Accidentally Swallowed Fish Tank Water | Take Action Immediately

accidentally swallowed fish tank water

Consuming fish tank water can lead to bacterial infections, such as salmonella, and parasites, such as giardia, which can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and intestinal discomfort. Moreover, the chemicals and contaminants present in the water can cause acute toxicity, leading to life-threatening health issues. Therefore, it is essential to handle fish tank water carefully and … Read more

Why Do I Have Ammonia In My Aquarium | How to Deal With It

Ammonia In Aquarium

Home aquariums have become increasingly popular as accessibility and general quality have improved with products like the biOrb taking the aquatic world by storm. For those dipping their toes into the world of aquatic upkeep for the first time, they may be taken aback by the variety of options available. As well as the various … Read more

How To Clean Aquarium Gravel – With And Without A Vacuum Kit

How To Clean Aquarium Gravel

Though regular water changes may flush off the harmful waste, the uncleaned substrate will quickly contaminate the new water. So it’s vital to regularly clean your gravel, glass surfaces, and decorations. Many fish tanks suffer from low water quality because of dirty substrates. Water polluted by food leftovers, rotting plants, and fish feces trapped between the pebbles or … Read more