Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Review – A Trendy LED Light For Planted Tanks

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Review

All planted tank owners know how crucial a proper LED fixture is for your planted aquariums, whether freshwater or saltwater. There is no denying, our topmost priority is to secure the best condition for fish and plants. 

In this article, I am going to present Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Review. This light receives pretty good customer feedback. If you are bored with monotonous LED light, Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV is an excellent alternative.

Moreover, this light gives a pleasing aesthetic look to the aquarium filled with plants and colorful fish. 

Picking the right product for your aquarium is always a bit tricky, and you can’t simply choose a light with the highest user review. Why? The highest-marked light might be very well-liked, but you don’t know will it adhere to your aquarium’s particular needs or not. 

Different plants have distinctive lighting needs, while some require very bright and others need dim. Though fish don’t have any biological need for light, some fish feel uncomfortable in intense lighting. So, you have your own considerations that go into buying aquarium lights.

You know nowadays, LED lighting replaced almost all other traditional lighting in the aquarium trade. The newer is more popular than formers for its tons of benefit.

LED lights can provide the right spectrum for plants and corals. They won’t heat up the water, inexpensive, and environment-friendly. 

In this Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV review, I will talk about its features, benefits, with pros & cons. Buying is your own decision, and my review will help you to make it more comfortable.  

What’s In The Box Of Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CR?

The product comes as a complete package with everything you need already included. The box includes:

  • Remote controller
  • IR remote sensor
  • LED light fixture with aluminum housing
  • Adjustable leg hooks
  • Securing screws
  • Power supply

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Sizing

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Aquarium LED Light comes in five sizes:

  • 20″: for 10-gallon aquariums
  • 24″: for 20 & 29-gallon aquariums
  • 30″: for 10-gallon aquariums
  • 36″: for 30, 35, & 40-gallon aquariums
  • 48″: for 55, 75, & 90-gallon aquariums

Things To Consider Before Buying

As I said before, even a costly and top-rated product might not give you the best pleasing experience because everyone has some particular requirements. I have enlisted the three most crucial things to consider for picking an aquarium light. Assess these points and decide whether this product is suitable for you or not.

Ideal For Planted Aquariums?

Light is an essential item for a planted tank, and the light requirement differs for various types of plants. You must select the proper light to encourage aquarium plants to thrive.

The primary purpose of light in the planted aquarium is to promote plant growth by smooth photosynthesis. Will your light be capable of providing spectrum for the process? Think about it before buying.

Capable For Fish Color & Aesthetics?

Unlike plants, fish are not dependent on light for survival. But light is a source of Vitamin-D, a vital nutrient to brighten the fish color. Most importantly, beautiful lighting makes your aquarium visually appealing.

No wonder people search for good aquarium lights for fish color. So, color and aesthetics become a vital consideration when choosing an aquarium light.


Cut your coat according to your cloth but do not compromise the quality. It is a fact that quality products are relatively pricy. Understand your aquarium’s needs appropriately.

Sometimes, additional features raise product costs, and you don’t really need those features. For instance, you don’t need wifi-controlled high-tech lighting if you are on a budget.

Introducing ‘Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV’ Aquarium LED Light

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV LED Fixture offers an excellent nutritious light source with color and intensity control. You can save various color combinations with multiple intensities. It will mimic a 24-hour day-night cycle, including sunrise & sunset.

It features IR remote-controlled four different weather modes: Cloudy, Thunderstorm, Sunset, & Starry Moon Night. They made an incredible arrangement to imitate a dreamy underwater world!

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV has a fine reputation for providing sufficient light for planted aquariums. This light is capable of delivering an adequate spectrum to make low/medium-light-demanding plants flourish. You will get it in 5 different sizes, from 20″ to 48″, suitable for aquariums from 10 to 90 gallons.

The light fixture is useable in various types of aquariums. The upgraded design of the legs comes up with multiple mounting options. You can use the fixture for rimless and rimmed aquariums or hang it; all are equally effortless.


  • The light fixture is water-resistant.
  • It makes the tank visually attractive.
  • The control system is modern.
  • Automated 24/7 day/night cycle mode.
  • Useable in rimless and rimmed aquariums. 


  • Few users complained that the PAR rating is substandard for planted tanks.
  • The remote control can be finicky.

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Review: Features And Benefits

True 660nm Deep Red LEDs

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features

The Planted+ 24/7 CRV features 660nm Red LEDs. The spectrum is just perfect for helping your aquarium plants grow. It efficiently maximizes the photosynthesis process, which is the key to the healthy survival of plants.

The spectrum of LEDs won’t overheat the aquarium, but it will create a pleasantly warm tone throughout your aquarium.

Eventually, the light’s proper wavelength is the most crucial thing to influence your aquarium plant’s well-being.

Upgraded Remote

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features (1)

Finnex updated the remote controller of CRV series LEDs to IR blasting remotes. It makes the user’s job easier to customize the lighting modes.

You can input custom colors with different intensities effortlessly with this remote.

The new controller helps run 24/7 mode, four weather modes, or run your custom coloration saved in a memory slot.

In a word, achieving your desired lighting mode becomes more user-friendly.

Built-in LED Indicating Sensor

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features (4)

This feature is nothing but an improved technical option for lighting control. This CRV series incorporated an indicator on the lighting fixture.

So you can simply point the remote-controller at the fixture’s end and adjust the light settings.

The sensor enables a more precious command receiving capacity of the lighting unit.

24/7 Full Automation

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features (5)

It’s a great hands-free way to enjoy morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and midnight with the aquarium keeping perfect lighting in it. This feature is fully automated.

Light automatically ramp up and dim down throughout the entire 24-hours and change colors to simulate nature. You can watch the video below – it’s just mind-blowing.

Beautiful Light Makes Beautiful Tank

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features (2)

The light fixture is gorgeous and beautiful in appearance, adding an extra layer of beautification to aquariums.

You already know, the 24/7 option mimics the natural day/night cycle in your aquarium. Besides, you can set four different weather modes of lighting – really amazing to watch.

Most of the users are delighted with Finnex CRV’s contribution to aesthetics.

Effortless To Install

Finnex Planted+ 24_7 CRV Features (3)

The light fixture is pretty suitable for rimless and rimmed aquariums. It has multiple options for mounting.

It provides securing screws to fix it with a rimless fish tank, while for aquariums with wider rims, you can detach the inner portion of the fixture’s legs to allow it to rest upon the sides of the edge.

However, if you wish to hang the fixture, there is an option for it. So installing this light is easy.

Setup Instructions

Setting up Finnex planted+ 24/7 CRV is straightforward. Simply attach the adjustable legs to the light fixture, and adjust the legs to fit your aquarium size.

The newly designed legs are versatile and allow the fixture multiple mounting options. If your aquarium is rimless, use securing screws to fix the frame. If your aquarium has wider rims, you can remove the detachable inner portion of the fixture’s legs to fit it.

The remote operation and memorizing the button sequence can be a little tricky. The below diagram will help you to understand the primary function of the remote-controller.

If you found the remote unresponsive, check whether the plastic cover of the battery chamber is removed or not.

Finnex planted 24_7 CRV - remote operation

Common Complaints (Remote, 24/7 Mode, Factory Setting Restrictions)

Not everything about this product is perfect, and you should know about it before making any decision.

There is some objection regarding the IR remote controller being a little tedious. Some users faced trouble getting it to function smoothly. In the upgraded CRV series, a LED light indicates the IR sensor location to minimize the problem.

The lighting mode control could be a little confusing for new users. The product comes with many modern, attractive features, and so the operation requires some expertise, as you may forget the button sequence.

But once you are habituated with the use, everything becomes more manageable.

You cannot adjust the color and intensity on 24/7 mode. You are stuck with the factory settings when the automated cycle is running. I think it’s not a big deal, though! Is it?

Wrapping Up

It’s tough to go wrong with Finnex lights, and Planted+ 24/7 CRV is not any exception. The product is inexpensive comparing its valuable features.

This light is perfect for decorating your aquarium & quite effective for plant growth. But to be frank, this lighting unit is not designed for densely packed planted tanks.

I hope my review will help you make a decision to buy the right product. If you decide to buy Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV, pick the right size to match your aquarium.

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