Fluval 407 Review – An Excellent Canister Filter For Fish Tank

Have you ever dreamed of having a reliable and powerful aquarium filter that is flexible, robust, and good-looking? The Fluval 407 is the latest generation of aquarium filters that has reliability and power to be held.

For those who have been waiting for a filter that can wow them, you need to look no further than this one. It will make your long-time wishes come true! This top-of-the-line aquatic product has been designed with four decades worth of experience in mind.

I have experienced the good service of this aquarium filter which encourages me to write a Fluval 407 review. This review article is for you, especially if you are looking for a small compact canister filter!

Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
7,026 Reviews
Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
  • Fluval eTEC (Efficient Technology) construction employs cutting-edge design, materials & manufacturing methods to...
  • Powerful motor generates constant pumping power and pressure that endures over time and re-engineered, precision-crafted...
  • Energy-efficient – some 07 series filters draw as little energy as a single household LED lightbulb
  • Ergonomic AquaStop valves with raised lip for smoother operation; single action dual Lift-Lock motorhead clamps for...
  • The Fluval 407 Cannister Filter is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 100 gallons (500 L)

Fish produce waste products constantly as they swim through the water. If you have fish at the home aquarium, this is something that will absolutely need to be accounted for in your tank setup.

That means ensuring there are filtration systems and other devices on hand to help remove these substances from their environment before it gets out of control and causes problems for them!

Many people who keep aquariums with fish or invertebrates know that no matter how well-kept an enclosure may seem, wastes left behind by those creatures can build up a toxic environment quickly without a filter system installed!

With the Fluval 407 filter, your fish will stay healthy and happy. The high-quality filtration system helps keep water fresh for them to thrive in their home.

You may know that an aquarium filter is just a machine with three primary functions: chemical, mechanical and biological. But when you have sensitive amphibians such as axolotl, fish, or invertebrates in your tank, the most crucial function of any filter becomes its ability to convert ammonia released from excrement into harmless nitrate through biological filtration.

The new Fluval 407 has been designed specifically for this purpose!

The Fluval 407 is a powerful, high-performance aquarium filter that converts ammonia and other harmful toxins into nitrates. With the help of its Bio-Foam, it can provide up to two times more biological filtration than other filters in the market today.

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The Fluval 407 Canister filter is the most prominent member of the Fluval 07 series that also contains three other members – Fluval 107, Fluval 207, and Fluval 307. All the filters share standard features except the capacity: 

  • Fluval 107 up to 30 US Gal (130 L)
  • Fluval 207 up to 45 US Gal (220 L)
  • Fluval 307 up to 70 US Gal (330 L)
  • Fluval 407 up to 100 US Gal (500 L)
Fluval 107 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 207 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 307 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 107 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 207 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 307 Perfomance Canister Filter for...
Fluval 407 Perfomance Canister Filter for...

The Fluval 407 is a powerful canister filter that provides you with the best water quality for your fish and other aquatic life. I have enlightened some excellent features of Fluval 407 along with all 07 series filters.

This unit comes with a pre-filter with independent access, which will help keep the main filter clean and running great.

The Fluval 407 has some new features, such as an extra suction aid to help get rid of the air bubbles in your tank.

Fluval 407 Canister Filter features a powerful motor and precision-crafted pump that provides superior filtration for your aquarium. The Fluval 407 is the perfect choice for both fresh and saltwater tanks up to 100 gallons.

The Fluval 407 canister filter is full of excellent features with all the latest technology. This patented design will give you less energy consumption and quiet operation for a more enjoyable tank environment.

The Fluval 407 includes many advanced features for ease of operation & maintenance- 

  • An enlarged rubber feet stabilizers 
  • Ergonomic Aqua Stop valves 
  • A one action strategy dual lift and lock motorhead component clamps 
  • A redesigned primer with a larger easy-grip
  • Media boxes with a center handle

The Fluval 407 filter is better in every single way than the previous models. The unit has been made more robust and designed to be a quieter device than any of its predecessors. It does not shake or vibrate when running, and you can barely notice its noise level of just 20 decibels.

The most apparent difference between this model and earlier models is that they have reinforced their bottom corners for more durability. This means you can enjoy your aquarium in peace while also being assured about how long your filter will last!

The new design reduced maintenance time from hours per week to minutes per day! I was amazed at how simple to maintain this device became- with a clean-up time reduced by 40%!

The Aqua stop valve of the Fluval 407 canister filter has been redesigned with more robust materials, and the lift media box now moves quicker than before.

The lift & lock motor component clamps have a one-action strategy for less damage during installation. Finally, the primer is designed to be more comfortable while being made out of more substantial material.

Fluval 07 filters are powerful but won’t drain your wallet – they consume a minimal amount of energy. For instance, the low capacity models like 107 or 207 draw as little power as a single household LED lightbulb!

Identify the following items after unboxing your newly arrived Fluval 407 filter.

In The Box Of Fluval 407 Canister Filter

Bio-Foam Max, Bio-Foam, Carbon (70g), Bio-Foam+, Aqua Stop valve, Quick-Clear, Ribbed hosing, Rim connectors, Intake tube, Intake strainer, Intake Stem, Output nozzle, Pre-Filter basket, Media basket, Media basket cover, Media basket handle, Suction cup (30 mm), Rubber hose connectors, Instruction manual

If you get one of these filters, make sure to read and understand what is written on its manual before using it if that makes sense to your level of knowledge. You can ask someone else who has a good understanding of Fluval 407 systems so they could help guide you through it more easily.

Because installation of a canister filter is a bit tricky, and the wrong setup can lead to water leakage. Some people have had their room flood with water for not following the right directions!

Learn More On Cleaning & Troubleshooting:

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The below video will help you to install a Fluval 07 series canister filter, including Fluval 407.

When you experience any minor challenges with your Fluval 407 canister filter, you can consult with a local aquatic expert, as they’re likely more knowledgeable about the maintenance of canister filters than anyone else.

Fluval 407 series aquariums come with a three-year warranty on defects. In case of any major breakdown, it is advisable to check if all the necessary conditions for maintenance are met before considering calling a dealer or manufacturer for a replacement.

You will also enjoy the replacement warranty of non-serviceable parts and repairs. However, your contract is not without its limitations; you may not be covered for home damages or the loss of your domesticated animals. You may also find that specific wear and tear are not covered once you start using the aquarium.

Keep in mind that the dealer will not cover improper installation, negligence, or inappropriate use of the filter. However, their warranty covers only for home use and not for any commercial use.

The Fluval 407 is a noticeable upgrade from my previous filter and now is a more efficient filter than older models. It’s easy to set up, has reasonable flow rates and the noise level was very low too!

The locking system works extraordinarily compared to other models I have had in the past.

The setup and priming handle are easy to use, except for one thing; changing out filters can be a little challenging.

It’s compact in size for those with limited space (like me!) and fits under most cupboards. I have never had any significant problems with this filter.

The Fluval 407 has been designed by experts who know what they’re doing – it’s a fantastic product!

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  1. Hi – this is not so much a comment as a question. I’m currently researching the best filter fit for a 470 litre aquarium. Will definitely be a Fluval but unsure between the 407 and the FX4. The 407 mentions up to 500 litre but given 470 is on the high side of capabilities, should I opt for the FX4? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi I am also considering two different fluval for my 300 litre aquarium.. the 307 or the 407, similar question to above the 307 said 90 ~ 330 litres and the 407 sails 150 ~ 500 litres, which seems both cover my tank, I would like to purchase the 407 with a view eventually I may change my tank for something larger.. would the 407 be ok for my 300 litre ? Many thanks


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