Best Filter For Betta Fish – The Ultimate Guide For Betta Lovers

Best Filter For Betta Fish

Bettas are one of the most attractive and amazing fish that can live in small spaces. They’re also beautiful and are often seen as symbols of luck, happiness, and romance! 

However, betta fish require a bit more attention and a favorable condition to stay healthy. Also, they’re prone to disease, so you must keep them in a tank with good filters.

I’ll give you some tips on what type of filter will work best for betta fish! Surely, this article will help you find the best filter for betta fish so they can enjoy life to its fullest as they deserve!

If you have a small aquarium or just want something inexpensive, try an undergravel filter, corner filter, or sponge filter. 

For relatively larger tanks, especially if there are higher bioloads, I recommend using filters with more power and capacity like canisters, internal filters, or HOB’s. 

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter?

YES, betta fish does need a filter. Although betta fish is not a messy fish like goldfish, a sound filtration system is still necessary to keep the water clean and healthy for your lovely betta.

A filter is a piece of vital equipment for a betta tank. It helps in many ways to keep a balanced ecosystem. In general, aquarium filters work in three stages; mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Mechanical: It removes uneaten foods and fish wastes. 

Chemical: It helps to get rid of harmful chemicals from the aquarium water.

Biological: It houses beneficial bacteria, which converts toxic substances into less harmful ones. 

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter

Circulating the water through the filter also helps to oxygenate the filter, which leads to an overall healthier condition for your betta home.  

A filter reduces the amount of work you need to do to keep everything favorable for betta fish to thrive. With the filter, you’ll have only a partial water change(20 to 30%), and weekly vacuuming of the substrate is required. 

Otherwise, tanks without a filter will need a total water replacement and thorough cleaning every week to prevent toxic accumulation. 

Therefore, it’s a wise decision to buy a filter for the betta fish tank for both of you and your fish’s comfort. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Betta’s Filter

Flow Power

Betta fish prefers a gentle water flow. However, they are not very good swimmers, so if the current is too strong, they may be pushed towards the corner and will hamper their natural movement in the tank. 

The first action you can take is to buy a filter with adjustable flow settings. However, if the minimal flow of the filter unit is strong enough to discomfort your betta fish, you can do some things to reduce the flow. I’ll discuss that in the section below. 

Flow Power for betta filter

How To Reduce Flow If Your Betta Fish Filter Is Too Strong?

Limit the water intake: Reduce the water intake to the filter unit to subdue the outflow. Use a piece of foam or clothes cutting to make a restriction in the inlet to slow down the rate of water coming into the filter. 

Make a baffle: Besides cutting the flow, you can disperse it by making a baffle arrangement at the outlet. Baffle can be anything but strong enough, and it could be a mesh screen, plastic cups, or bottles to redirect the flow. Cut into the appropriate size to fit over the outflow. Baffle helps to block and slow down the flow and hence reduce the direct impact. 

Provide hiding spots: Finally, you can place plants, decors, rocks, driftwoods throughout the tank to provide hiding places for the Betta from the strong current. Decorations enhance the tank’s aesthetic beauty, but they also give places to rest for the Betta. 

How Big Is Your Betta’s Tank?

The decision to buy which and what types of filter greatly varies on your betta tank’s size. The betta filter you will buy should have adequate capacity to circulate and clean the water. 

The minimum flow rate you need for a filter, in gallons per hour, is four times multiple of the tank size. So, for example, if you own a 10-gallon tank, a filter turnover of 40 gallons per hour is sufficient. 

tank size betta filter

However, it is a generalized formula; if your tank is heavily stacked with decorations, you probably need a slightly more powerful filter than the baseline calculations. 

Using multiple smaller filters is beneficial to use rather than a single large unit. This is because the outflow from the smaller filter is not strong compared to a large one, which will help betta fish swim around freely and improve the overall condition.  

Filtration Stages

Filtration stages are also important criteria because all types of filters are not effective in all three stages. Some are good at providing mechanical filtration, while some are better for biological filtration. 

For example, sponge filters provide only mechanical and biological filtration effectively. 

filtration stage for betta filter

Undergravel filters are excellent for biological filtration. Canister filters are equally good at all three tasks. HOB filters and internal aquarium filters work similar to a canister filter but to a lower extent. 

Here, you can learn more about aquarium filter types and their suitability. After that, you just need to find a perfect match for your specific need. 

Best Filter For Betta Fish Reviewed 


  • Suitable for all aquarium types (10-100 gallons)
  • Super quiet and energy-efficient pump
  • Media trays are easily removable with a handle
  • Filter media can be customized
  • Doesn’t leak 


  • The pump is not a self-priming one
  • Expensive than other filters on the list

Fluval is a company that has been in the fishkeeping community for years with its gorgeous aquarium gadgets. They’ve recently come up with some new innovations to improve what they already had- namely, this canister filter called “07 series.” 

This revolutionary piece of equipment makes every aspect of caring for your tanks easier than ever before by providing necessary filtration without taking up too much space! Fluval 07 series consisting of four canister filters of varying sizes and capacities. 

You can pick one according to the tank size and extent of filtration you need. If you would like, you can read my detailed review of one of the canister filters of the 07 series (407)

The 07 series can generate a 145-383 US gallons flow rate depending on your purchased model. In other words, those are suitable to use for aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons. 

Although the pump is powerful, it consumes only a trifling 10W of electricity, equivalent to an energy bulb.  

The pump is super quiet, and sometimes you may get confused whether it is running. The only downside is the pump is not a self-priming one, but a quick primer handle makes priming really simple. You’ll get everything to set it up in the package, including the filter media, and installation is pretty straightforward.

The Media trays of this aquarium filter fit superbly inside the canister, never leaking a single drop. Moreover, with the media basket handle, you can remove them all at once instead of doing so one by one, which is an added bonus when it comes time for cleaning! 

This neat little device also has quite a broad selection in terms of filters that you may use based on your needs and preferences. The best thing about these particular canister filters, though, is just how versatile they are: they come up against anything from algae-infested tanks to heavily planted ones. 

Overall, the Fluval 07 series canister filter will turn your tank into an underwater palace and keep it clean all year long.


  • Durable double ribbed sponge ensures a greater surface area
  • Includes two biomedia container
  • The adjustable air-water outlet for changing direction and height
  • Efficient to filter tanks up to 60 gallons


  • Bio-media not included in the package

Huijukon sponge filter is one of the best sponge filters in the market available. It is an excellent fit for 10 to 60-gallon aquariums. 

This sponge filter features two exclusive bio-media containers to keep everything running smoothly all day long! It creates an attractive stream with tiny bubbles and will not wake up anyone in your household while still keeping most debris out of sight. 

If your aquarium is starting to get a little gross, Huijukon can clean it up! Not only does Huijukon filter out toxins for you with the help of beneficial bacteria, but the sponge material also works as mechanical filtration. It traps and removes debris out of the aquarium water. 

It is made of a high-quality composite 9-layer double ribbed sponge and provides more surface area for growing beneficial bacteria. I recommend using this Huijukon sponge filter for your betta tank with shrimp, fry, discus, and angelfish. It’s well capable of keeping all your fish happy and healthy.  

You don’t need an airstone for this filter to run, connect the airline tubing with the sponge filter air inlet, and you are all set. Next, start the air pump and begin the water circulation. 

All the parts are easily detachable, and it’s recommended to clean, rinse and squeeze the sponge once every week. One more thing is, under the sponge in the container, you can add additional media for chemical filtration as well, like zeolite or activated carbon. 

The unit is inexpensive, but it doesn’t come with the biomedia and replacement sponge; you have to buy those separately. 


  • Includes a surface skimmer
  • Pump is self-priming
  • The media chamber can be customized
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Highly reliable and runs quietly 


  • Fish fry and shrimps can be sucked in the skimmer

The Seachem Tidal filter is like no other product I have ever tried. It’s one of the best options for all aquarium sizes and has a surface skimmer that ensures your tank stays crystal clear. It fits nicely in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and offers different sizes suitable for 35-100 gallons fish tanks. 

The skimmer is a perfect way to keep your tank clean without having to spend hours cleaning. The Seachem surface skimmer may be small and quiet, but it packs big power. It removes any unwanted protein coat or slime from the water. 

This filter’s pump doesn’t need priming and stays below the waterline, so there’s never any worry of priming if you’re out of your home during power loss! It’s a significant relief, indeed, especially if you’re living in a place where power outages are frequent. If you need gentle flow, the adjustable flow option allows it to do that easily. 

The media box holds enough room for additional materials to increase the efficiency of filtration. Water coming from the bottom has to go all through the system before opening out from the topmost point. 

Cleaning is made easier by lifting only the basket, and a blue pop-up indicator will let you know when the time comes to clean your cartridge with ease! Among all HOB filters in the market, Seachem Tidal is my preferred one, and I believe you’ll also find it a worthy one. 


  • An additional port is available to attach the lift tube 
  • Special plated type durable plastics
  • Plates can work independently 
  • Carbon cartridges ensure chemical filtration
  • Fits both in freshwater and saltwater tanks


  • Lift’s tubes are comparatively short

Lee’s premium undergravel filters offer a broad range of sizes. In addition, they are made from special plastics which don’t crack or split, unlike other plastic models on the market, so they can be used in saltwater and brackish water without worry of degradation!

Pleated style plastics instead of flat means that they will be able to withstand heavier weight better while also holding substrates more firmly than usual. With this durable design, Lee is your best choice when it comes to selecting an effective aquarium filter system that won’t disappoint you.

The unit comes with either one or two plates, depending on the model you purchase and is excellent for reducing the number of plates required to fit in an aquarium. Each plate contains two riser tubes and an additional port that allows you to connect another line if needed.

This filter plate does not require to be connected since they work separately from each other, meaning there are no worries about connecting anything up incorrectly! 

Lee’s premium undergravel filter works fine with the air pump. However, you can use it with a powerhead or a canister filter. Whatever is the driving force, you have to purchase that separately. 

This filter unit comes with carbon cartridges for chemical filtration. The only drawback is that riser tubes are a bit too short. However, because of its advanced design and materials, the price for this filter also exceeds those of competing brands.


  • Simple installation
  • Canister filter like the separate compartment
  • Doesn’t make an irritating sound
  • The direction and extent of the flow can be adjusted


  • Suitable only for small tanks

Corner filters are great for tanks of small sizes, up to 25 gallons, and typically sit in a corner. They function by using an airstone to push water through the filter, which contains multiple types of media that help with mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

Among all on the market, I found the Aquaneat Corner Filter pretty handy and quite effective. Installation is easy and simple; you just need to connect an airline to the unit and turn on the air pump to start the filtration.

The filter is effective for small tanks. It comes with a simple one-chamber design that can be opened from the top to add custom filtration media.

Outflow tubing on this tank can also be pulled apart and moved around your aquarium. As a result, this product will not cause excessive currents even if betta fish are housed inside in smaller aquariums (5-10 gallons)!

The Aquanaut corner filter includes accessories like a sponge, tubings, suction cups along with the package. Still, you need to buy a strong enough air pump independently to drive it. In addition, there are no instructions on how to set up those accessories, but it’s not a hard thing to figure that out.

This filter compartment is arranged like a canister filter, so it gives you multistage filtration. It has an adjustable uptake tube that will keep your water oxygenated and free of protein film on the surface, thanks to its excellent surface tension.


  • Flow can be directed from three direction
  • Extremely quiet
  • Both vertical and horizontal position is possible
  • Effective is for freshwater, marine water, and turtle tank
  • Filter cartridges are easily removable


  • Slightly expensive but worth the money

As mentioned earlier, Fluval is renowned worldwide as a best-in-class company when it comes to creating top-of-the-line pet products like Aquariums and Filters with modern technology at your fingertips!

Suppose you’re looking for an excellent but affordable option. In that case, I recommend the Fluval U4 internal filter because it has so many cool features that make it my favorite internal filter.

Fluval U4 is a high-quality aquarium filter that filters up to 65 gallons. It is the submersible type and has adjustable flow control, making it suitable for different fish tank setup types (i.e., shrimps, Betta, etc.).

One thing that makes it great is the 3-way flow output: from the top for maximum water circulation, another one in the middle to provide an even and gentle flow, but what really sets this apart is a spray bar at the bottom which provides deepwater agitation.

This filter has a unique design that can be placed horizontally. Not only does it work in low water tanks, but the horizontal placement option also makes for an eye-catching decorative waterfall!

You’ll get an effective three-stage filtration coverage in your tank using this filter. To make your life easier, you’re allowed to remove the cartridge from the top access without dismounting the filter from the tank. It’s super easy to install and maintain, too! And did I mention how quiet it is? You’ll hardly know it’s running at all.

If you desire to buy a quality product and are willing to spend the money, this is an outstanding value for what it offers. In addition, it can be used as either your only filter or in conjunction with another one of larger size if needed (although I found that just having one was enough).

Wrapping Up

We all know that betta fish need to live in an aquarium or bowl without any debris because they are sensitive little guys who can easily get sick if there’s too much junk floating around. But do we really know how to keep them clean? 

Yes, obviously, they need a filter to live in clean water. I have reviewed six different filters explicitly designed for betta fish so that it doesn’t take up every minute of your time when finding one! 

You should consider how much filtration power each unit offers and its size when making your decision on which filter will work best for you. As always, we hope our review of the best filter for betta fish was helpful! Let us know what you think!

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