Fluval FX6 Canister Filter: Is It A Good Aquarium Filter to Buy

Fluval FX6

Crystal clear water in the aquarium? Yeah! everybody loves that. Although it’s not easy to get. Really so! The key is the proper filtration system. But choosing a suitable aquarium filter for your aquatic friend’s residence is sometimes a bit difficult than you think.

Here, in this article, you will find a review of one of the most admired canister filters that also work best. We will try to present the detail of its features, benefits, deficits, and guidelines to use in your aquarium. So, let’s go ahead and read the review of the Fluval FX6 canister filter!

Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review

Fluval is a renowned name in the world of aquarium products. They are well known for top-notch technology, better style, high quality, and functionality. The Fluval FX6 canister filter is one of the popular products of Fluval. But, why it is so popular? Because, it has some unique & smart features which are loved by the fishkeepers.

You may always look for an aquarium filter that is highly reliable & most importantly, provides high performance. Then you will certainly love this product. Just set it and forget it, and get what you want. It is an ideal choice for aquariums up to 400 Gal.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 15.1 x 15.6 x 20.7 inches
  • Weight: 19.9 pounds
  • Water type: Freshwater, Saltwater
  • Capacity (MAX): 925 Gal/ hour
  • Fit for: Up to 400 Gal

Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - Surprising Features

High Capacity

The Fluval FX6 canister filter featured with a multi-stage pump. This can handle a large amount of water (925 Gal of water per hour). Furthermore, its circulation rate is just perfect, 563 GPH. Its extraordinary blend of power and efficiency ensures more time enjoying your fish tank and less time maintaining it.

Smart Pump

This aquarium filter comes up with a unique Smart Pump Advanced Technology. But how will that add value to you? Yeah, this will look after the pump for you. How? It will always monitor pump performance. By doing so, it will make adjustments in a manner so that your pump can deliver the best & and keep your fish’s home healthy.

Auto Evacuation

The pump is continuously sucking water inside your aquarium filter, so air builds up there over time. But this Fluval FX6 Canister Filter comes up with an air auto-evacuation solution. Once every 12 hours, the filter will pause & allow air (if any) to escape. As a result, it maintains maximum filtration efficiency.

Easy Water Change

A multi-functional utility drain valve enables easy water removal for this aquarium filter. Water refilling and draining can be possible directly from it. This seamless water change technology will make your life simple. So, what you need to do? Just add a Fluval FX6 hose from the utility valve to output and the smart pump will do the rest for you.

Self-starting pump

Priming is a job that nearly every aquarist doesn’t like to do manually. You don’t need to do it if you have this aquarium filter. This Fluval FX6 canister filter also offers a Self- starting the pump. So, it eliminates priming needs and starts easily. You just need to add water to your aquarium and plug in the filter. After that smart, self-starting pump will take over.

Multi-stage filtration

Media baskets are the core part of multi-stage filtration. It contains all three types of filter media available (Mechanical, Chemical & Biological). Large capacity media baskets provide perfect combo layers that work best for your aquarium.

Moreover, up to 6-stage filtration can be achieved with this. What more do you want? Additionally, baskets are engineered to get rid of the water bypass. Surely that will give you the highest possible filtration while this aquarium filter is in function.

Pros and Cons


  • Smart, self-priming features offer trouble-free operation.
  • It can be used both in freshwater and saltwater aquarium.
  • No need to lift heavy buckets, it has an easy water change option.
  • Aqua-Stop valves & Utility valve with hose enables easy maintenance and flushing of the canister.
  • Quiet operation, rubberized feet ensures that.
  • Only 21″ in height, fit for most aquariums.


  • It is not cheap, rather a bit costly, but you get what you pay for.
  • Due to its compact design, filter media space rather limited.
  • Removing and replacing the lid needs a bit more time and effort.

What does Fluval FX6 canister filter come with?

Along with the main filter, it comes with a few other things. Those include 1.5 gallons (5.9 L) of media, ribbed hosing, 2 nylon bags, 5 media baskets, 13.1 feet long tubing of 1 inch inner & 1-1/4″ outer diameter, rubber feet, Aqua-Stop click valves, utility valve, rim connectors, suction cups, strainer, pump unit, and user manual.

Is Fluval Fx6 canister filter quiet? 

Although pump capacity and power are high, The Fluval FX6 canister filter is very quiet. It creates low humming sound, however, only be audible if you get close to the filter. Its unidirectional impeller allows fewer joints, that keep noise as minimum as a whisper.  

When to clean Fluval Fx6 canister filter?

It depends on so many variables, like the size of your tank, how many fishes you have, condition of the filter media, aquarium water quality, etc. However, we will try to keep it simple. Usually, every six months you need to change biological (Bio-foam, Bio-max) & mechanical (Foam) filter media either in half or in full portion. Replace filter media (carbon pad) once in every month. 

In addition, the user manual can be a great help for you. Most importantly, to give a reminder, Fluval attached monthly indicator dial on the canister. So no way to forget (cool!)

How to clean Fluval Fx6 canister filter?

Cleaning the Fluval Fx6 is simple. Thanks to Aqua-Stop valve & Utility Valve. Together they allow removing all the water from the filter. Moreover, you just need to follow few easy steps in order to clean your canister.

Drain, Disassemble & Clean:
  • At first, drain the filter. Before doing that, don’t forget to isolate electrical power. After that close in and out valves. Open utility valve & use hose to contain water in a bucket. keep draining until canister weighs light enough for you. ( who wants weight lifting!)
  • Carry the canister to your work area. Disassemble the unit by opening the filter lid & media basket.
  • Clean or replace filter media as needed. After that, empty and rinse filter canister. Don’t use soap or detergents! Yeah, a trace amount of residue can damage your fish tissues.
  • Now remove the pump unit. Unscrew fixing screws by using a screwdriver. Take the impeller unit out gently by holding the fan.
  • Clean the impeller properly using clear water.
Reassemble The Filter Unit:
  • Assemble the impeller and all pump parts. Stack media baskets in proper order. Place filter lid & tighten using lid fastener.
  • Place in and out valve on filter lid connectors. Gradually open them & you may hear hissing sounds of water coming in.

Unboxing Fluval FX6 canister filter video tips!

Final Words!

So, how helpful was the review? Can this Fluval Fx6 canister filter meet your need? Even though it may not fulfill every aquarist’s demands, but still it’s a good option. Its high capacity, smart technology, easy maintenance facilities & other unique features make that popular among fish tank owners.

Although price a bit higher, you will get value for your money, what we care most. It has offered three years of service warranty. Though you may need not to use that. Since this Fluval FX6 canister filter is well known for its longevity & reliability.

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