Best Light For 5 Gallon Planted Tank (Get The Best One For You)

Regardless of the size of the tank, finding the best light for plants is crucial for planted tanks. With the appropriate illumination, you can keep your plants healthy and enhance the color of your tank. 

However, finding the perfect lighting for a small tank can be challenging. An algal problem will ensue if the light is too bright or the plants die slowly from lack of light intensity.

Smaller-than-5-gallon fish tanks, known as “nano tanks,” are notoriously difficult to have the ‘perfect light’ because of their wide range of forms and sizes. 

For the most part, this issue may be remedied by using clip-on LED light fixtures. In addition to being simple to install on nano tanks, these items also supply ample illumination for the tanks.

In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing some of the Best Light For 5 Gallon Planted Tank. So if you’re interested in keeping plants in your tank, keep reading!

How Many Watt Do You Need For 5 Gallon Planted Tank

If you have a fish-only aquarium, you’ll need about 1 to 2 watts of lighting per gallon, 2 to 5 watts per gallon for freshwater planted aquariums, and about 4 to 8 watts per gallon for reef tanks.

Using 10-watt lights for a planted tank of five gallons can be a good place to start. In some cases, though, these criteria may be more lenient.

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8 Best Light For 5 Gallon Planted Aquariums Review

NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light

NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light,...
  • The full-spectrum light combines 6500K white, 450nm blue, TRUE 660nm deep red and green LEDs, producing a fine-tuned...
  • Provides more options to adjust the auto On/Off time and brightness. Featured 15 or 30-minute ramp-up and dim-down to...
  • Excellent color rendition with a high CRI of 91 for better appreciation of aquatic plants without distortion, restoring...
  • Adjustable docking mounts on both sides provide an easy way for quick adaptability to fit most rimless and framed...
  • Aluminum alloy shell helps best heat dissipation, and this light is recommended for use over glass or acrylic...
  • Type: Fixture (12″ -18″).
  • Ideal for: Moderate light-demanding plants.
  • For tanks: 2.5-5 gallons.
  • LEDs: 26 White + 6 Blue + 3 Red + 1 Green.
  • Modes: Day/night.
  • Wattage: 10 watts.

Bring the beauty of the underwater world into your home aquaria with NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light. This energy-efficient LED light is perfect for freshwater or saltwater fish and low-medium light-level plants. 

The beautiful full-spectrum array combines white, blue, red, and green LEDs to produce a fine-tuned color spectrum for aquatic plants. It features bright white LEDs that create a brilliant and vibrant display, and the blue moon glows for nighttime viewing, with red and green LEDs for enhanced colors.

This light is quickly and easily adapted to fit rimless and framed aquariums, 12 – 18 inches, with an adjustable mounting bracket.

NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium. The lightweight aluminum alloy shell is incredibly durable, and the structured aluminum profile optimizes heat dissipation for a longer lifetime of the LEDs.

  • Reliable, high-quality model.
  • Stylish in look.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Only useable for limited size options.

hygger Clip-On 24/7 Lighting Aquarium LED Light

hygger Clip On 24/7 Lighting Aquarium LED Light,...
  • DEFAULT MODE(24/7 Natural Mode): Gradient Orange light (sunrise) from 6 am to 8 am; Gradient White light from 8 am to 6...
  • DIY MODE: Full spectrum aquarium light also can change the time + brightness + color. ①Setting time(TIMER key): 3...
  • NEW UPGRADE: Clip style bracket, easy to install, aquarium LED light can be used for different thickness of glass, the...
  • HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT: The hygger aquarium light is soft, the color rendering index is close to natural light, up to 85%,...
  • Type: Clip-on.
  • Ideal for: High light-demanding plants.
  • For tank: 2.5-10 Gal.
  • LEDs: 32 White + 12 Blue + 7 Red + 3 Green + 14 RGB.
  • Mode: Multi-colors, on/off timer, 24/7 timer.
  • Wattage: 14 watts.

Hygger Clip-On 24/7 Lighting Aquarium LED Light is a versatile and easy-to-use aquarium LED light. This light features a default setting with gradient orange, white, and blue light settings, or you can choose the DIY mode to create your custom light setting. 

With three-time settings and five brightness settings, you can easily find the perfect light for your fish tank. The color setting options include white, red, blue, green, purple, orange, cyan, and cycle color. 

So whether you’re looking for a natural look or something more unique, the Hygger Clip-On 24/7 Lighting Aquarium LED Light will meet your needs. It’s ideal for a 2.5-10 gallons planted aquarium.

The Hygger Clip-On 24/7 Lighting Aquarium LED Light is the perfect way to brighten up your fish tank and promote the growth of your plants. The clip style bracket is easy to install, and the light can be used for different thicknesses of glass. 

The body of the fish tank light can be taken off and installed horizontally or vertically. And the separable adapter means that you don’t need to replace the whole light even if it is damaged, which saves you money and waste. 

In addition. the light is also made with thicker aluminum to increase heat dissipation efficiency.

  • Reliable brand.
  • Versatile options.
  • Easy to install.
  • The clip cannot hold firmly.

Hagen Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light

Fluval Plant Nano LED Aquarium Lighting with...
  • Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, mid day, sunset and night), 6 unique band waves for full...
  • Fully adjustable positioning (up/down, side-to-side, forward/backward) and new over-the-glass mounting design with...
  • The new generation of H.T.E (High Thermal Efficiency) LEDs function at a higher operating temperature, providing...
  • Fully encased aluminum shell provides effective heat transfer and improved protection from water intrusion and humidity...
  • Full coverage – each individual LED casts 120° of illumination for wider, uniform lighting without dead spots
  • Type: Clip-on.
  • Ideal for: High light-demanding plants.
  • For tank: Portrait aquariums, up to 15 Gal.
  • LEDs: 63 pcs total.
  • Mode: Mobile app control with 24-hour light cycle & many preset modes.
  • Wattage: 15 watts.

With the Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light, you can transform your aquarium into a beautiful virtual reality landscape. 

This top-of-the-line light features programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, midday, sunset, and night) and 6 unique band waves for full spectrum results. You can also independently control the color of the light, making it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for your fish and plants. 

When using the Hagen Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light, you can expect rapid growth and increased vibrancy in your freshwater plants. The FluvalSmart app, available for download on smartphones and tablets, allows you to operate it.

Each of the 63 LED chips has a light output of 1000 lumens and can illuminate an area up to 120 degrees, so your aquarium will never be dark. Full-spectrum lighting 7500K is provided by the light’s six unique band waves. In addition, the lamp’s color temperature can be changed separately via an app.

The lamp’s height and location may also be adjusted, and it can suit up to 8mm-thick glasses. Because the light is water-resistant, there is no need to worry about it being harmed by the water. Make sure you know that this model is just for tanks with no rims.

  • Excellent for plants’ growth.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Gimmicky mobile app.

IREENUO Aquarium LED Light

IREENUO Aquarium LED Light, Full Spectrum Fish...
  • ECO-LIKE NATURAL LIGHTING: Aquarium fish light comes with a 24-hour Automatic Sunlight Cycle Mode and 4 Weather Effect...
  • SUIT FOR VIRTUALLY ANY TANKS: Adjustable clip-on fish tank light can be clamped on any position of the fish tank wall...
  • MAKE YOUR FISH MORE BEAUTIFUL: High-quality lamp bead of IREENUO fish tank light, with excellent color, provides a...
  • HIGHER ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Low power consumption operation promises the security of aquarium lighting. 7W/13W...
  • NOTE: There are three sizes for choice, 11.8*2.6*0.4 in (30*6.5*1 cm) with 10W; 20.5*2.6*0.4 in (52*6.5*1 cm) with...
  • Type: Clip-on.
  • Ideal for: Moderate light-demanding plants.
  • For tank: 12 inches long (2.5-5 Gal).
  • LEDs: –
  • Mode: 24/7 light cycle, weather effects, four-color memory keys.
  • Wattage: 10 watts.

If you’re looking for an aquarium light that mimics the natural sunlight cycle, the IREENUO Aquarium LED Light is a great option. You can create a lighting solution tailored to your aquatic plants with four weather effect modes and a custom color mode. 

In addition, the light can be clipped onto any position on the fish tank wall, making it a versatile option for a variety of tanks.

The IREENUO Aquarium LED Light is the perfect way to make your fish more beautiful! This light provides a soothing environment that promotes better color synthesis with high-quality lamp beads for your fish. It’s also energy-efficient, so you can rest assured that your aquarium lighting will be safe and have low power consumption.

The user can manually turn the light on and off in the personalized color mode every day. Many ready-to-use and tunable lighting and weather effects are available in this mode. There are four options to pick from overcast with/without lightning, sun, and moonlight. Playing with them is a joy.

You can set the light to run on a 24-hour timer to replicate sunrise and sunset using the remote control. The light will adjust itself according to which time key you press. If you don’t want to use the automatic light cycle, press the 24/7 key to switch to custom color mode.

With the Ireenuo aquarium LED light, you can replicate the sun’s rays in your tank. Pre-programmed settings can be used and adjusted via an included wireless remote control.

  • 24-hour timer.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Hard to read instruction.

MingDak Fish Tank Clip-on Light

MingDak Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer,...
  • 3 LIGHTING MODES: The white, the bule or the white & blue light brings out the color of everything in tank,creates a...
  • BUILT-IN TIMER: Mingdak fish tank clip on light has built-in timer it will come on and go off at the same time every day...
  • BUILT-IN DIMMER: Don't worry about over bright issue, you can adjust the brightness with the built-in dimmer for each...
  • WIDE MOUNT CLIP WITH GOOSENECK: Mingdak aquarium clip on light with 0.98 inch wide clip fit for all most fish tank wall,...
  • GOOD FOR PLANT & FISH: Ultra-bright 7000-7500k White LEDs and rich 460nm blue light are sufficient to grow your plant...
  • Style: Clip-on.
  • Ideal for: Bettas, shrimp, Moderate light aquarium plants.
  • For tank: 3-8 gallon tanks.
  • LEDs: 15 white, three blue.
  • Mode: Inline-timer, blue + white, blue only, white only.
  • Wattage: 10 watts.

MingDak Fish Tank Clip-on Light is perfect for bringing out the color of everything in your tank. You can customize your light to create the ideal aquascape with three lighting modes, a built-in timer, and a dimmer.

For automatic control, this clip-on light has an in-line timer. There are just three lighting periods – six hours, ten hours, and twelve hours. Just turn on the light one morning and choose the lighting time you want the light to be on, and it will remember your setting and repeat the same lighting pattern day after day after day.

You can also dim the light with the in-line timer by adjusting the blue and white channel strengths. When it comes to fish, you don’t have to be concerned if the light is too bright for them. It’s best to dim the lights if you have Betta fish and a low-tech planted tank containing plants like Marimo Moss Balls or Anubias and Ferns.

With the wide mount clip and adjustable gooseneck, it can fit onto any fish tank wall. In addition, the 7000-7500k white LEDs and rich 460nm blue light create the perfect environment for plants to thrive while lighting up your fish beautifully.

  • Simple to use.
  • Adequate lighting for plants.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Cheap plastic-made gooseneck clip. 

Lominie Aquarium Light

  • Style: Clip-on.
  • Ideal for: High-light plants.
  • For tanks: 8-18 inch cube tank, up to 8 gallons.
  • LEDs:
  • Modes: Manual switch for dimming.
  • Wattage: 18 watts.
Lominie LED Aquarium Light, 4 Channels Adjustable...
1,332 Reviews
Lominie LED Aquarium Light, 4 Channels Adjustable...
  • ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: The light can be adjusted in three ways with Remote/ Mannual Dimmer/ Smart Controller....
  • GOOSENECK & SIMPLE OPERATION: 360°adjustable rustproof gooseneck, great for choosing the angle you want the light to...
  • SOLID ABS HOUSING: Diameter 2.7 inches/7.0cm, suitable for 8"~18"(45 cm) long tank. Excellent for freshwater and planted...
  • COOLING SYSTEM: Asta 20 aquarium led lamp uses quality cold forging heat sink and smart cooling fan, efficient cooling...
  • SMART CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: Smart controller is not included in the package, please purchase it separately if need it. 4...

Lominie Aquarium Light is also an option worth considering because it can be used in many different ways. A new way of LED package, COB (Chip On Board), is used to create it, resulting in a more uniform illumination and a higher level of intensity. This makes it a great alternative for aquariums with live plants.

This amazing light can be adjusted in three ways – with an RF Remote, a Manual Dimmer, or a Wifi Controller! The 360°adjustable rustproof gooseneck also makes it easy to choose the angle you want the light to come from, and it’s suitable for tank glass thickness less than or equal to 0.95inch! Plus, the plastic screws won’t scratch your tank glass!

Using a manual switch, you may adjust the intensity of the light from 0% to 100%, depending on your aquarium’s needs. In addition to the unit’s standard 180-degree lens, a 60-degree lens is included for use with narrower tanks. This makes it perfect for aquariums with diameters of 8 to 18 inches, typical in small office settings.

This LED light’s premium aluminum housing is excellent for low operating temperatures and a longer lifespan. Thanks to the gooseneck, this clip-on light is easy to set up and customize.

  • Advanced innovative technology.
  • Simple operation.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Only for rimless tanks.

HIRO Aquatics Full Spectrum LED Light

HIRO AQUATICS Full Spectrum LED Light with Bamboo...
  • VERSATILE LED LAMP & BOARD – Watch your aquarium thrive with this dynamic and stylish Hiro Aquatics full spectrum LED...
  • FULL SPECTRUM LED – Designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight, the full spectrum LED light helps plants grow healthy...
  • DURABLE BAMBOO BOARD – Made with natural, long-lasting bamboo, this board water-proof and insulated for strong...
  • 360 DEGREE SWIVEL – Adjustable enough to meet your every need, this lamp swivels 360º. Each lamp bead is equipped...
  • SPECIFICATIONS – CRI(RA) above 80. 100-240V. US two pin Plug. Color temperature 6000K. Backed by a one year...
  • Style: Lamp and board.
  • Ideal for: Bowls, special-shaped, small Betta fish tanks, potted plants, succulents.
  • For tanks: Under 9 gallons (rated).
  • LEDs: White LEDs.
  • Modes: 6000K white daylight, dimmable.
  • Wattage: 9 watts.

Whether you’re looking to bring some natural beauty into your home or give your plants the best chance at success, the Hiro Aquatics full-spectrum LED light is the perfect solution.

An 18-inch high LED bulb is mounted to a 9 x 8.5-inch bamboo board. As small in stature, this high-quality light can be installed anywhere. In addition, the bamboo board serves as a stand for any type of fish tank or bowl of different sizes.

This versatile lamp can be used as a nano aquarium light, potted plant grow-light, succulent grow-light, bonsai light, or even a desk lamp. And thanks to its full-spectrum LED design, it’s perfect for helping plants thrive. 

The light board is durable, made with natural bamboo, waterproof, and insulated for high temperatures. The 360-degree swivel makes it adjustable to meet your every need, and the lamp beads are equipped with lenses to increase the width and depth of illumination without wasting light.

Nano planted Betta aquariums benefit significantly from the light’s 6000K white daylight output. Terrestrial plants in pots can also be used. The light intensity can be adjusted to suit the needs of various plant species.

  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Different installation options
  • Marginally adequate wattage.

Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light

  • Type: clip-on
  • Ideal for: Growing plants
  • For tank: Rated for up to 20 gallons.
  • LEDs: 60.
  • Mode: 3-way soft-touch LED control (all on/blue on/all off).
  • Wattage: Not Available.
Aqueon Clip-On LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light for...
1,668 Reviews
Aqueon Clip-On LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light for...
  • Clip-on aquarium LED light; ideal for growing plants
  • 60 bright LEDs help support and grow lush plants
  • 3-way soft-touch LED control (all on/blue on/all off)
  • Ideal for planted aquariums up to 20 gallons
  • Easily mounts on framed or frameless aquariums using the versatile mounting screw

Looking to add some extra flair to your aquarium? Check out the Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light! This elegant, super thin light is perfect for adding optimal lighting to your fish’s environment. The blue and white LEDs are designed to use up to 20-gallon aquariums.

This LED light is perfect for aquariums with plants! Three soft-touch LED controls to let you choose between all on, blue only, or off. 

The Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light is perfect for aquarium owners who want to create a lush and healthy environment for their plants. This light features 60 bright LEDs, which provide the perfect amount of light for plant growth. 

It is easy to use; the soft-touch switch makes it a breeze to turn on and off. In addition, the versatile mounting screw makes it easy to attach this light to framed or frameless aquariums.

  • Bright lighting.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reliable brand.
  • It produces heat.

Buying The Best Light For 5 Gallon Planted Tank: Things To Consider 

Buying The Best Light For 5 Gallon Planted Tank Things To Consider

Intensity Of Light

The PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) wavelength ranges from 400 to 700 nm and is critical for plant growth. Photosynthesis and development in plants can be aided by light in this spectrum.

All manufacturers do not publish the PAR value because it varies substantially depending on the depth of the tank.

Human eyes can distinguish between four primary colors: blue, red, green, and white, which make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Aquatic plants require all of the colors in the spectrum to thrive.

Optimal plant development can be achieved with at least 50% red light, 35% green light, and no more than 15% blue light. But there’s no need to stress your aquarium plant’s light needs while being grown with LEDs.

Light Spectrum

A plant can thrive as long as the light spectrum is between 2700K and 10000K. In a planted aquarium, anything outside of the 10000K range tends to fail (beyond that, lights become too blueish)

In terms of lighting, you can pick between 6500K and 7000K (the most popular choice among fishkeepers), which is similar to the sun’s light.

In reality, you have complete freedom to choose the color spectrum of your aquarium light, except for a very blue light (which is used for growing corals).

Types Of Plants

Light intensity is mainly determined by the aquatic plants you intend to have in your aquarium. It is possible to group plants into low-light, medium-light, and high-light plants.

Low-maintenance plants like Anubis, Java moss, and Ferns can thrive in low-light conditions. Moderate light levels are ideal for stem plants and a few other plants.

To keep up with the rapid plant development and prevent algae blooms, you may require a CO2 supplement for high-intensity lighting.


Don’t scrimp on essentials like an aquarium light, even on a tight budget. When something is cheap, it’s usually riddled with flaws and won’t last or meet your needs. As a result, it’s always best to spend the extra money and get something more reliable.

Final Word

So there you have it. Our top picks for the best light for a 5 gallon planted tank. Hopefully, this article has been helpful, and you are now one step closer to finding the perfect lighting for your aquatic friends. 

Finding the correct lighting for your aquarium is the most difficult challenge for most aquarists. Smaller tanks like 5-gallon, which have a limited selection of alternatives, are more likely to have this problem. However, for most small tropical fish/shrimp aquariums, these LED lights may be clipped onto the aquarium.

Please comment below if you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with LED aquarium lights. We love hearing from our readers, and we’re always happy to help out in whatever way we can. Thanks for reading, and happy fishkeeping!

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