How to Change Fish Tank Water Without Killing Fish

How to Change Fish Tank Water Without Killing Fish, Be a Pro

The morning turns into mourning when you see one of your beloveds floating upside down. Oh, the poor fish is dead! Everything was right since you fed them one final time, said goodbye, and went to sleep. You wonder what went wrong! Suddenly you realized you did a thorough water change last day. So, did the water change kill your fish? Apparently, yes, but the actual answer is more explanatory than that.

Fish Tank Problems from 25 Common Mistakes

Starting a new thing is quite thrilling and, at the same time, a bit challenging. If you plan to begin fishkeeping, I’ll advise you to get prepared with the necessary knowledge. People indeed learn a great deal from their mistakes in the practical field. But if you upskill yourself with proper theoretical knowledge before the start, it will keep down blunders.