Can Oscar Fish Eat Human Food? [Diet From Home]

Can Oscar Fish eat human food

Feeding oscar fish and ensuring proper nutrition can be costly if you always buy food from the pet store. Probably you’re trying to find some alternatives, especially from home. But can oscar fish eat human food? Oscar fish can eat a variety of human food. They can be fed chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruits, shrimp, mussels, … Read more

Oscar Fish Care Guide, the Intelligent Aquarium Pet

Oscar Fish Care Guide by Aquarium Tales

The Oscar fish is a predatory fish native to the Amazon basin, and this fish species is from the cichlid family. You can find them also in India, China, and Australia. Oscar fish is very popular in the aquarium trade. They are playful, smart, and courageous. Oscar fish interact with humans, and that’s an incredible experience for aquarium keepers. You can hand feed them. Their mannerism is entertaining to watch.