Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light – A Well-liked Choice Of 2021

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light Review by Aquarium Tales

If you are looking for a reliable brand for aquarium products, we will happily suggest Fluval, a well-liked brand in the fishkeeping arena, creating quality products. Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light is a trendy creation of this brand, extremely popular among users.

What do most customers want from an aquarium light? They want longevity, safety, and proper lighting effects to decorate their aquariums as per an individual’s aesthetic choice and ease of control.

These are the main standards that a quality aquarium light should have. Our research result tells us that most users are satisfied with all of those in Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light.

The thing we like most about this product is the ease-of-control with so many adjustable options. You can easily create some amazing effects that will mimic a natural fish habitat. Your fish will remain happy in their home, and the exciting beauty of your aquarium will act as a tonic for your mental refreshment.

We hope our Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light review article will be useful for you with all the necessary information about the product.

LED technology brings a new generation of lighting with better features that replace all traditional aquarium lights, and Fluval also accepted the upgraded technology. LED lights are brighter and, at the same time,energy-efficient.

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights consume meager power (~20 Watt) while also providing intense lighting. 

Another useful advantage of Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights is 120 degrees light dispersion feature that ensures uniform distribution and deep penetration of light. This feature eliminates the possibility of any black spot formation. 

This light provides 6500K white LEDs with tri-colored RGB LEDs with an enormous number of color setting options. You can mimic cloud cover’s natural beauty, fading lunar, storm, and lightning with accurate color and intensity. You can set a 24 hours cycle with the preset program, including sunrise and sunset. 

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights provide unequaled control over lighting. You can program lamp’s settings to mimic natural lighting conditions that vary from season to season, and you can adjust it very easily with a sky-pad remote control.

The benefit of LED lights is they are precisely adjustable with various colors and brightness, and with Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights, you can fully utilize this advantage. 

Besides, you can program your aquarium lighting for 24 hours cycle and special seasonal effects, tri-colored RGB LEDs are individually adjustable. A smart app will allow you to adjust red, blue, and green colors easily and precisely that matches your preference. But there is no option to shut the lighting system entirely with the app. 

You will get so many options to edit preset programs and set automatic or manual modes. Still, you have to find the optimum lighting for your plants or fish by your own knowledge-based experience.

Because in the user manual, you will not get any specific guidelines about ideal lighting settings, and beginner users might face some challenges at this point. 

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights are straightforward to install, and if you are a first-timer, the installation will not be any problem for you, at least. Sturdy extendable mounting brackets are very comfortable for installation on a variety of aquarium widths.  

This light is waterproof with an IP67 rating, so nothing to be worried about water contact. This feature helps to install the lamp very close to the water surface to better distribute light throughout the entire aquatic environment. Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights are less prone to corrosion and overheating and thus durable. 

The lighting unit is operable with Bluetooth control. New users might find the manual operation a little ticklish initially, but this is not a big issue because the preset automated setting is good enough to start with. You can do more customization once you are more accustomed to the operation.  

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights can decorate your aquarium, giving a natural fish home flavor and providing a sufficient spectrum for live plants. You can have some medium to low light plants in your aquarium with this lighting system. Having live plants in an aquarium is useful for establishing a healthy natural cycle.  

This lamp can produce perfect lighting for the healthy growth of freshwater plants. But if you use this one in saltwater tanks, those have to be fish-only tanks. This light does not have the intensity that is required for coral reef tanks.


  • Highly reliable LEDs 
  • Easy to install on a variety of aquarium width
  •  Skypad remote control is user-friendly
  • 120 degrees light dispersion ensures deep penetration and uniform distribution
  • Water-resistant 
  • Suitable for low and medium light plants


  • Not suitable for coral reef tanks
  • The app might be a little tough for the first-timers

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Lights can provide 6500K white LEDs sufficient for low and medium light plants. While 120 degree light dispersion ensures deep penetration and uniform distribution of light throughout the entire aquarium, it eliminates the possibility of any dark zone formation.

These features make this lighting unit suitable for medium and low light requiring plants, but for high light plants and coral reef tanks, the lighting intensity is insufficient.

There is no direct effect of light on fish. Excess light can promote algae formation that is harmful to fish. Another way in which light can affect fish is excess heat formation. In contrast, LED lights produce less heat than other types of lights that were previously used.

There is a debatable topic on should I turn my fish tank light off at night? Yes, it is better to keep your fish in darkness for a certain period in 24 hours cycle, just as they live in nature. Because your fish need rest like all other living beings. Ideally, lights should be kept on no more than 12 hours, as excess algae growth is another consequence of prolonged light times.

If you keep nocturnal fish in your aquarium (like some catfish species), you can keep the night mode blue lights on. That will allow you to see what your nocturnal fish are doing.

If you are a beginner, the Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light can be a perfect option. This light is affordable comparatively, bright enough, and manufactured by a reliable brand. An extensive customization option has both advantages and disadvantages.

As a beginner, you might be so excited to love doing lots of experiments with the new lighting system, and this product will allow you to do so with so many options. On the other hand, you might face a little challenge initially while adjusting the effect setting manually.

Our Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light review tried to focus on the features that most users think essential. We can mark this product as a spectacular one, with some usage limitations in the bottom line.

If you aim to have a freshwater aquarium with a limited number of low light plants or a marine fish-only aquarium, this light is an excellent choice.

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