Can Goldfish Live Alone? The Truth About Goldfish Loneliness

Can Goldfish Live Alone

Can Goldfish live alone? You are concerned about their ability to live alone and their feelings of loneliness. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to tell because we don’t know what they think!  Many people own Goldfish as pet fish, and they’re one of the most popular. Even if you don’t know anything about fish, chances are … Read more

Can Goldfish See In The Dark – Know The Fact

Can Goldfish See In The Dark

Goldfish are beautiful fish that can make great pets. They have vivid colors and shapes, which initially draw people to them in the first place! Another interesting fact about these aquatic animals? Their eyesight – some say it’s better than ours! We air-based creatures are blessed with excellent eyesight and can see for miles when … Read more

How Long Do Goldfish Live Without Food (Interesting Facts!)

How Long Do Goldfish Live Without Food

How Long Do Goldfish Live Without Food? Goldfish can survive for up to two weeks without food, but it’s not the best idea to keep your fish in this state. Since they’re cold-water fish, their metabolism is slower than other types of fish like tropicals or Cichlids. If you leave them with no food for a few days, you won’t find an emaciated corpse, however, your goldie will be suffering from malnutrition if they are unfed for an extended period.