Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review – Updated Buying Guide

Marine aquariums are lucrative & gorgeous if you can create them wisely. Efforts, wise thinking, proper tools, and equipment make them such beautiful showpieces. So, do you want to have a vibrant aquarium?

LED light is essential in every aquarium setup to make it visually appealing. Good lighting can bring life to an otherwise dull aquarium.

However, light is an essential item for coral reef aquariums not only to make them look beautiful but also to ensure healthy coral growth. Most corals kept in reef tanks are photosynthetic and greatly depend on light to produce energy for themselves.

Today I will present the Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light review, a popular choice among reef tank keepers. Though this light is specially designed for marine tanks, freshwater planted tank keepers got a remarkable outcome using it.

Even a pricy or trendy product might not be the appropriate choice for you. Because everyone’s needs are different and it depends on many factors.

Will it be the right LED light for your aquarium? Spare some minutes and keep reading to get the answer.

18 - 24 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Light, 18"-24" | With...
24 - 36 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...
36 - 48 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...
48 - 60 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...
18 - 24 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Light, 18"-24" | With...
24 - 36 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...
36 - 48 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...
48 - 60 Inch
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Reef Aquarium Light |...

Presenting Current USA Orbit Marine LED

The Current USA Orbit Marine LED lights are available in four different versions of sizes.

  • 18 to 24-Inch
  • 24 to 36-Inch
  • 36 to 48-Inch
  • 48 to 60-Inch

The upgraded version of the product features a wireless LOOP app control which brings a lively environment to your aquarium in an entirely new way. 

The lighting unit presents the combination of 8,000k/12,000k white spectrum along with 445nm/460nm actinic blue and full-spectrum RGB. It creates the perfect habitat for marine fish, inverts, live rock, and corals.

Photosynthesis evolves without hindrance, so plants and corals get their necessary food under this Current USA Orbit Marine LED. 

The LOOP app connects and syncs lights, pumps, and accessories into a single, controllable network. This feature enables creating dynamic weather effects, including water waves and flow control. 

When the planted tank keepers gave their take on it, they got extraordinarily positive results. Coral keepers found it instrumental to the revival of their corals, bringing more life and color. 

If you were struggling to create a blossoming flora within your aquarium, you might give it a try with this masterpiece. 

What Is In The Box?

  • One Orbit Marine LED fixture 
  • Two adjustable docking mounts
  • One 12V DC UL power supply
  • One LOOP light & wave pump controller 
  • One wireless LED remote control 
  • One LED light HUB (connect up to 2 lights)
  • One instruction manual

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Review- Features And Benefits

This light is popular among aquarium keepers, and you will get a lot of positive feedback from its users. Here I am presenting some highlighted features of the product of their benefits. Go through it, and hopefully, you will be able to make your buying decision.

Perfect Color Spectrum

The current USA Orbit Marine LED lights produce a limitless number of color spectrums with a heavier blue portion. A higher ratio of actinic blue light in a combination of full-spectrum creates the perfect environment for marine inhabitants.

Especially for corals in reef tanks, blue and violate spectrums are vital for coral growth and coloration. The lighting is ideal for live rocks, corals, and inverts.

Uniform Light Distribution

The 120° wide-angle dispersion lenses help to distribute colors uniformly throughout the entire aquarium. The feature ensures better color blending, which is vital to prevent dark spots and maintain healthy corals and live rocks.

However, proper color blending and distribution ensure better aesthetics, making your aquarium look amazing.

Multiple Color Modes

From an aesthetical point of view, this light is incredible. It can create some mind-blowing effects in your aquarium. You can mimic the cloud cover effect, storm modes to blow you away, complete with lightning strikes.

Besides, you can set the light to demonstrate a 24 hours natural cycle – including an innovative evening mode with lunar and dusk. You can recreate an entirely natural marine environment for your pets.

Wave Pump Control

This unique feature is an integral part of the Current USA patented LOOP system syncing the light with pumps in a single device. It can create a wavy effect by lowering or raising the water’s flow rate (connecting up to 3 eFlux wave pumps).

Besides, it provides feeding time to fish and corals lowering the water flow rate. There is a LED display unit to show the water flow rate.

control of Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

Easy To Program And Control

Programming a high-tech aquarium light is always a bit time-consuming & tricky task, but you will find it relatively easier for the Current USA Orbit Marine. The wireless LOOP control provides the light and the pump control together, which will bring your aquarium experience to a whole new level.

You can choose presets or create your own color settings very quickly with the wireless remote. The infrared sensor is efficient in interpreting signals from the remote in light and reading the color temperature. They say, “ALL IT TAKES IS ONE TOUCH.”

Slow Ramp Up

A sudden increase in light can shock your fish, especially if they are sensitive species. The Current USA Orbit Marine features an excellent option to comfort aquarium inhabitants.

The slow ramp-up of light intensity helps fish and corals to gently acclimate with the new light source. The reef tank keepers will be excited to have this feature.

Adjustable Docking Mounts

The Current USA Orbit Marine light is available in four sizes. Each variation is designed for a range of aquarium sizes. The adjustable docking mounts make it fit for varying tank sizes.

But unfortunately, there are some complaints against the docking mount quality. In the touch of water, the docking mounts and screws become rusty. It looks odd and also adds health hazards for aquarium inhabitants.

Adjustable Docking Mounts of Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED

Plug & Play Setup

The light is really effortless to install – just plug & play. That means you just fix the fixture, plug it on, and it will start functioning at its default settings.

You can take your time to read the instruction and apply any customized advanced settings. Initially, programming the timer might be a little time-consuming.

Good Customer Support

You will get user instructions with the box, which is very helpful for new users. The product is created by a renowned brand famous for its customer-focused strategies. They provide a 1-year warranty period for the Current USA Orbit Marine aquarium LED light.


  • Premium quality and outstanding efficiency.
  • Distributes light evenly throughout every corner of the aquarium. 
  • Water-resistant.
  • Provide perfect color spectrum for coral growth.
  • Easy-to-install on a wide range of tank sizes with adjustable mounts.
  • A slow ramp-up of light helps fish to acclimate.  
  • Has a variety of attractive color modes for better aesthetics. 
  • Runs silently. 


  • The cables from the light to the controller are not long enough.
  • The mounts and their screws might be rusty if the top remained uncovered.


Setting up the Current USA Orbit Marine light is pretty straightforward. The first task is to unpack the box and identify the components.

Before you proceed with set-up, ensure it fits perfectly with your aquarium. You can size the light fixture up effortlessly with adjustable docking mounts. 

Now you can follow the step-by-step procedure as described below: 

  • Connect the LOOP controller micro-USB cable to port-2 & infrared micro-USB cable to port-1 separately on the IC light manifold hub.
  • Connect the LED light to the “LI” plug on the hub. Connect the 12V DC cable to the “L1” input, directly above the “L1” plug.

That’s it! Your lighting unit is now ready. Now plug the power supply into an AC output and power it on with the remote control. Then you can program it following the instruction manual.  

What Should You Consider Before Buying Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light?

First, you need to consider your aquarium size. This light is available in four different sizes that cover tanks from 18″ to 60″ – pick the suitable one for you.

The second consideration is your budget – this light is not a cheap product but worth its price. Still, you might not be willing to invest such a large amount of money in your aquarium, especially if you are a newcomer.

Finally, you have to have a covered tank. Because of its history of being rusty in mounting docks, I do not suggest this light for an uncovered tank.


I tried to capture every aspect of using the product in my Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light review. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to make a buying decision. For more help, you can go through my review article on the Best LED aquarium lighting for corals.  

I recommend this light for reef tank keepers, especially those who keep SPS LPS corals. For others, it might be overkill. Still, you can go through the details to find whether the light matches your requirements or not. 

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. 

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