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fish tank problems

Fish Tank Problems from 25 Common Mistakes

Starting a new thing is quite thrilling and, at the same time, a bit challenging. If you plan to begin fishkeeping, I’ll advise you to get prepared with the necessary knowledge. People indeed learn a great deal from their mistakes in the practical field. But if you upskill yourself with proper theoretical knowledge before the start, it will keep down blunders.

start a fish tank

How to Start A Fish Tank, 6 Basic Tips for beginners

Fish as a pet is adorable, and they deserve the best care. In return, they furnish your life with more color and fun. An aquarium is a fascinating addition to any home or workplace, being a source of entertainment and stress relief.
All beginners search for guidance to make a smooth opening in the aquarium journey. But unfortunately, reliable resources are limited. No wonder, you and many other people are pondering the question of how to start a fish tank!

Betta Biotope Aquarium

How to Make Biotope Aquarium – A Betta Natural Habitat Tank

Betta fish are a popular and elegant species of fish. They do require some special care, and if you decide to get some betta fish, you’ll need to set up a betta biotope aquarium correctly. It’s best to keep these fish in as natural an environment as possible.
The article will tell you everything you need to know about setting up a biotope aquarium specific for Betta Fish. We’ll look at what type of tank is best, which heating and filter system to use and which types of plants to use to create a natural environment.

Small Betta Tank

5 Small Betta Tanks, 2020 – Pick the Best for Your Love!

Some people don’t want to invest much at the beginning, or simply they do not prefer a big tank with many accessories. Instead, they prefer a small cute tank to keep their Betta, which is easily portable.

In this article, we’ll talk about cost-effective five small Betta tanks, it will help making your search process comfortable if you are looking for a nano Betta tank.

fluval flex 57l aquarium

Fluval Flex 57L Aquarium, the Perfect Choice of 2020?

Fluval Flex 57L is a popular choice among fishkeepers. If you are a newbie, this 15-gallon aquarium offers some exciting features for your jumpstart! This size is spacious enough to build it as your first community tank.

This Fluval Flex aquarium can be an excellent choice as a planted tank, and you can have live plants along with decors to match your preference. Fluval Flex comes up with some distinctive features that make the product attractive to the users.