The 08 Best Nano Fish Tank (Review & Buying Guide)

Setting up a fish tank from scratch is always challenging. Along with the tank, you have to buy many fish tank accessories, which are time-consuming and exhausting.

Nano fish tanks are beginner packages you can get at a reasonable price. Day by day, it’s getting more popular. The reasons are that a nano tank doesn’t take up so much space and is easy to set up because it’s already pre-equipped with the accessories you need to start fish keeping.

In this article on the best nano fish tanks, I’ll provide an honest review of the best kit available in the market, making your life easier as a beginner.

What is A Nano Fish Tank?

Nano fish tank is a small aquarium but compact in design. Unlike fishbowl or other traditional aquariums, Nano fish tanks are fully equipped and come with accessories like lights, heaters, filtration systems, etc. Nano fish tanks are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater setups.

But, what are the sizes we call ‘Nano’? There is no general agreement; the term varies depending on the country and region. In the USA, 30 gallons and smaller size aquariums are usually considered nano aquariums.

In this review of the best nano fish tank, I kept all sizes of aquariums ranging from 5 gallons to 30 gallons so that you can choose as per your choice.

Review of the 06 Best Nano Fish Tank

The rectangular-shaped Tetra glass aquarium is made in the USA and built with scratch-resistant glass offers a lifetime warranty. 

Tetra aquarium kit has added almost everything you need to set up a fish tank. After buying this, you just need to purchase gravel or substrate to make it a complete aquarium. 

The Tetra Aquarium Kit Includes: 

  • One LED hood,
  • Tetra Mini UL Heater (100 watts)
  • Tetra Whisper 20 HOB filter
  • Digital Thermometer, 
  • Four artificial plants.

The LED hood is sleek in design, and it opens on a hinge. It’s difficult to do maintenance having a loose hood and wires. So, the hood that comes along with the kit is maintenance-friendly. 

LEDs provide sufficient lighting for a typical freshwater aquarium but not enough to promote corals or planted tanks. 

The filter is adequate if you stocked rightly; the ideal number is 10-12. But, if you want to stock more, you need an additional efficient filtration system to keep tank parameters stable. 

The main drawback with this kit is the heater, it’s preset at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can’t regulate it. Meaning, fish that are not suitable at that temperature aren’t possible to keep. 

It’s ok for most tropical fish, but if I were you, I would definitely change the heater with an adjustable one so that I can keep fish of my choice. 

Overall, suppose you are a beginner and want to break into the hobby of fish keeping; in that case, the Tetra 20 gallon aquarium kit is a great one to look at. This 20 gallon is right on the money when it comes to creating a traditional freshwater aquarium.


  • Packed with accessories
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers lifetime warranty for glass aquarium
  • Rectangular shape provides a lot of surface area
  • High quality (the USA made)
  • Hinged LED hood
  • Durable LED lights


  • Doesn’t come with an air stone 

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium is the perfect solution for anyone willing to start a Reef tank or planted aquarium. The sleek modern hinged hood contains vibrant LED lighting suitable for growing and sustaining healthy corals and thriving live plants.

You can easily use it for freshwater aquariums, but I suggest going for much less expensive options for freshwater because the lights are high intensity and designed especially for corals and live plants. 

Obviously, Coralife Biocube is the most versatile nano tank and my favorite on this list. Having this tank, you can grow lush green plants, easy or soft LPS corals, or even hard SPS corals if you wish. 

The Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium Kit Includes:

  • A quiet submersible pump, dual intakes, and adjustable return nozzle
  • Three independent light channels; bright white, sparkling blue, and color enhancing LEDs
  • Built-in 24 hrs. Timer.

An integrated 24-hour timer controls lighting and replicates a natural day/night cycle. A built-in compact and customizable filtration chamber makes it a great starter aquarium that is very easy to set up and clean. 

The elegant square-shaped glass aquarium has two sizes; 16 gallons and 32 gallons. The front panel is curved, providing excellent viewing angles without any distortion.  

It has some downsides; it doesn’t include a heater that you have to buy independently if you need it. Another complaint is noise from the fan, which you can easily replace if it bothers you. 

It’s not possible to satisfy all at a time. Still, overall it is a great learning kit if you want to start your reef aquarium or a planted aquarium. The price is basically a bargain considering the quality and usability. 


  • Excellent LED lightings
  • Cool elegant design
  • Provides nice viewing angle
  • Programmable light settings and built-in timer
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • The highly flexible filter component


  • it does not include the heater and the 
  • noise from the fan sometimes is boring

Another high-quality Nano fish tank is the Marina LED aquarium kit; it has three different sizes starting from 5 gallons to 20 gallons. 

It is specially designed for beginner aquarists to make their fishkeeping journey enjoyable. It includes so many things for setting up your first ever aquarium. 

The Rectangular Marina LED Aquarium Kit Includes:

  • Filter, 
  • LED lights,
  • Water conditioner, 
  • Fish food
  • Fishnet 
  • Aquarium care guide

The LED lights work fine for fast-growing plants and enhance fish color. It is energy efficient and provides excellent daytime lighting. Still, if you want to establish a natural day-night cycle or prefer moonlighting, you need to replace the light.

The filter unit is whisper quiet and comes along with cartridges. However, the filter unit does not have a three-stage filtration system. A water conditioner is added to make tap water safe and cycle your fish tank fast. 

Marina LED aquarium kit does not include a heater. Heater requirement depends on the room temperature and the type of fish you want to keep. If you need to maintain a tank temperature higher than your room temperature, you definitely need a heater. In that case, you have to buy that separately.

If you want to replace the filter or light, the cost will add up, but nothing outrageous. Overall, considering the build quality and beginner friendliness, this aquarium kit is a good option.


  • Excellent if you are new to the hobby
  • The filter is super quiet
  • Daytime LED lights are good for plants and fish color
  • Includes so many things for setting up the tank
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • It does not include a heater
  • The LED lights are for daytime use; you need to turn the light off at night manually.
  • The filter is not a three-stage filtration system.

This Penn Plax Prism Nano Cube Aquarium Kit is a great starter kit for anyone looking to get into the exciting hobby of fish keeping. 

The aquarium itself has a modern cube design that looks great on any desk or dresser. At the same time, its 2-gallon capacity makes it ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms or offices. 

The Penn Plax Prism Nano Aquarium Kit Includes:

  • 2-gallon glass tank
  • Built-in water filter
  • 18 LED bulbs
  • Sponge and carbon pellets

It comes with everything you need to set up a healthy and fun environment for your fish, including an LED light that shines through the lid to give your tank a bright and beautiful glow! 

This 2-gallon tank comes with a built-in filter with cartridges, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them separately. It’s easy to set up too! Just fill it halfway with water, add some gravel and plants (not included), place the filter inside the tank, then plug it on – that’s it!


  • Cute and compact
  • Comes with a filter & light
  • Easy to set up
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Too strong filter output (not suitable for Betta)
  • Made of float glass & not real glass

The Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium is a great starter kit for the beginner fish keeper. This nano fish tank is a great way to introduce you and your family to the fascinating world of aquariums. 

Tetra LED Cube Shaped Aquarium Includes:

  • 3-gallon cube fish tank
  • Whisper(R) Power Filter
  • Tetra(R) Whisper Bio-Bag Small Cartridge
  • Pedestal Base
  • LED Light
  • Low Voltage Power Adapter
  • Setup Guide

This aquarium features LED lighting that highlights the fish, making it easy for you to see them swimming around. The clear canopy has a hole for easy feeding. 

The Tetra 3i filter keeps your tank clean and provides a perfect environment for small tropical fish. Available in multiple colors, this aquarium is sure to look great wherever you decide to put it!

Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium is a great tank for Goldfish, Betta, and small tropical fish. It is one of the most versatile new aquariums on the market! This compact aquarium kit can fit almost anywhere and provide a safe, reliable environment for your fish. 

In addition to its small size, it also features clear plastic that resists cracking or shattering with years of wear and tear.


  • Comes with a filter & LED lights
  • Sleek & compact design 
  • Feeding hole
  • No odd sound of the pump


  • Humidity build-up at rims
  • Acrylic-made & prone to scratch

Suppose you would like to get an elegant-looking seamless acrylic fish tank perfect for your home and office. In that case, this Life 15 Aquarium made by Biorb is for you. The tank looks like a piece of art, and once set up, it’s mesmerizingly beautiful. 

It has two different styles and offers four sizes ranging from 4 gallons to 16 gallons. This acrylic-made aquarium is much more robust, lighter, provides a clearer view than a glass aquarium, and offers two years of warranty. 

It is equipped with long-lasting intelligent LED light which operates on a 24-hour timer that controls the light from sunrise to sunset. 

Life 15 Aquarium Kit Includes:

  • biOrb 12V Transformer
  • biOrb Air Pump & airstone
  • Ceramic Media 
  • Filter cartridge
  • Water Conditioner 
  • Beneficial Bacteria liquid 

The unique air-driven filtration method of this tank moves the water vigorously. It flows through the ceramic media, where natural biological filtration (good bacteria) removes some toxins. 

Sponge cartridges provide mechanical filtration to remove any remaining waste. Water then passed through resin particles and natural stabilizers to remove any residual toxin and maintain the pH balance. 

So, it does have a good filter; maintenance and cleaning frequency will depend on the bioload. The focus of the tank is mainly for decorative purposes, so I would suggest maintaining a light bioload.

A Four-gallon tank is ideal for keeping a single Betta or a school of community fish. However, you can easily choose the larger one if you wish.

Apart from being expensive, the tank does not contain a heater which you have to buy yourself. Some users complained that the top access is relatively narrow, making any maintenance job a little more complex. 


  • An efficient filtration technique
  • Built-in 24 hrs. timer and LED lights
  • Pretty looking
  • Includes everything to set it up
  • Different styles and sizes available
  • Low maintenance frequency


  • No heater in the package
  • Limited access from the top to the tank

If you want to dip your chest into the hobby of reef keeping, This Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Kit will be ideal for you. It is specially designed for you to enjoy the saltwater hobby with less money, less space, and less effort. 

 The left side of this gorgeous little 13.5-gallon aquarium kit conceals all necessary aquarium equipment, including a 3-stage filter, heater (not included in the package), etc. 

 What’s Included With The Fluval Evo?

  • Fully integrated LED lighting system.
  • A safe low-voltage transformer.
  • A circulation pump with output nozzle.
  • Foam filter
  • BioMax insert
  • Activated carbon insert

The fully integrated super-bright 14000k LED lights provide optimal balance for coral growth, color, and conditioning. Having this intense light, you can grow all types of corals, including LPS and SPS. 

A quiet and effective circulation pump Moves the water through the filtering media. The filtration media which comes along with the tank is adequate to get you started. Still, if you feel the necessity to upgrade or customize, you can easily do that. 

Overall, the unit’s price is justified because the only other equipment you need to buy separately to set up a complete fish tank is a heater. 

You can use this kit also for freshwater or planted aquariums. Still, in that case, you have to replace the light with lesser intensity. Because the high-intensity light can cause algae and other problems like pests. 


  • An ideal kit for beginner reef keeper
  • High-intensity light promotes coral growth
  • Efficient 3 -stage filtration
  • Super quiet circulation pump
  • Except for a heater, it includes everything to get you started
  • Price is reasonable


  • Does not come with a heater (and protein skimmer)

The best nano fish tanks list will be incomplete if I exclude the Marineland portrait glass LED aquarium kit. The kit is made by Marineland and is hugely popular among pro and beginner fishkeepers. 

The curved edges of this 5-gallon aquarium kit make it elegant and gorgeous; it seems to look more expensive than it is. Its rounded corner and clear glass canopy provide a great viewing angle. 

What Does The Marineland Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit Include?

  • Glass tank and lid
  • LED light
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Adjustable flow filter pump
  • Filter cartridges
  • Bio-foam 
  • Mounting stand 

Three-stage filtration remains hidden in the rear compartment with its pump and cartridges. The flow rate of the filter pump is easily adjustable to match your demand. 

The LED lights hang about the tanks; white LED creates a shimmering sunlight effect, and blue LED produces a Moonlight glow. The lights are not intense enough to grow corals or challenging freshwater plants; however, you can easily grow low-light plants.

This beautiful-looking little tank is an excellent choice for a fish-only tank. You can keep fish that prefers gentle water flow like Bettas, Tetras, etc., after lowering the flow rate a bit and buying an additional heater (heater is not included). With the modification of lights, you can grow hi-tech plants as well. 

The lid slides back for feeding and water care dosing, and overall the kit is easy to assemble and easy to care for. The price is also reasonable for a beginner to start with the hobby.

Here in the video below, know how to set up a Marineland portrait glass aquarium kit.


  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Curved edged glass aquarium
  • Separate compartment for filtration unit
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Affordable in price


  • A heater is not included
  • Light is not intense enough to grow hi-tech plants

Wrapping Up

I have reviewed the 06 best Nano fish tank of notable features. Now it’s your job to select a suitable one for you to start the fishkeeping hobby.

But if you ask me what’s my best pick, I’ll say Coralife Biocube Aquarium because it’s the largest one on the list and the most versatile aquarium kit.

Share your experiences on what nano tanks you find best and the experience you had; put your comments below.

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