon vacuums are the best if you want one that can be used during water changes. 

Siphon vacuums are very simple in working principle and affordable. 

Electric Gravel Vacuum

Electric Gravel Vacuum

An electric gravel vacuum is an excellent option for those who want to clean their aquariums without having to drain the water out. Instead, they suck up debris and dirt with the pump and return the cleaned-up liquid into your fish tank – making it much easier on you!

Many people use an electric vacuum in conjunction with a siphon type if it does not include a feature for changing the water, but now many models provide this option.

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Review (Siphon)

The Hygger aquarium gravel cleaner makes the cleaning job quick and easy with its decisive suction action that removes debris from the bottom of your tank. As a result, you will no longer have to spend hours cleaning out the gunk at the bottom of your tank, allowing you more time with your pets!

Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is a new type of aquarium gravel cleaner. It has a duckbill suction inlet accessory, and it is easy to suck the feces away. In addition, it is equipped with a handle-type manual press, which has more operating space and saves labor. 

It can be used for different types and sizes of fish tanks. It has two-stage spliced extension tubes, and both large and small tanks are suitable as the extension tube can be installed according to demand.

It is super easy to use, and it works really fast! Just fill the tube with water, connect to the outlet hose, push the switch on top of this gravel cleaner several times to create suction, then let it work by itself. After a few seconds, you will see all the dirt being sucked out from your aquarium gravel.


  • Very reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cleans quickly.
  • Suitable for various tank sizes.


  • The handle is a bit large for some people to grip.

The Luigi’s Aquarium/Fish Tank Siphon and Gravel Cleaners are proven to be a handy tool for every fish keeper. It makes cleaning your aquarium easy and quick! You can clear 30L in about 5 minutes. 

The one-way valve helps improve suction, which means less time spent cleaning. In addition, the sturdy design allows you to siphon through gravel without messy drips. 

This product comes with a filter attachment that prevents sucking up small fish and shrimps.

The Luigi’s Aquarium/Fish Tank Siphon And Gravel Cleaner were designed to be a durable tool that can be used for years without breaking down. You won’t have to worry about this product falling apart after only a few uses. The tubing of this aquarium gravel cleaner is made from heavy-duty plastic, so it won’t break easily under pressure.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for small fish and invertebrates. 
  • Helpful in regular water changes.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Not so handy for cleaning.

The LL Products gravel vacuum for aquariums is a quality fish tank cleaner that uses a siphon to suck out the garbage from your water. It comes pre-assembled, so you can start using it right away. 

The LL Products Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium is an efficient aquarium cleaner for freshwater and saltwater tanks. It has a hand pump that makes it easy to operate. 

The gravel vacuum is highly efficient in cleaning dung and fish waste. The filter will catch all of the garbage present in your water, such as food, leaves, shells, and other debris.

This is a flexible aquarium cleaning kit that can be used with all types of fish tanks. This product comes with a minnow net, which acts as a filter to prevent sucking the fish and other water creatures in the tank while cleaning it. 

You can clean your fish tank at a fraction of the cost of others.


  • Affordable.
  • Minnow net makes it safe for small fish.
  • Easy hand pump operation.
  • Convenient for all tank sizes.


  • The handle is a bit large for some people to griome as assembled.

Boxtech Aquarium Vacuum Siphon is a multifunctional cleaning tool. It can help you change the water, wash sand, clean the fish tank and other aquarium accessories.

The powerful suction pump allows you to quickly remove a large amount of water from the fish tank and clean gravel effectively to separate excrement and food residue from your aquarium, keep the water crystal clear. 

It is made of high-quality flexible PVC plastic, which could ensure a long time use. With its extra-long tubing & hard pipes, you can reach any dirty spots immediately without getting your hands wet. In addition, the siphon tube is flexible enough to fit different-sized fish tanks. 

The anti-reverse pipe inside the siphon makes drainage more effective and keeps water free-flowing. You will enjoy using this vacuum cleaner with no worries about clogging or leakage.


  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.
  • Matching suction clamps.
  • Anti backflow valve design.


  • Sucks water too fast for small aquariums. 

The Enomol Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium is the latest generation of HVDI water changers. If you want higher quality, easier, and more comfortable products than ever before, this device will be perfect!

With this gravel vacuum cleaner, you don’t need any other tools to clean your fish tank. Instead, you just use a long hose to suck up all debris that has settled on the bottom of the tank. 

Enomol Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium is a new water changer with a unique design that can change tap water into high-pressure suction to clean all kinds of fish tanks. With the use of two valves and a long hose, you can quickly complete the water change of your fish tank and use the pressure of tap water to drain water.

No more messy buckets or loud water pumps! The gravel vacuum cleaner also allows you to spot clean as needed without disturbing your entire aquarium environment.


  • Easy to install.
  • Very suitable for water changes.
  • Long gravel cleaning tube. 
  • It can be installed with most faucets. 


  • Needs an adequately strong water flow to clean debris properly. 

This fish tank cleaning kit comes with everything you need, including a flow regulator. With the STARROAD-TIM gravel-cleaning system, get your aquarium looking its best! The simple operation makes it easy for anyone to use.

STARROAD-TIM Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner can remove the waste of fish to keep your fish tank clean. It is suitable for different sizes of fish tanks. 

It has 2 water inlet pipes, which allow you to assemble and use according to the size of the fish tank. It is very flexible.

3D filter of this aquarium gravel cleaner will protect your beloved fish from being sucked out by the vacuum and prevent clogging. Effectively separating debris in their tanks!

It is made of high-quality PP material, and it features an anti-backflow valve design, which will protect water from flowing back when you stop cleaning. In addition, this product has a water flow clamp that enables you to easily adjust the water flow according to your needs. 

Moreover, they provide a complete refund offer if the customer is not satisfied.


  • A complete cleaning kit.
  • Safe for small fish and invertebrates. 
  • Fixture clamps. 
  • Very easy to use.
  • Suitable for cleaning sand and crushed coral.


  • Just an ordinary siphon.

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Review (Electric)

The NICREW Power VAC Plus is a cordless, rechargeable power vacuum that quickly and easily removes particles from the top layer of gravel without disturbing the bottom layer. 

It combines the gravel cleaner, water changer, and waste remover system for quick and easy cleaning with no annoying mess to clean up. The powerful pump sucks the dirty water from the bottom via the suction nozzle into the sponge filter element, where dirt particles are reliably caught and removed from the water. 

The separated clean water flows back into your aquarium. As a result, decreases the buildup of harmful toxins in your aquarium while reducing strain on your filter.

The unit works with a 1/2″ or 5/8″ hose. It is equipped with a flow adjustment valve to adjust the water flow rate.


  • Flow adjustment valve.
  • Suitable for sand substrates. 
  • Powerful & quick.
  • Suitable for different sizes of tanks.


  • Frequent filter cleaning requires.

This product is the most efficient electric aquarium vacuum because of its handy design and ease of use. 

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner is the most convenient way to clean your aquarium. The fully submersible gravel cleaner is operated with a simple button press and requires no hoses or buckets. EHEIM Quick Vac Pro cleans all types of aquariums, from freshwater to saltwater, and can even be used for complete cleaning or quick spot maintenance.

The Eheim electric gravel vacuum sucks up all the sludge in your fish tank and returns a clean bucket of water back into it. The suction on this product is strong enough to handle even tough gunk.

The Eheim Aquaball Allround can help keep the water clean to reduce the need for routine tank maintenance. This product also removes solid waste from tanks, preventing ammonia and other byproducts harmful to fish.


  • Very reliable. 
  • Battery operated, so safe to use.
  • Submersible up to 3 feet.
  • Suitable for various aquarium sizes.
  • Efficiently removes sludge.


  • The possibility of water gets into the battery cavity.

The COODIA Electric Auto Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is a 4-in-1 product for the cleaning and maintenance of tanks. It operates via an electrical cord, comes with everything you need to get started.

This vacuum kit includes a fixture clip that allows you to clip the tubing onto the edge of your tank; plus, there is a flow adjustment valve and different sized suction nozzles.

The COODIA electric auto aquarium gravel cleaner has many advantages compared to other cleaners on the market.

The pump installed near the end allows you to clean the tanks with lower water levels than other cleaners. This way, you don’t have to remove all of your fish or plants from their tank before cleaning it.

This electric cleaner runs on DC 12V, so it’s safe for use with any 110V power source!

For tanks less than 10-gallon size, this COODIA grave cleaner is not the best choice as it needs full submersion of its water pump to work.


  • Flow adjustment valve.
  • Includes small and large suction nozzles.
  • Fixture clip. 
  • Soft, fabric filter bag to catch wastes.
  • Safe to use.


  • Not for small aquariums.
  • Fabric filter bags may cause leaks.

AQQA Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is a product that can make your aquarium cleaning activities are time-saving and efficient. It works with high-speed power to clean the bottom of the water tank, remove debris and other substances. After using this gravel cleaner, you will find that your fish tank is clean and bright!

The tube of this aquarium gravel cleaner can be extended from 16.9 inches to 33.6 inches; just turn on the switch at the junction of your pipe and extend it as needed! It’s perfect for different-sized tanks, no matter how high or low they are (unless you have tiny hands).

 It is effortless to use and convenient to clean the waste in your fish tank. The assembly is very simple – you can assemble in order, without any other tools, can be disassembled and freely assembled to meet your different needs. So it can be disassembled and stored without taking up space when you don’t need to use it.

The starting water level can be as low as 2 inches and the pumping as low as 0.3 inches. Very quiet operation with high power will make your work more efficient!


  • Water intake strainer is helpful.
  • Gravel washer washes the sand very efficiently.
  • Powerful and versatile. 
  • Easy to operate.


  • The switch is not waterproof.

How to Pick the Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner (Buying Guide)

Before you buy a vacuum for your aquarium, it’s important to consider the following factors. I’ll list them below one by one: 

The first consideration for purchasing a gravel vacuum is your tank size. You will need a bigger vacuum for a large tank and a smaller vacuum for a small tank – the rule is simple. 

A large vacuum sucks out water quickly, and this could create problems in small tanks. For the same reason, if you have less than a 5-gallon tank, then an electric aquarium one won’t work for sure.

As I have mentioned above, there are two main types of aquarium vacuums — a siphon vacuum and an electric one. 

A siphon vacuum is cheaper, but you will need to drain the water whenever using it. So, a siphon vacuum is an affordable option for regular water changes. 

On the other hand, an electric vacuum is very efficient for quick gravel cleaning with or without water changes. But they are expensive and not suitable for small tanks. 

Substrate type is a vital consideration when picking the aquarium vacuum cleaner. For example, some vacuums are made to use with gravel substrate only and not for sands. The motor, filter, or tubes could be clogged if they are used for a fine-grained substrate. 

Related Article: How to Clean Aquarium Sand, the Simplest Way in 7 Steps! 

You don’t want the nozzle accidentally sucking up any aquarium inhabitants. So be careful! Most gravel vacuums come with safety features that will stop this from happening. Still, it’s better safe than sorry – consider what size would best suit your fish before purchasing one vacuum, or else accidents can happen at any time.

You may have to be careful when cleaning your tank because some fish and invertebrates enjoy burrowing into the substrate. Don’t destroy their home. If you have burrowing inhabitants, it is better to use a siphon vacuum instead of an electric vacuum. 

How Often Should I Use A Gravel Vacuum? 

How Often Should I Use A Gravel Vacuum

The answer to this question depends on the bioload of your tank. It’s commonly recommended that you clean the substrate at least once per month. Some other users say they vacuum whenever dirt and debris start accumulating at the bottom in their aquariums.

I support the second group – vacuum your tank whenever you feel that it is required. But the cleaning frequency should not exceed one month. 

Why Do I Need The Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner? 

A clean tank is a happy one, so if you have fish and want to keep it that way, there are aquarium vacuums for all of them! It works best when doing routine maintenance. 

If not cleaned often enough, accumulated wastes form toxic substances like ammonia. Vacuums help keep tanks clean by picking up all this debris so that it doesn’t get at the bottom of the tank with substrate over time.

Water changes are an important part of fish keeping, and you have to do it weekly – so it could be a hassle to many people who are busy in their daily life. However, water-changing work can be a breeze with a suitable aquarium vacuum! You can use an aquarium vacuum to get rid of all gunk and change out water effortlessly. 


The best aquarium vacuum cleaner is going to make keeping your fish tank clean a lot easier. A perfect gravel vacuum helps you when it comes time for the water change and helps clear out all of that dirt at the bottom.

So the aquarium vacuum is going to be vital in keeping your tank looking clean. There are many different types available, from siphon vacuums to electric ones so whatever your requirements maybe – they’ll have something suitable just waiting. 

Pick yours wisely! If anything more you want to know, feel free to put a comment below.

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