Can Female Betta Fish Lay Eggs Without a Male? All You Need to Know!

Can Female Betta Fish Lay Eggs Without a male

If you’re an aquarist interested in breeding betta fish, you may have asked yourself Can female betta fish lay eggs without a male?  It’s not uncommon for female bettas to lay eggs without a male present, and in most cases, it’s nothing to be concerned about. This article will explore everything you need to know … Read more

Can Oscar Fish Eat Goldfish? Or, can They Live together?

Can Oscar Fish Eat Goldfish

Oscar fish are predatory fish, and they like to eat live foods including different insects, small fish, various worms, etc. But can oscar fish eat goldfish? Oscar fish eat goldfish, and the use of feeder goldfish is very common as oscar fish food. They can live together only if the goldfish size is large enough … Read more

What Does Betta Fish Poop Look Like? (And When to Be Concerned)

What Does Betta Fish Poop Look Like

What does Betta fish poop look like? What is the standard color? What should you do if you see your betta’s poop turn black or white stringy? Owning a Betta fish necessitates familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of the fish’s waste production process. This is due to the fact that constipation or another … Read more

Best Plants For Self-Sustaining Terrarium [Bring Life & Color]

Best Plants For Self-Sustaining Terrarium

A self-sustaining terrarium lets you create a small universe right in your own living room. There isn’t even a need to exert any effort to appreciate the beauty of living things. Terrarium plants that can support themselves on their own require the transference of natural processes into a container that has been specially prepared by … Read more

How Can You Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Dying: Symptoms And Prevention

How Can You Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Dying

Betta fish are a popular pet due to their vibrant colors and easy-to-care-for nature. However, as with any living creature, bettas can become ill and die. If you’re a betta fish owner, you want to make sure that you can tell when your fish is in trouble. For example, if you are concerned that your … Read more