Best Silk Plants for Betta Fish [Bring Color & Life]

As a fishkeeper, you want to provide your betta with a comfortable and beautiful home that closely resembles its natural environment.

Silk plants are a fantastic way to achieve this goal while ensuring that your aquarium remains clean and safe for your fish.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of silk plants, the difference between silk and plastic, and the top 8 best silk plants for betta fish tanks.

Why Choose Silk Plants for Your Betta’s Habitat?

Silk plants provide several advantages over real and plastic plants for betta fish tanks.

They are easy to care for, won’t mess up your clean water, and don’t require any special lighting.

Additionally, silk plants can serve as hiding spots and resting areas for your betta, reducing its stress levels.

Silk Plants Vs. Plastic Plants [Which one is better?] 

The choice between silk and plastic plants is a matter of personal preference, but many fishkeepers prefer silk plants. I always love silk plants having larger leaves that offer more surface area for your betta to rest on.

They are also less likely to harm your fish as they don’t have sharp edges like plastic plants do. However, silk plants tend to be more expensive than plastic plants.

Plastic plants can sometimes be a bit on the dangerous side for aquarium inhabitants, such as betta fish. The sharp edges might hurt their delicate finicking bodies, especially if they try to go through or lay against it while sleeping! 

The chance for that is more likely with male bettas because they have longer fins than females. However, when I used plastic plants in the past, my female betta also got her fins torn. It looked like fin rot, but it turned out to be something else entirely—the plant!

So, what’s the way to determine if the plant is dangerous and can hurt your fish? Put on a pair of cheap pantyhose and see if they have ripped or torn. If it happens, then probably it isn’t a good idea no matter how awesomely pretty that particular aquarium plant is!

Best Silk Plants for Betta Fish Reviewed

BEGONDIS Aquarium Decorations 3Pcs Fish Tank...
  • GORGEOUS GREEN COLOR --- The Life-like BEGONDIS silk fabics plastic water plant is made from a vibrant bright green. The...
  • NATURAL ENVIRONMENT --- Your fish will enjoy the environment that these plants provide. They can swim and hide through...
  • SIZEZ & WEIGHT (PER PIECE) --- 11.8" x 6.7" /30 x 17cm(H*W), 1.42oz /40g.
  • 3 PIECES PER PACK --- 3 x Aquarium Silk Fabrics Plastic Plants, 5 leaves per piece.
  • NOTE --- This aquarium plant CAN NOT be trimmed.

Do you want to add some life to your aquarium? BEGONIAS Green Water Silk Plants are a great way to do just that. They’re made of silk, so they feel like the real thing but won’t harm your fish or tank in any way. 

The plants come in three different varieties and look stunning when placed together. You can even use them as part of an arrangement with other décor items!

These plants will give your aquarium a touch of whimsy without being overbearing. They’ll make it more inviting for you and your guests to sit down and watch the fish swim around for hours on end.

And because they don’t require dirt, fertilizer, or sunlight – you won’t have to worry about maintenance either! Just place them in the water and enjoy their beauty every day. Bring nature home today by purchasing these beautiful silk plants for your betta tank!


  • No sharp edges as made of silk.
  • Soft, smooth, and gentle to the touch.
  • Effortless to clean and maintain. 
  • Suitable for betta fish.
  • It’s entirely a safe addition to a tank.
  • Three plants in the package. 


  • It’s relatively taller; make sure you can accommodate it in your tank. 

Marina Naturals, Red/Yellow Dracena Silk Plant,...
  • Red/Yellow Dracena silk plant aquarium decoration for aquatic environments undulates with currents
  • Natural-looking translucent colors closely mimic live aquarium plants and won't fade
  • Easy to install and secure, simply bury base in aquarium gravel
  • Made of safe, non-toxic silk material that will not affect aquarium water chemistry
  • Large fish tank decoration measures 13-14 inches tall (33-35.5 cm)

Marina Naturals Dracena Silk Plant is the perfect plant for you if you want some color and life in your aquarium! These silk plants are made of a safe, non-toxic material that won’t affect water chemistry. 

They look natural and undulate in the current, so they feel like real live plants. Plus, the Dracena Silk Plant is very large – it will make your tank pop with color!

You can easily install this plant by burying its base in the gravel at the bottom of your tank. It’s easy to use and looks beautiful! So what are you waiting for? Add fun and whimsy to your aquarium today with Dracena Silk Plant by Marina naturals!


  • Large plants that add color to your aquarium.
  • Over time colors do not fade.
  • Non-toxic silk material. 
  • Simple installation and easy to secure. 
  • Two different color variations. 


  • Challenging to accommodate in low-height tanks. 

biOrb Silk Plant Set Small Green & red (46099)
  • Use these beautiful, silky plants to add color and dimension to your aquarium.
  • Ideal silk plants for fish with delicate fins.
  • Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set ups.
  • Item Package weight : 0.25 pounds

Are you looking for a new silk plant set for your betta fish? The biOrb Easy Plant is an excellent addition to the fish tank. The plants look and feel like natural silk without sharp edges, making them safe for delicate fish. 

Plus, this plant set comes with two plants, which are easy to clean and maintain. There are plenty of surfaces so that your fish can rest or nap. Moreover, it’s easy on the wallet, and you get two plants at the same price!

I know how important it is to take care of our pets, and you want to make sure that you have everything you need for them. You can use this plant set for any setup, including freshwater, marine, and tropical aquariums. 

What I like most about this plant set because of the bright, vibrant colors, and your fish will definitely love this. In addition, give yourself peace of mind knowing that these plants will be safe additions to your aquarium.


  • Fish can rest on the large surface of the leaves. 
  • Made of genuine silk.
  • Unique in design. 
  • Easier placement and cleaning. 
  • Bright, vibrant color makes your aquarium splendid. 
  • Suitable in size for small tanks. 


  • Stems are made of plastics; you need to remove any sharp edges before using them in your tank. 

Marina Naturals Red Foreground Silk Plant – Fish...
1,265 Reviews
Marina Naturals Red Foreground Silk Plant – Fish...
  • Landscape Accessory: Enhance your aquascape with this lifelike Marina Naturals Red Foreground silk plant.
  • Mimics Live Plants: Natural-looking translucent colors closely mimic live aquarium plants by undulating with the...
  • Easy Setup: Easy to install and secure, simply bury base in aquarium gravel
  • Safe for your Fish: Made of safe, non-toxic silk material that will not affect aquarium water chemistry
  • Measurements: Small fish tank decoration measures 5-6” tall (12.5-15 cm).

Do you want a plant that will not fade? Introducing Foreground Silk Plant from Marina Naturals. This beautiful silk plant is made of the finest materials. It has an exquisitely vibrant color that won’t fade over time. In addition, it won’t affect your fish tank’s water chemistry. 

Marina Naturals, Foreground Silk Plant has two different colorations; green and red. And you get a rugged base that looks like natural rocks with four stems of beautiful leaves on top! Plus, the leaves are two-toned, so they look more realistic!

You can use this as a good hangout for fish because of its longer base and flexible stems, making it easy and secure to place anywhere in your aquarium. Install these plants in your aquarium to give it an additional wow factor. Simply place the base of the plant into rocks or gravel.

The translucent color will never fade away even if exposed under intense light conditions making it perfect for freshwater and saltwater tanks alike! Click the link below to purchase the Foreground Silk Plant today!


  • It has a translucent color that will never fade.
  • A great addition to any fish tank. 
  • More extended base; stays at the place even at the bare bottom. 
  • Provides good hangouts for betta fish. 
  • Silky, soft, and pretty.
  • Reasonable in price. 


  • A bit smaller, only 04 inches tall. 

Blue Spotted Betta Plant, Amazon Sword Great for...
441 Reviews
Blue Spotted Betta Plant, Amazon Sword Great for...
  • Create a beautiful bowl or aquarium with ease, using Blue Spotted Amazon Sword betta plant, ideal for any bowl or tank,...
  • The Blue Spotted Amazon Sword Betta plant has a resin weighted rock base, keeping in place, in your bowl or aquarium.
  • Rinse with cool-running water after removing from package.
  • Place in front, middle or rear position, creating a place to explore or hiding in for your pet Betta Fish, and helping...
  • The Blue Spotted Amazon Sword Betta plant provides enjoyment for your Betta Fish and yourself as you relax watching your...

Betta fish are great pets, but they can get bored! The Amazon Sword Blue Spotted Betta Plant is the perfect way to give your fish something fun and interesting to explore.

You won’t believe how much your pet will love this plant! The leaves are broad enough for them to rest on and play around with, so they never feel bored or lonely again. In addition, it looks beautiful in any tank.

And because the base is heavy, it won’t tip over if your fish gets too excited about their new toy! This plant is also easy to maintain – just put it in the water like you would any other decoration and watch as it soothes the tank environment right before your eyes. 

Your pet will be more delighted than ever before with the Amazon Sword Blue Spotted Betta Plant!


  • Broad leaves allow the betta fish to rest and sleep.
  • The leaves relax and don’t stand upright when exposed to water.
  • The heavier base ensures it doesn’t fall over.
  • Suits in any place of the tank; front, rear, or middle. 
  • Leaves work as a cover for betta fish. 


  • Some users find the product with sparsed or folded leaves. 

Blue Spotted Betta Plant Red Anubias Leaf, Great...
  • Create a beautiful bowl or aquarium with ease, using Blue Spotted Red Anubias Betta plant, ideal for any bowl or tank,...
  • The Blue Spotted Red Anubias Betta plant has a resin weighted rock base, keeping in place, in your bowl or aquarium.
  • Rinse with cool-running water after removing from package.
  • Place in front, middle or rear position, creating a place to explore or hiding int for your pet Betta, and helping to...
  • The Blue Spotted Red Anubias Anubias Betta plant provides enjoyment for your Betta and yourself as you relax watching...

Anubias plant’s cup-like leaves provide a resting place for betta fish. This silk plant is perfect for your Betta fish. It’s safe, attractive, and will keep them entertained. 

You can set it in the front, middle, or rear of your bowl or aquarium to create an exciting environment for your pet Betta. Then, of course, they will flock to this beautiful plant to play around!

This product has a resin-weighted rock base that keeps it in place. The colors are simple and contrast well with your Betta fish, making them look even more vibrant than they already do! 


  • Contrasting color; suits well with betta fish.
  • Safe to use in a betta tank.
  • Very attractive and adds variety to the betta tank.


  • Small plant, best units in small tanks.

Fashionclubs 4pcs Betta Bead Leaf Hammock, Silk...
  • [Betta Fish Leaf Pad]: 4 pieces of betta bed leaf hammock with double leaf design and strong suction cups, adding a...
  • [Silk Plastic Material]: Our betta fish hammock is made of soft&smooth synthetic fabric&plastic that without anything...
  • [Bendable Double Leaf Design]: Each betta hammock leaf pad contains double leaves in diffetent sizes, the bigger leaf...
  • [Easy To Install&Clean]: Use 4cm suction cup to absorb, quick and convenient, attach the betta leaf hammock to your pets...
  • [Wide Application]: The betta bed hammock not only is a functional aquarium decor, but also provides a beautiful,...

If you’re an owner of betta fish, then you know how much they love to rest and relax. Well, I’ve got the perfect product for your little buddy! Introducing the Silk Betta Fish Leaf Hammocks! 

These leaf pads are soft silk without anything rough or pointy that could snag on betta fins. They are lightweight, durable, safe, and long-lasting. Each pad contains double leaves in different sizes, ideal for betta fish hideouts and rest. 

The betta hammock not only just provides a resting place for the betta, but it also works as a beautiful decor for your tank! So what do you say? Are you ready to give your little betta fish the best resting place ever? You won’t regret it when your little friend starts using them right away! 


  • Double leaf with different sizes, ideal for betta fish playing and hideout. 
  • A strong suctions cup makes it easy to attach.
  • A good resting place for betta fish.
  • Naturalistic look.
  • Made of silk and smooth synthetic fiber.


  • Small plant, best units in small tanks.

Marina Ecoscaper, Hydrocotyle, Silk Plant Fish...
  • Hydrocotyle silk plant aquarium decoration for aquatic environments undulates with currents
  • Natural-looking translucent colors closely mimic live aquarium plants and won't fade
  • Easy to install and secure, to stand up in fish tank simply bury base in aquarium gravel
  • Made of safe, non-toxic silk material that will not affect aquarium water chemistry
  • Medium fish tank decoration measures 8 inches tall (20.32 cm)

Looking for a new plant to add to your aquarium? The Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle is the perfect addition to any fish tank. It’s made of silk, so it won’t hurt your delicate fish, and it looks incredibly lifelike.

In addition, these plants are fade-resistant and water PH neutral! You can even use them in Betta tanks or goldfish bowls!

Your fish will love this plant because they can hide in its leaves when they feel threatened by other pets or people. And you’ll love how effortless it is to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth once every week or two! 

This plant comes at an incredible price, too, so you don’t have to break the bank buying one for yourself either.


  • Natural-looking translucent color mimics live plants. 
  • Blends beautifully in the aquarium environment. 
  • Colors never fade. 
  • Made of safe, non-toxic silk material
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Undulates with the current. 


  • Some users mentioned leaves are rough.  


Are silk plants safe for Bettas?

Silk plants are perfectly safe for betta fish as long as they are made of non-toxic materials. However, silk plants won’t contribute to the tank’s natural ecosystem. 

A great way to keep your betta healthy and happy is by creating an enjoyable living palace (the tank!) for them with many plants and decorations. A perfect blend of foreground, background, mid-ground, and floating plants will help with this! 

Adding live plants may be overwhelming for a new aquarist and associated with a lot of tasks to maintain them. In that instance, silk plants can help create a beautiful tank with less effort.

However, just remember not to add too many. Otherwise, it will be hard for your betta fish to reach the water’s surface for feeding and getting oxygen. So, make sure you’re adding just enough without overdoing it.

Are fake plants good for a fish tank?

Artificial plants are an excellent choice for fish that may uproot or eat live ones. They won’t rot in your tank, and they’ll never foul the habitats as natural plant life can do! However, they also won’t contribute in the way natural ones do. 

The greatest features of these natural-looking artificial plant options include their stability, durability & affordability. Because of that, make them perfect if you’re on a budget but still want some stylish decorations in your tanks.

Do Bettas like fake plants?

If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of fake plants that will make your tank look great and offer hiding places for your betta fish.

That’s perfectly fine, even if you never plan on caring for live ones; just be sure it’s silk instead of plastic.

The reason is plastics can be hard on betta’s fins and could cause injury due to sharp edges.  

However, as long as plastic plants are soft enough and aren’t jagged, you can use those in your betta tank without any issue. 


What’s the best way to spruce up your aquarium with plants? I recommend trying out silk plants if you have a betta fish tank. 

Silk plants to give your bettas somewhere to hang out during the day! There’ll be plenty for them to explore with some artificial foliage around.

That will prevent them from spending most of their time at the bottom of the tank due to a lack of entertainment. 

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