How To Sterilize A Fish Tank After The Fish Died?

How To Sterilize A Fish Tank After The Fish Died

Fish death is very common in the fishkeeping journey, especially if you just started out. It transpires also to seasoned aquarists and fish may die for various reasons. But how to sterilize a fish tank after the fish died? A fish tank can be sterilized in several ways. Sanitizing with the bleach solution or vinegar … Read more

What Aquarium Fish Eat Poop? [Facts Checked]

what aquarium fish eat poop

What aquarium fish eat poop? Is there any fish that are habituated to eating the fish poop? That will be really nice since cleaning & maintenance requirements would have been much lower. There are some bottom dweller fish and invertebrates such as plecos, catfish, sucker fish, shrimps, etc. which are known as poop eaters. However, … Read more

Betta Tank Setup Ideas | Self-Sustaining Betta Sorority And 6 More Setups

Self-Sustaining Betta Sorority

I created a self-sustaining betta sorority, which means no upkeep is required other than feeding them once daily. But you don’t have to stick to a theme if you merely want to put plants and other stuff in the tank that your betta fish likes. Do not be afraid to explore all of your possibilities! So here I have come up with some betta tank setup ideas, including a self-sustaining betta sorority.

How To Clean Aquarium Gravel – With And Without A Vacuum Kit

How To Clean Aquarium Gravel

Though regular water changes may flush off the harmful waste, the uncleaned substrate will quickly contaminate the new water. So it’s vital to regularly clean your gravel, glass surfaces, and decorations. Many fish tanks suffer from low water quality because of dirty substrates. Water polluted by food leftovers, rotting plants, and fish feces trapped between the pebbles or … Read more