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Zebra Danios Care Guide by Aquarium Tales

Zebra Danios Care Guide, Find the Amazing Beginner’s Fish

Zebra Danios are lovely adorable tiny creatures. Aquarium keepers love them for their peaceful, soothing nature. Zebra Danio is probably the easiest freshwater aquarium fish to keep, thus very much suitable for beginners. So for the Danio-lovers, in this article, I will come up with a complete Zebra Danios care guide.

Oscar Fish Care Guide by Aquarium Tales

Oscar Fish Care Guide, the Intelligent Aquarium Pet

The Oscar fish is a predatory fish native to the Amazon basin, and this fish species is from the cichlid family. You can find them also in India, China, and Australia. Oscar fish is very popular in the aquarium trade. They are playful, smart, and courageous. Oscar fish interact with humans, and that’s an incredible experience for aquarium keepers. You can hand feed them. Their mannerism is entertaining to watch.

5 Freshwater Aquarium Fish Beginners Should Avoid by Aquarium Tales

5 Freshwater Aquarium Fish Beginners Should Avoid

There are many types of freshwater aquarium to choose from, which is why you should undertake thorough research and make the best decision. You want to choose a variety of freshwater aquarium fish that automatically fits in the community tank. Here is our list of top 5 freshwater aquariums that a beginner should avoid.

Facts about Clownfish by Aquarium Tales

Facts about Clownfish, Take Care of Your Nemo

Probably you are in a dilemma of where to start and which saltwater aquarium fish should be your first choice. Fret not! Clownfish is one of the best species to begin with.

It is to take care and very hardy; therefore, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and aquarium enthusiasts. However, this does not mean you won’t have some job to do. You need to be somewhat committed to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Indeed, a well taken care of Clownfish can live for decades.

Best Aquarium Plants to Reduce Nitrates by Aquarium Tales

15 Best Aquarium Plants to Reduce Nitrates – 2021 Update

There are many benefits to have live plants in an aquarium.
Apart from your aesthetic pleasure, live plants promote a healthy environment in an aquarium.
Aquarium wastes produce ammonia and nitrate, and those are toxic gases, while live plants can utilize ammonia and nitrate to reduce harmful gas concentration.

Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish by Aquarium Tales

The 20 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish (Number 3 and 11 are The Coolest)

Fish are very adorable pets to keep with tons of significant benefits in your life. They are a freshening choice to decorate your home while adding to health benefits like reducing stress, lowering heartbeat, and keeping your blood pressure low. Many people who dive in the freshwater aquariums find it interesting because fish are colorful, and many have exciting personalities. However, if you are dipping your toes in a fishkeeping hobby, you may find it intimidating to select which fish to keep. Whether you are a beginner or experienced freshwater aquarium owner, you will find a list of some species you can keep.

Best Fish For 10 Gallon Tank - A Stocking Guide by Aquarium Tales

9 Best Fish For 10 Gallon Tank – A Stocking Guide For Newbies

If you are planning to start a new hobby of fishkeeping, what will be your initial thoughts of the aquarium size? Very naturally, most beginners won’t prefer a vast aquarium to start with. It is human psychology; individuals typically prefer trying small at once first; thus, they are predisposed to go for a smaller aquarium. People don’t want to invest a lot in an almost unknown arena. Even when people want to keep fishes at home, some of them don’t prefer a large aquarium just because it is easier to accommodate smaller aquariums in any sized room. In overall consideration, a 10-gallon tank is always a viable and favored choice.