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Small Betta Tank

5 Small Betta Tanks, 2020 – Pick the Best for Your Love!

Some people don’t want to invest much at the beginning, or simply they do not prefer a big tank with many accessories. Instead, they prefer a small cute tank to keep their Betta, which is easily portable.

In this article, we’ll talk about cost-effective five small Betta tanks, it will help making your search process comfortable if you are looking for a nano Betta tank.

best canister filter review

12 Best Canister Filter for Fish Tank – 2020 Update Review

Looking for the perfect canister filter to keep the fishes healthy and happy? Well, you have come to the right place.
The aquarium is the home for the fishes. Just like you clean your home, the aquarium needs to be cleaned to let the fishes thrive. The filter will clean out all the unwanted food particles, dirt, or debris and create a sound environment so that the fishes can live a healthy life.

best substrate for planted tank

The 10 Best Substrate for Planted Tanks 2020, A Buying Guide

An ideal aquarium should be established in a way so that you are placing a small piece of an underwater world beside you. As we said before,  since the aquarium is your aquatic friends living home, you have to make sure that they’re comfortable and cozy. As much as possible, you have to mimic the living conditions in their natural habitat. Aquarium substrate plays a vital role in bringing natural flavors in aquariums to make it an ideal living place for aquatic plants and animals. In this article, we’ll talk about details of aquarium substrates and provide reviews for some of the aquarium substrates that are available in the market, so that you can comfortably find the best substrate for planted tanks. 

best aquarium lights

The 30 Best Aquarium Lights – (2020 Review by Category)

Aquarium hobbyists love to decorate their fish tanks as per their aesthetic choice. The lighting can create such a dreamy effect in your aquarium that no other decors can do. Moreover, the light is not only for the decorative purpose for all aquariums. If the fishkeeper wishes to have a planted aquarium, lighting is crucial for plant growth. Expert aquarists who maintain coral reef tanks need to equip their aquariums with special illuminations. So the lighting selection for your aquarium as per your choice and need is a little tricky task. It is a big question which one will be the best aquarium light for you!
In this article, we’ll talk about how you should select the right lighting for your aquarium. Simultaneously, to make your search process more comfortable, we include product review sections by category.