Tetra Whisper Air Pump Review, Know the Product Details (2021 Update)

Tetra Whisper Air Pump Review by Aquarium Tales

All of us need fun, entertainment, and relaxation in life. But the first thing we need to survive is oxygen. Your aquarium pets are no exceptions. An adequately oxygenated aquarium is healthy for fish, shrimps, and all other living beings. So the function of an air pump is crucial in fishkeeping.

An air pump is an electrical device that forces the air into the water through airline tubing. The supplied force of air creates water circulation and increases the dissolved oxygen level of the aquarium water. The airflow can drive various air driven equipment like air stones, bubble decors, moving toy decors, etc.

We’ll present a complete article of the Tetra Whisper Air Pump review, which is a very well-liked product. This one is cheap and affordable, but at the same time, a good quality air pump.

Tetra has been a dependable brand to create so many useful aquarium products for the last 50 years. Buying something from a reliable brand somewhat ensures product quality. Still, you need to know the details of a product before buying to check whether it meets your needs.

Tetra Whisper Air pumps are available in different sizes to handle the aeration requirement of fish tanks from 10 to 100 gallons. It is advisable not to buy an under-capacity pump for your aquarium.

It has a patented dome shape that makes this air pump unique. The suspended motor is equipped with sound-dampening chambers. You may know the noise of aquarium pumps can be very annoying. The primary consideration while people search for an aquarium air pump, they expect a quiet one. 

The good news is that the Tetra Whisper Air Pump’s inherent design is quite effective for quiet operation.

The whole pump stands on rubber feet. The rubber material acts as a shock absorber that reduces vibration. So the pump doesn’t make any vibration noise. No motor sound and no vibration noise; just perfect! 

In higher capacity pumps, there are two air outlets. This feature ensures more versatility and supplies enough air to oxygenate the aquarium water adequately. For Lower capacity pumps of below 40 gallons, a single air outlet is sufficient. 

The Tetra mobile app is really a great bonus that comes with this product. This useful mobile app will develop valuable tips and solutions for aquarium care, water treatment, and many more. The app’s timely reminder helps to cope with the aquarium maintenance activity systematically and makes life easier.

Inventory management for food and aquarium care products is essential, especially if you are a large aquarium owner. The mobile app helps a great deal with that task.


  • This air pump is a low price product, thus affordable. 
  • It has a reputation for good quality. 
  • The pump runs quietly. 
  • Different sizes are available for a wide range of aquarium sizes, from 10 to 100 gallons.
  • Non-UL listed with reliable performance at a low cost.  


  • It does not come with the necessary accessories like tubing, check vale, etc. You have to buy them separately.
  • This pump is only operable at 110 AC, so not useable in many countries outside the US. 

Tetra Whisper offers air pumps with four different capacities. Thus, it can cover a wide range of aquarium sizes, starting from 10-gallons to 100-gallons. All members of this series offer identical features, except the dimension, power requirement, and capacity.  

They are the smallest members of the series and very economical. Tetra Whisper 10 is a reliable air pump to use in 10-gallon nano aquariums. They are straightforward to use, hence suitable for beginners. 

This air pump is capable of providing air for aquariums from 20-gallons to 40-gallons. This range of aquarium size is trendy in fishkeeping, and so this product has high demand in the market. Like the Tetra Whisper 10, this model also has a single air outlet. They are quiet and reliable. 

Tetra Whisper 60 is probably the most demanded product of this series. This model is suitable for 40-60 gallons aquarium size. Dual air outlets provide a powerful and dependable airflow for medium-sized aquariums. 

Tetra Whisper 100 air pumps have the capacity to oxygenate the water of aquariums up to 100-gallons. In comparison to their capacity, Tetra Whisper 100 is a relatively cost-effective product. Like all other members of the series, they are reasonably quiet but efficient.  

Airline tubes, a check valve, an airflow control valve, and a piece of air-driven final equipment (airstone, bubble decoration) are necessary to make the pump arrangement complete.  Once you have all the items in hand, you can start the installation. 

Tetra Air Pump Install 1

1 You will need one or two airline tubing, depending on the number of air outlets. In the first step, connect the end of the tubing to the pump’s air outlet. The tubing should be flexible and soft to be fixed firmly. 

Tetra Air Pump Install 2

2 You need to install a check valve (Non-Return-Valve) to prevent water backflow into the pump. Cut the tubing and connect both ends of the check valve to the two pieces of it, as shown in the picture. 

Tetra Air Pump Install 3

3 The third thing you need to connect is an airflow control valve. It is possible to control the air supply flowrate with this air control valve. You have to connect two tubing pieces to both ends of the air control valve similarly, as shown in the picture. 

Tetra Air Pump Install 4

4 In the last step, you can add air-driven equipment like airstones to supply air. There are many air supplying decors, and toys are also available in the market. You can add something like that if you prefer. The essential thing to consider is the airflow path remains free and unrestricted. 

No, this pump does not come with other accessories. You need to purchase tubing, a check valve, an air control valve, and air stones to make the pump functional. In some pet stores, they keep the whole arrangement ready for your convenience.  

The purpose of the air pump is to oxygenate the water and create turbulence. Filters don’t oxygenate the water by directly adding air as an air pump does. 

And sometimes, filter elements can be blocked, and that hampers water flow. The air pump is additional support that helps to keep your aquarium environment more healthy.  

No, it is an air pump that should be kept away from the water contact. A check valve should be added to the air outlet tubing to prevent water backflow into the pump. Or you have to keep the pump somewhere above the water level. Any water ingress can damage the pump.  

Airline tubing for aquarium pumps has a universal standard size, and any tubing should fit. But you have to ensure the tubing fits tightly. The quality depends on the brand. Buy tubings that are soft and flexible. To fix the tube tightly, you can heat it with a blow dryer, which will help a lot. 

The Tetra Whisper Air Pump is capable of supplying a powerful output of air and lasts long. This pump is extremely popular with higher customer review ratings on e-commerce sites.  

Aquarium air pumps make noise, which is a downside of having an aquarium in your room. Although it’s impossible to have a completely quiet air pump, the Tetra whisper pump is quiet compared to other pumps at the same price. 

If you are a beginner aquarist and looking for a reliable, cost-effective air pump, this one is a good choice for you. Please don’t hesitate to share your comment on our Tetra Whisper air Pump Review, and put it in the comment box below. 

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