The Best Protein Skimmer For You: 10 Top Picks & What To Know

Best Protein Skimmer

A protein skimmer is an integral part of the filtration system of a reef tank. Using a high-quality protein skimmer in your aquarium sump will improve your chances of success. Skimmers have long been used in huge tanks, public aquariums, aquaculture facilities, and fish stores. What is the best protein skimmer? – A question that many … Read more

Best Aquarium Water Test Kit Review & A Detailed Guide

Best Aquarium Water Test Kit

So you’re looking to invest in a fish tank? Make sure that the first thing on your list is an aquarium test kit! They allow accurate measurements of water conditions and help make adjustments when necessary.  It’s a crucial tool for anyone who cares about their hobby investment. What’s the best aquarium water test kit? In … Read more

Best Aquarium CO2 Diffuser For Planted Tanks – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best Aquarium CO2 Diffuser

As the most important nutrient for plants in your fish tank, carbon dioxide is strategically vital to their growth. Aquatic plant life uses it to photosynthesize. Freshwater aquatic plants take up this gas from the water they’re surrounded by. They take in CO2 and emit oxygen throughout the tank water.  Adequate dissolved CO2 in the … Read more

Best UV Sterilizer For Aquarium – Review & Buying Guide

Best UV Sterilizer For Aquarium

Fish keepers and aquarists alike know that a healthy aquarium is one with clean water. The easiest way to ensure this is by using a UV sterilizer, which kills any bacteria or microorganisms in the water before it reaches your fish.  However, there are many different types of UV sterilizers on the market with different … Read more