5 Small Betta Tanks, 2021 – Pick the Best for Your Love!

Small Betta Tanks Review by Aquarium Tales

Betta is known as the Siamese fighting fish for their fighting nature. They are aggressive, unsocial, still beautiful creatures. As Bettas cannot make a peaceful community tank, many people prefer them to keep single.

Though at least five-gallon is the ideal size to keep a single Betta, many small Betta tanks are available in the market, and those are vastly popular.

Some people don’t want to invest much initially or simply do not prefer a big tank with many accessories. Instead, they prefer a small cute tank to keep their Betta, which is easily portable.

This article will talk about cost-effective five small Betta tanks; it will help make your search process comfortable if you are looking for a nano Betta tank.

Pick Your Small Betta Tank

Hygger Smart 4 Gallon Fish Tank Starter Kit Small Glass Desktop Aquarium is a smart Betta tank with advanced technology! This aquarium is the perfect example of a combination of sophistication and intelligibility!

You can switch your aquarium from a shiny white daytime effect to a relaxing moonlight for the night, with a simple touch to the smart touchscreen button. This small Betta tank is a comfortable home for your small aquatic friend and perfect ornamentation for your home or office!

Why Hygger Smart Fish Tank

  • Gorgeous modern look! Perfect decor for your home or office. You can switch the aquarium visuals to 4 lighting modes with four color LED bulbs. (White. Blue, Red, and Green)
  • The Hygger Smart 4 Gallon Fish Tank has a sound filtration system with a submersible pump to recycle water. The function of the biofilter cartridge is to absorb odor and impurities to provide crystal clear water. The air tube produces bubbles that agitate the water surface.
  • Effortless setup and maintenance are some of the praised features of this small Betta tank! ‘Easy Access Flip Lid’ allows easy access for feeding and regular maintenance.
  • Maintaining a warm water temperature is crucial for Bettas. In this tank, a temperature probe shows the real-time water temperature with digital LED reading, indicating the heating or cooling requirement.


  • 4-Gallon is a standard size that gives enough comfort to your Betta and fits in any room with limited space.
  • A digital temperature probe will show real-time water temperature.
  • Smart touch screen LED lighting hood with four different colors of LED lights.
  • A complete filtration system with a biofilter cartridge is an effective one.
  • The pump is perfect for water circulation and filtration.
  • Flip lid option enables easy feeding.


  • The touchscreen LED lighting hood is not waterproof.
  • The submersible pump is a constant flow pump, and the output current may be a bit strong for your Betta.

This one is a small desktop aquarium in which you will get almost everything perfect for your Betta. The Penn Plax Betta aquarium is quite popular among betta keepers. This small Betta tank is stylish in look and durable in nature. 

Why Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank

  • The three-stage filtration system of the Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank is highly effective for water quality control. Especially carbon filter removes nitrates and other water pollutants and keeps the water healthy for your Betta fish.
  • This Betta aquarium is Acrylic made. Such fish tanks have an added benefit that they look crystal clear like glass but more impact proof.
  • You can set it up very quickly. This pretty cute small Betta tank is light and portable, easy to handle. The plastic lid is removable for cleaning or feeding.
  • The filter runs quiet, and not too strong, yeah that’s a relief! Because sometimes, Bettas struggle with vigorous filter output as they are not comfortable in high flow.
  • A power saver low voltage white LED light brightens the tank with an on-off switch for easy use.


  • A cute looking tank with low voltage bright LED light.
  • Internal filter with a three-stage filtration system that utilizes biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration can produce crystal clear water.
  • The impact-proof feature makes it a durable one.
  • Elevated base and removable lid help easy access.
  • Very easy to set up, feeding, and cleaning. 


  • You will have to buy all decors (and a heater) and add extra money to your budget!

The sweet and stylish small Betta tank is perfect for newbies to begin with. The manufacturer says, having this tank is adding fun to life’! Yes, indeed, the colorful Betta can bring more color in your life. Watching enthusiastic aquatic pets playing tirelessly in this lovely little aquarium is fun.

Aquatic pets are easy to maintain, especially if you keep a single Betta in a small Betta tank. This YCTECH Square Betta Aquarium with a colorful Betta fish can be a great gift for your child. You can teach your children about responsibilities for raising their own pets, which is an important lesson in life!

Why YCTECH Square Betta Aquarium

  • Bright LED lights make this small Betta aquarium look beautiful, and your Betta looks shiny and lively.
  • The filtration system of this YCTECH Square Betta Aquarium runs quiet and straightforward and easy to install.
  • This aquarium kit is energy-efficient and requires only 5V voltage. A USB cable power input option is available so that you can use a power bank.
  • Crystal explicit acrylic material looks more transparent than glass. At the same time, it is durable and impact-proof.
  • We like the stylish and trendy look of this small Betta tank. Moreover, joint-less construction eliminates any possibility of leakage.
  • This cute little aquarium is very light and easily portable. You can place it anywhere you want, as it occupies a small space.


  • Acrylic made, thus, an impact-resistant tank.
  • No glued joint makes it less prone to leaking.
  • Available in two colors, black & white, with bright LED lighting.  
  • A quiet filtration system with sponge filters is a good one.
  • Simulation plants with the package.


  • A few users complained about LED lights that are prone to burnout!

Nice and bright! If you want a small tank with some advanced features for your single Betta, it can be the right choice. LED lights will glow to bring life in your little friend’s home. The three-stage filter will maintain a good quality of water inside.

Why FREESEA  Betta Aquarium

  • This small Betta tank has a gorgeous look with LED lights and overall decorations. A half-moon shaped front side will give you ‘look bigger’ impression than it actually is.
  • The three-stage filtration system of this aquarium is efficient in water quality control. The pump runs quietly. If you don’t want to use the filter system, you can remove it quickly, as some may find the filter not to be useful for Betta fish.
  • This one is a beautiful little tank, which is compact, light-weighted, and easy to handle. You can send it as a great gift item to your friends, relatives, or colleagues!


  • LED lights and two plastic plants decorate your pet’s home perfectly!
  • A complete filtration system will help to maintain an immaculate water condition.
  • The hidden chamber for the filter allows better viewing of the aquarium.
  • A canopy is there for the tank protection.


  • You may find your Betta struggling against the flow of the pump.
  • Though this tank is acrylic made, still a bit prone to twisting or cracking.

5. Marina EZ Care Betta Kit, 0.7 Gallon

This Betta tank is small, smart, and worthwhile, so size doesn’t matter always, does it? Undoubtedly Marina EZ Care Betta Kit is one of the most popular Betta kits. Although 0.7 Gallon tank is not an ideal habitat for Betta, this tank offers a simple and affordable way for newbies.

Everyone talks about the ‘no mess, no stress’ maintenance feature of this tiny cute tank. But one crucial reminder is, Bettas are super active lively fishes! They love to play & swim, confining them in a small space you will not find joyous as they naturally are!

  • This small, tiny Betta tank is easy and straightforward to maintain. You will just have to add fresh water every day, and that’s it! The self-cleaning feature will do the rest.
  • You don’t need to get your hands wet or disturb your fish during cleaning. Debris that deposited inside pebbles get flushed with water and come out to accumulate in a reservoir. When it is full, take it out, make it empty, and put it back.
  • This one is a small tank, and so very comfortable to handle, whereas you can put it anywhere you choose to, desks, bookshelves, or side tables.
  • Starting with this small Betta aquarium is a perfectly affordable way to start fishkeeping for beginners.


  • It has a self-cleaning feature with effortless maintenance.
  • The double-sided decorative background makes it gorgeous.
  • Comes with decorative pebbles to add some natural accent.
  • The Black LED kit includes a LED light. 


  • The size! o.7-gallon is too tiny a space. 
  • Water flushing might not be as effective as you expect.

Final Words

Small Betta tanks are fashionable but not an ideal habitat for this species. Bettas are hardy fish and can cope with any environment. Due to their labyrinth organ, Bettas are not dependent on high oxygen levels in the water. So, Betta can survive even in a space as small as half a gallon.

Though there is no strict baseline of Betta tank size, if you want to see playful, lively Bettas, provide them a spacious home. Still, many people prefer a little light tank to keep a single Betta in less effort. Hopefully, this article will be beneficial to those who are searching for a small Betta tank. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to drop one below.

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