Seachem Marine Buffer Review – Perfect pH Controller For Your Marine Tank

Maintaining the water parameters within the right span is the utmost priority in your marine-aquarium-keeping hobby. Marine fish are comparatively sensitive to water conditions, and pH is one of the primary marine aquarium water quality. So, the top concern of saltwater aquarium hobbyists is keeping the water pH perfect.

Though it is possible to maintain pH steady without any buffer supplementation, sometimes it becomes challenging, especially in a large & highly populated tank.

There are many reasons for failing to keep a stable pH in your saltwater aquarium, including a rise in CO2 & ammonia levels. Fish poops and food leftovers are also contributing factors to deteriorating the water condition.

Disruption of pH levels directly affects your fish and coral’s health. Even keeping water changes and all other ideal maintenance practices up, you may face difficulties keeping the pH value constant. In that case, a marine buffer dosing helps.

I will present the Seachem Marine Buffer review here to help in your buying decision because I know how hard it is to find the right product among thousands of them in the market. And none want to take a risk on their beloved marine critters.

Seachem Marine Buffer 1 Kilo
  • Can be used safely in reef tanks
  • Contains borate for added stability
  • Contains magnesium to alleviate precipitation effects

Presenting The Seachem Marine Buffer

The Seachem Marine Buffer contains a balanced amount of sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, and potassium salts of carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and borate. This product offers a standard pH level of 8.3 for saltwater aquariums, and most importantly, they claim to maintain it very steady. Even if inadvertently overdosed, the pH level will not go above 8.3.

I use this product in my marine aquariums and have the confidence to support the manufacturer’s claim to maintain pH closely around 8. So, this buffer is an easy solution for pH control in your saltwater aquarium without disrupting other water parameters.

The secret behind this product’s capability for maintaining a steady pH is the proper balance in different components of the mixture. Carbonate, bicarbonate, and borate are the primary ions that control the water’s alkalinity eventually pH.

Bicarbonate drives the pH toward 7.8, carbonate 9.1, and borate toward 9.5 or more in saltwater. The Seachem Marine Buffer is so perfectly blended mixture of the mentioned component that can drive pH towards 8.3, and the more you dose, the more steady the pH will be.


  • Raises and maintains steady pH ~ 8.3
  • Safe for use in reef tanks
  • Does not exceed 8.3 if inadvertently overdosed
  • The presence of borate gives added stability
  • Does not hamper the natural ionic balance


  • Takes a bit long time to dissolve (15 minutes)
  • Initially makes the water cloudy

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The Seachem Marine Buffer Dosage

Your pet’s life is sensitive and precious, and that is why accurate dosing is the priority. Though Seachem Marine Buffer has no widely reported negative side effect of overdosing but increases more pH stability, proper dosing is necessary to get the best outcome.

Even overdosing could be harmful to some users’ tanks as the water chemistry depends on many parameters. So, I always recommend the ideal dosing practice as guided by the manufacturer.

In many forum discussions, I have seen that this product is entirely safe even upon overdosing, as they claim. But I never risked that for the reason as I said before. I believe not following the proper dosing guidelines might be harmful to your fish and coral. So proper dosing management for Seachem Marine Buffer is essential.

Seachem Marine Buffer Dosage Table

Take 5 g (one level teaspoon) per gallon of water and dissolve it in one cup of freshwater. (For precise dosing, you can use the Digital Spoon Scale provided by Seachem) Initially, with this supplementation rate, it may take a day to a week to reach a pH value of 8.3, depending on your tank’s current pH condition.

Once the pH reaches the desired value, stop dosing buffer. After that, use this product bi-weekly or monthly to maintain a constant pH considering your tank’s demand. An overstocked tank water might have the tendency to become acidic (low pH) relatively quickly.  

A water change before Seachem Marine Buffer dosing is more effective, and effectiveness improves with continued use. This product is not recommended to mix directly with any calcium, magnesium, or strontium supplement.

Beneficial Features Of Seachem Marine Buffer

From my personal experience of usage and feedback from other users, I identified some highlighted features of this product.

Features Of Seachem Marine Buffer

Maintain A Steady pH

If you are a marine aquarium keeper, you already know that maintaining pH levels is somewhat challenging in saltwater aquariums. There could have many reasons for failing to keep it steady, even you follow all the best practices.

You will get Seachem Marine Buffer handy to meet your purpose of maintaining pH. This product contains a perfect combination of several pH-controlling compounds, which is proven to be very useful, indeed.

No Immediate Side Effect

This product has a good reputation for having no side effect, and rarely cause any issue in case of an inadvertent overdose. The design of this product is intended not to raise pH above 8.3 in any case.

If I clarify this feature for your better understanding, they said it is safe in any ‘unintentional’ overdosing, but continuous overdosing could be detrimental to the water quality.

Useable In Reef Tanks

The Seachem Marine Buffer is equally safe for all saltwater fish, invertebrates, and coral. I have found no issue using it in my reef tanks with instructed dosing. Besides, 8.3 is the ideal pH for all sorts of saltwater tanks, including live rocks or corals.


Seachem products are relatively less expensive than other products in the market. At the same time, they try to maintain good quality. Seachem Marine Buffer is also quite a cost-effective product, in my opinion.

If you follow the correct dosage guideline, there is no need to use this product more than twice a month after initial pH stabilization. So, you will have to spend a negligible amount of money to use this product.


What is the difference between the Reef Buffer and the Marine Buffer?

Reef Buffer has a strong carbonate effect which is more alkaline. Hence Reef buffer is capable of raising the pH of more acidic tank water. In reef tanks, intense biological processes occur, resulting in more acid production, and so reef buffer is specially designed for reef tanks.

What is the ideal pH for marine tank water?

The acceptable pH level in saltwater aquariums is between 7.6-8.4, but the best practice is to maintain above 8.0. Typically, reef tanks are more sensitive to water conditions and require a higher pH value. 8.2~8.4 is the perfect pH value for reef tank water.

Will low pH kill my fish?

A low pH value (<7) indicates the water is acidic, and a high acid value (>7) means it is alkaline. Neither too acidic nor alkaline condition is suitable for fish. And yes, a low pH value can cause several health issues of fish lead to their death. (It is also true for too high pH value)

Seachem Marine Buffer 1 Kilo
  • Can be used safely in reef tanks
  • Contains borate for added stability
  • Contains magnesium to alleviate precipitation effects

Final Words

I have a vital tip for the beginners who will start their first saltwater aquarium; a pH controller may not work well in an overstocked tank. This is basic in fishkeeping; do not make the tank crowded, as overstocking is the mother of tons of problems. 

I am sure you are well aware of the importance of maintaining the aquarium water’s right pH and hope the Seachem Marine Buffer Review will help you find a suitable solution for your saltwater tank pH control.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for an easy solution for your marine tank water’s pH control, this is the right product to suggest. 

On the other hand, if you have any experience with this product, please share your thoughts with my readers. Do not hesitate to put a comment below. 

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