BiOrb Easy Plant Sets, Review of A Fantastic Décor (2021)

BiOrb Easy Plant Sets Review by Aquarium Tales

Fishkeeping is an exciting and unique hobby in many ways. You have so many options to make this hobby colorful, bringing more colors to your life. Fishkeepers love to build their aquarium as per their imagination and choice.

Nowadays, many products are available in the market, making a fish tank a perfect feature piece, mimicking the real underwater world. All you have to do is picking good decorative products.

This article will provide the biOrb Easy Plant Sets review, a trendy decor that adds a superbly natural look to aquariums. Everyone familiar with fishkeeping products must have heard the name of biOrb. So there is nothing to introduce this reliable brand; we focused on providing an unbiased review of the product.

Once you have done with all bells and whistles of your aquarium, having a perfect sized fish tank, ensuring an effective filtration, adding a suitable heater, picking appropriate lighting, having the water quality test kit ready, and making a list of desired fish, what’s next? How will you decorate your aquarium?

Commonly, many beginners face problem to decide how they should decorate their aquarium. Some people make mistakes in picking decors only for their visual appeal, and later they face maintenance issues. So choosing a suitable decor is essential, and hopefully are review articles come as useful buying guides for you.

BiOrb Easy Plant Sets with artificial green plants achieved an excellent score from many users. We have found this one is a classy product with little flaws, have a peek at our research-based review.

A 12-piece set of aquarium decors including excellent looking green artificial plants. Green plants are of synthetic fiber but look natural and mimic the real beauty of natural underwater plants.

This decor is usable in any aquariums over 8-gallon size. And better compatible with biOrb aquariums. The full package provides a complete set, including all that you need to decorate an aquarium with an excellent natural flavor.

This decor is entirely safe for underwater use and does not contain any harmful material or dye, as none complained so after using. These are soft artificial fiber plants and better than plastic, as most of the user’s experience.

In our research, we liked the quality of this product most because most of the users experienced this artificial decor as safe for fish with sensitive and soft fins. The finely made plants will not injure your fish, which is the most crucial concern while having plastic plants.

This decor’s visual appeal is mind-blowing, capable of bringing life to your aquarium and giving the perfect natural aquatic flavor. You can use it for freshwater, tropical, and saltwater aquariums with no issue.


  • Soft and safe, not going to injure fish
  • Usable in freshwater, tropical, and saltwater aquariums
  • Made of high-grade materials, thus durable
  • Visually appealing, and mimics real underwater nature 
  • Perfect to use with different types of substrates 


  • Plants are not that long, and in long tanks like portrait shaped, they might not look impressive 
  • Some topiary balls have gaps in which small fish like Neon Tetras can get stuck, so it is not perfect if you have small fish 

Live plants are beneficial for aquariums as they can establish a natural environment. Live plants consume co2, nitrates, and ammonia and produce oxygen. Thus plants can create a healthy biological cycle.

At the same time, live plants add a real natural aquatic flavor in aquariums. An aquarium looks awesome with thriving live plants, a real mind-refreshing one! But you have to take proper care of plants, ensuring adequate nutrition and lighting. Regular fertilization and sometimes co2 adding might be necessary for live plants.

The vast majority of people in their home aquarium use synthetic plants instead of living plants. Because they are easier to maintain, you don’t have to provide fertilizer, c02, and lighting. On the other hand, plastic plants are colorful, and that many colors are not achievable with live plants.

Though not as natural as live plants do, artificial plants also can create hiding and sheltering places for fish. But you have to be careful of sharp edges with synthetic plants, as the sharp edge can injure fish, especially with soft fins.

Yes, definitely you can, but you have to ensure proper lighting. The first and utmost need of live plants is sufficient lights. BiOrb aquariums are designed with a low, moderate lighting system, so you might not find those suitable for high light plants. Low and medium light plants like Java Fern and Anubias can grow well in those types of aquariums.

Having live plants in the aquarium is an excellent idea if you can maintain it properly. Live plants can benefit your aquarium in many ways. They can utilize toxic gas like ammonia, nitrate, and carbon dioxide and add oxygen, thus establish a healthy natural cycle in aquariums. You have to ensure proper lighting and other live plant requirements if you wish to have them in your aquariums.

Artificial plants with sharp edges can be deadly for fish, especially fish with soft fins. So while choosing artificial plants and decors, you have to make sure they are soft, have no sharp edge, and are safe for your fish. Another thing you have to ensure they are designed for underwater use, and if not, harmful dyes or chemicals can come out in contact with water.

There are so many ways to decorate your fish tank; the sky is the limit when adding decors in aquariums. You can get artificial sets of almost everything that can mimic an underwater world.

You might be surprised to hear that sometimes people are tempted to decorate their fish tanks with decors not designed for aquariums! But this is not wise; you have to choose show-pieces that are designed to keep underwater.

Select decors according to your aquarium size, ensuring that the inside does not become clumsy and uncomfortable for fish. The aesthetics cannot be the only consideration; you have to make a comfortable home for your fish. Try to mimic nature not only visually but also environmentally.

While you are keeping artificial plants, be careful of sharp edges. There is always a possibility of sharp edges with artificial plants, and there are some fish with very sensitive fins. We’ll suggest compromising one and don’t put artificial plants with fish like Betta.

So, how was our biOrb Easy Plant Sets review? To summarize, we can say, this one is an excellent artificial decor with a few limitations of usage. If you haven’t found anything conflicting with your existing arrangement, you can go for it without hesitation. For suggestions or comments, feel free to drop one below.

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