Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails? [Yes & No]

Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails

Assassin snails will eat nerite snails if they are small enough or already dead. However, it is important to note that assassin snails primarily prey on other small snails and are not specifically targeting nerite snails. Introducing assassin snails to a tank with existing nerite snails may result in some predation, but it is not … Read more

Mystery Snail Not Moving: Unraveling the Secrets Behind Its Inactivity

Mystery Snail Not Moving

Mystery snails can become inactive or motionless for various reasons, such as adjusting to a new environment, preparing to lay eggs, and undergoing periods of rest. However, if your snail remains motionless for an extended period, it could indicate an issue with water quality, temperature, stress, or illness. It is important to ensure that the … Read more

Do Snails Eat Fish Eggs? A Look at the Diet of Snails!

Do Snails Eat Fish Eggs

Snails can eat fish eggs. However, it’s important to note that snails are not predators of fish eggs and typically do not actively seek them as a food source. They are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will consume fish eggs if they come across them while foraging Snails are fascinating creatures that play various roles in … Read more

Do Snails Eat Fish? The Surprising Truth Revealed

do snails eat fish

Yes, snails do eat fish. But not the live healthy ones, they eat dying or dead fish. Snails are scavengers and feed on decaying plant matter and animal remains. They play an important role in ecosystems by recycling nutrients and breaking down organic materials. Snails have a specialized feeding apparatus called a radula, which they … Read more