Seachem Flourish Review – A Comprehensive Aquarium Plant Supplement

Hello, planted aquarium owners! Today I have brought the review of a very, very essential item for you. I know, most aquarists who started keeping live plants in aquariums initially struggle a bit with many issues.

Your plant’s growth may not be satisfactory, plants may not get the desired color and flourish, or sometimes they may turn pale and die!

You might try every possible solution, seek advice from aquarists, and dose necessary primary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. But in vain, nothing worked!

Possibly you missed the part about micronutrients and trace nutrients that aquarium plants need. Seachem Flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement that provides critical microelements and trace elements that your plants need in small amounts, but they are important.

I got a good result using this product. So I tried to write this Seachem Flourish review on fact-based personal experience. Hopefully, it will help you.

500 ml
Seachem Flourish Freshwater Plant Supplement 500...
500 ml
Seachem Flourish Freshwater Plant Supplement 500...

Seachem Flourish Review

Seachem Flourish

I can assure you, based on my own experience, Seachem Flourish is a useful supplement for natural freshwater planted aquariums. I keep other invertebrates like snails and shrimps in my biotopes and self-cleaning tanks and face no issues. Seachem Flourish is entirely safe for all kinds of fish and invertebrates.

Available Size Of Bottles

Seachem Flourish offers five different-sized bottles to match your need. You’ll get it in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml bottles. I recommend choosing a size that you finish within three months after opening the bottle cap. The manufacturer’s instruction guides to keep it in refrigeration after three months of opening.

Ingredients It Contains

From the manufacturer’s catalog, this product is claimed to contain: Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Copper Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride, Ferrous Gluconate, Cobalt Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Boric Acid, Sodium Molybdate, Zinc Sulfate, Protein Hydrolysates.

Reliable Analysis Report

This product carries the ingredients in matching quantities they claim. I verified it by a random lab analysis from my personal curiosity. They provide a guaranteed analysis report:

  • Total Nitrogen (N) 0.07%
  • Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.01%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.37%
  • Calcium (Ca) 0.14%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 0.11%
  • Sulfur (S) 0.2773%
  • Boron (B) 0.009%
  • Chlorine (Cl) 1.15%
  • Cobalt (Co) 0.0004%
  • Copper (Cu) 0.0001%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.32%
  • Manganese (Mn) 0.0118%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0009%
  • Sodium (Na) 0.13%
  • Zinc (Zn) 0.0007%

Why Should You Use Sechem Flourish?

You’ll get some excellent benefits from using this product. I highlighted some of them below:

Contains Balanced Micronutrients

the golden triangle for plants

Do you know about the golden triangle for plant growth? It has the light on the top point, while the other two points are macronutrients and micronutrients. So micronutrients are extremely important for your aquarium plants.

The Seachem Flourish provides all the necessary micronutrients for aquarium plants. You’ll get comprehensive fertilization to fulfill the plant’s need for microelements and trace elements.

A Good Enhancer Of Aquarium Plant Growth

The Seachem Flourish contains essential Phytohormones for aquatic plants. Hormone additives, along with minerals and nutrients, can dramatically enhance the growth of aquarium plants’ roots and shoots. 

The phytohormones assume urgent parts in controlling plant development in a wide scope of formative cycles. It includes many biological features like better cell division, the formation of shoot meristems, improved photosynthesis quality, seed germination, root development, etc.

These terms might be difficult to understand, but their outcome would be clearly visible and quite pleasing.

Effective For Plant Disease Prevention

The advanced formulation of this product is claimed to be effective in the disease prevention of aquatic plants. I would recommend it from my own experience as well. Seachem Flourish will increase the aquarium plant’s mineral absorption capacity.

The more healthy food the plants get, the less prone to diseases they become.

The first two weeks after you start using it, Seachem Flourish will work beneath the surface. That means it works to stimulate root growth first. After establishing healthy roots, it works for enhanced growth of leaves and stems.

Safe For All Living Beings In The Aquarium

It does not contain anything that can harm fish, plants, or any other invertebrates you can have in a freshwater aquarium. It is completely safe to use in conjunction with other macronutrient and micronutrient supplements.

One thing I must mention, this product contains a minimal amount of copper. Though not significant in quantity, copper is harmful to invertebrates like snails or shrimps. But I think it won’t be an issue.

At least I haven’t faced any problems or received any complaints from other users.


  • Comprehensive and balanced micronutrient supplement
  • Useful for all kinds of freshwater aquarium plants
  • Visible improvement maker to aquarium plants 
  • Safe for aquarium fish with no side effect
  • Useable in conjunction with other nutrient supplements


  • Does not contain a significant level of macronutrients (NPK)
  • In some rare cases cause skin irritation (use Safet Data Sheet-SDS
  • Contains a trace amount of copper, which might not be good for snails and shrimps

Usage Directions For Seachem Flourish

I always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter for using any sort of chemical supplementation. Each 5 ml is for 60 gallons to use once or twice a week as per their direction. The bottle cap measure of 5-ml and each cap thread is approximately 1 ml. 

So, for the standard aquarium sizes, the dosage amounts are listed below:

  • 10 Gallons = 0.2 caps (0.8 ml)
  • 20 Gallons = 0.3 caps (1.7 ml)
  • 30 Gallons = 0.5 caps (2.5 ml)
  • 40 Gallons = 0.7 caps (3.3 ml)
  • 75 Gallons = 1.3 caps (6.3 ml)
  • 125 Gallons = 2.1 caps (10.4 ml)

You can also use the dosage calculator from the manufacturer’s instruction page. 

How To Use Seachem Flourish For The Best Efficiency?

I used Seachem Flourish in my densely packed 30-gallon planted tank on an experiment basis. I dosed half a cup of the supplement in that 30-gallon once a week and got a significantly good result.

I’ll recommend you maintain a weekly routine for dosing it. It would be best to tie it with your weekly water change schedule and make supplementation after the water change.  


Does Seachem Flourish alter the water pH?

From my experience, I haven’t found anything significant. Use it after a water change and dose in directed quantity. It will have no effect on the water’s pH.

Does Flourish cause algae?

Nutrient supplementation is not the culprit causing algae. If you observe algae growth after adding flourish, it might have other issues with light, CO2, or the nitrate level in the water.

Sometimes, if you overdose on this product, algae formation is not unlikely. So, it is wise to follow the dosage direction accurately.

Can I use Seachem Flourish on garden vegetables?

No, you should not. This product is strictly intended for aquarium use only. Garden vegetables are something that you’ll eat, and Seachem Flourish is untested on human consumption. So, please don’t try using anything outside its intended purpose.

Final Words

I have been using Seachem products for several years, and the thing I like about them most is, they continuously invest in research and development. They are quite sincere about maintaining product qualities.

You can use this nutrient supplementation on any kind of freshwater aquarium plant, and hopefully, you’ll get a good result. But keep in mind that micronutrients alone cannot ensure the desired growth of your plant. Light, CO2, and other macronutrients are also important factors, and you have to create an optimum combination of all.

Lastly, I would love to hear from you mates. Please share your experience with this product, and don’t hesitate to comment on my Seachem Flourish review.

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