10 Best Aquarium Lighting For Fish Color – A Comprehensive Review

Best Aquarium Lighting For Fish Color by Aquarium Tales

Aquarium hobbyists love to decorate their fish tanks as per their aesthetic choice. The lighting can create such a dreamy effect in your aquarium that no other decors can do. Your fish will pop & glow with proper lighting. Moreover, the light is not only for decorative purposes for all aquariums.

If the fishkeeper wishes to have a planted aquarium, lighting is crucial for plant growth. Expert aquarists who maintain coral reef tanks need to equip their aquariums with special illuminations.

Typically beginners look for proper lighting to make the aquarium and fish looking beautiful. However, everyone desires to have colorful fish in the aquarium, and the fish color is somewhat influenced by available light. An adequate spectrum of light is necessary to promote fish color.

The lighting selection for your aquarium as per your choice and need is a little tricky task. In this article, I’ll talk about how you should select the right aquarium lighting for fish color. Simultaneously, to make your search process more comfortable, I included product reviews with pros & cons.

Review Of Best Aquarium Lights For Fish color

Most aquarium hobbyists, including newbies, love choosing aquarium lights to beautify their feature pieces. At the same time, they look for the right spectrum that enhances the fish color.

I have selected the ten best aquarium lights that can provide the necessary wavelength to promote fish color and decorate your fish tank elegantly. You can pick the one that suits your choice.

Fluval is a well-known name in the fishkeeping arena, as they created so many quality aquarium products. Now I’ll talk about Fluval AQUASKY aquarium light. I kept this light at the top of the list.

You can operate this light exclusively with a mobile app to mimic various seasonal effects from stormy lightning to dense cloud cover. Your fish habitat will get the natural flavor of the whole year’s annual cycle.

In this light, each individual LED casts 120° of illumination, which ensures extensive uniform coverage of light without any dead spot. Each four individual color channels are independently operable, which gives you the convenience to create your lighting environment that suits your aesthetic choice.


  • Provides a larger touch-switch surface for stable control without any fuss.
  • Straightforward to install with expandable legs. 
  • It can provide in-depth coverage without a dark spot. 
  • Waterproof, and it is a great benefit. 
  • Operable with a mobile app. 


  • Some users complained about moisture intrusion. 
  • Only a few users complained about the app that it is not useful. 

Aquarium lovers are very concerned about decorating their aquarium perfectly so that it reflects their aesthetic choice. Nothing but lights can give a glistening effect in an aquarium.

Finnex Stingray 2 Aquarium LED Light offers many features to beautify your underwater world. It has become a popular choice among customers. With its tri-color combo, this lighting unit can bring life to an otherwise dull aquarium. It can provide the perfect spectrum to encourage fish color.

You can switch the light to the moonlight option that gives your aquarium a stunning appearance, making a mind refreshing company for you.

This aquarium light itself very beautiful to look at, which adds beauty to your aquarium being almost unnoticeable from a distance. The single cast, the sleek aluminum hood is attractive and stylish.

This light features a moisture-resistant coating to prevent moisture intrusion; thus, it has a longer lifespan than other lighting types. You can use this light for planted aquarium also.


  • Moisture-resistant Conformal LED coating helps a longer lifetime of lights. 
  • The Intertek-certified power supply is safe to use.
  • LEDs are energy-efficient to save money. 
  • The sleek metallic design makes it stylish and straightforward to install.
  • You can use this light for your planted aquarium.


  • The sliding leg adjustment option is for a minimal range. 
  • Some users complained about the brightness was not as expected. 

Here is another Nicrew light! We love this brand when it comes to aquarium lights, and not unlikely that you will get your best aquarium light in this brand.

There are similarities among all models of this brand about the features they provide. With energy-efficient LEDs, it emits an optimized color spectrum, and its brightness is fully adjustable. There are many different color options, and with remote control, you can choose a color pattern that you prefer.

The structured aluminum alloy shell is good for heat dissipation. It prevents the lights from overheating, ensuring a longer lifetime of LEDs. The adjustable bracket helps straightforward installation on a wide variety of aquarium sizes.


  • Provide optimized light output for the healthy growth of fishes.
  • Easy to install on various aquarium sizes with adjustable legs.
  • The aluminum housing is perfect for heat dissipation.
  • Fully remote control color adjustment. 
  • You can use it for low-light freshwater plants also. 


  • This light is not waterproof.
  • Some users complained about the remote controller that it malfunctioned. 

This one is a Beamswork LED light with popular customer reviews. If you are a beginner and not ready to invest in lights with so many features instead of wanting a quality one, go for it.

This product can provide abundant lighting for your aquarium and full spectrum to help fish color. At the same time, it is energy-efficient and durable. If you wish to use a timer module somewhen later, no worries, you can buy a Beamswork timer module, and your light is compatible with it.

You can use a power splitter to hook up more than one light to the same power source.

Users are satisfied with this light as it is a good one for the money. They provide features that make it very easy to install, so if you are a beginner, this one could be your best aquarium light.


  • Provides good quality product at a low price.
  • Straightforward to install.
  • Available in six different sizes. 
  • It is compatible with the Beamswork Timer Module. 


  • If you want to have a planted aquarium, this light will not work. 

An underwater light can create a lighting effect that brightly illuminates your fish with dazzling colors you choose. The MingDak submersible LED light with so many color-changing options will bring your underwater world to a whole new level.

You can install LEDs as aquarium background lights. Choose whatever colors you prefer from 16 solid colors and four various light modes. Each color is individually dimmable so that you can get different color pattern combinations. Color adjustment is super easy with a remote controller.

Suction cups will hold the light firmly with the inner surface of your aquarium. This light is a good quality submersible light with a long life span and energy-saving features.


  • Available in five different sizes. 
  • Provides an extensive array of color options. 
  • The remote control is handy and super comfortable. 
  • Suction cups mount tights and convenient to use. 
  • Safe for underwater use. 


  • Some users complained, the brightness is not as standard as expected, and they suffered from flickering. 

This one is another submersible aquarium light (IP68 waterproof ), and it is useable both inside and outside of water. Pretty well light for the money, with 16 different colors and four preset modes.

It is dimmable with an easily operable button. You can adjust the settings as you prefer and enjoy the leisure landscape of your fish swimming around.

NATEEL submersible LED light is an energy-efficient, reliable, and utterly safe aquarium light, as we come to know from the user’s feedback.


  • Available in four different sizes. 
  • Reasonable in price.
  • It returns to the last settings after a power outage. 
  • IP68 waterproof certified. 
  • Provides various options of colors and effect to decorate your aquarium perfectly. 


  • This light does not fit in properly other than a rectangular fish tank.  

This one is another Nicrew light! Budget-friendly and durable as like other products of this brand. If you are looking for a full spectrum light that helps fish coloration, this Nicrew LED light is an excellent option for you within a small budget.

Nicrew lights have a reputation for their durability. In this model, an improved in-line switch added another dimension to prevent damage. The extendable bracket feature is available for this model, so you can make it fit for various aquarium sizes.

The aluminum housing can optimize heat dissipation and prevent overheating; simultaneously, it is light in weight, comfortable to handle.


  • Available in four different sizes.
  • Independent control for white and color LED. 
  • Improved in-line switch reduces light burnout.
  • An extendable bracket makes it fit for different sizes. 
  • Aluminum alloy housing is lightweight and long-lasting. 


  • The light housing is not waterproof.

You can use this aquarium light for versatile purposes. It is suitable for saltwater tanks up to 30 gallons and provides enough lighting for your fish or other inhabitants. 

The manufacturer recently redesigned the holding clip in response to the customer’s feedback, and now this light fits for rim and rimless fish tanks up to 0.9 inches. The aluminum alloy shell is ultra-thin and well-structured, which optimizes heat dissipation excellently.

This light is straightforward to install. Just simply clamp the light with the tank’s rim and switch it on – that’s it. Tiy can adjust the angle of focus by gently turning the gooseneck clamp. Two lighting effects enhance the beauty of your aquarium.


  • The acrylic casing is splash-resistant.
  • The sleek and light design makes it easy to handle.
  • Widely useable for saltwater and planted aquarium.
  • Easy to install and long-lasting.  


  • Some users complained about the brightness is too high to enhance algae growth. 

I include various products in my list of the 10 Best Aquarium Lighting For Fish Color, different in size and price. Because I know different people have different needs and it is not wise to fill the list with high capacity and pricy lights only.

The JackSuper Bright Classic LED Aquarium Light is primarily for small fish tanks. This one is a decent quality product at a low price. The manufacturers claim to design this light professionally for fish, frog, turtle, cichlids, and aquarium plant cultivation. The user’s feedback supports their claim to be valid.

The high luminance LEDs provide full-spectrum white light that can render any object closest to the natural color. The aluminum alloy shell makes this light lighter than any other, allowing heat dissipation for faster cooling.

It is effortless to set up; two extendable mounting brackets allow you to adjust the length to fit your fish tank from 8.5 inches to 11.2 inches. Overall this one is a beautiful lighting unit for small aquariums.


  • Available in three different sizes. 
  • It is lighter than most other lights. 
  • Suitable for aquarium plant cultivation.
  • The adjustable bracket is useful to fix in different aquariums.  
  • Reasonable in price.


  • Many users complained about the holding screw as it is not strong enough to firmly hold the light with the tank rim. 

Finnex is a trendy brand for aquarium lights. They provide a wide variety of lighting units for various purposes. This model I am discussing is also popular, with an excellent review rating.  

According to user reviews, this Finnex light is perfect for promoting fish color. The intensity and quality of this light are excellent. The adjustable neck makes it easy to set up in different sized aquariums.


  • Provides sufficient lighting spectrum for fish color.
  • Two lighting effects enhance the beauty of aquariums. 
  • Straightforward to set up with an adjustable neck.
  •  Provides good quality at a low price. 


  • Some users complained the mountain bracket is over large. 
  • The control box accumulates some heat output. 

How To Choose The Best Aquarium Lighting For Fish Color

It is not unlikely to get confused while pondering to choose the right aquarium light for your aquarium. Many lights are available in the market, and the vast range of variety and price will confuse anyone easily.

Available spectrum is the most crucial consideration for fish color. But all LED lights, more or less, provide the adequate spectrum for the purpose. I will help you to pick your best aquarium light only with three points.

You Aquarium Size

Aquarium size is a vital consideration as it determines the light intensity throughout the entire aquarium. You can understand the philosophy, as it’s very easy. The same source of light cannot brighten a 10-gallon and a 20-gallon aquarium equally.

The larger your aquarium is, the more light it will need to meet the purpose, very simple! For huge aquariums, people use multiple lighting connected in series, using features like the daisy chain.

Your Budget

You will get many aquarium lights of almost the same specifications but with a various range of prices. Some additional features, control options, and goodwill of brands can create this differentiation in price.

So the budget will play a significant role in your selection process but don’t worry, as the price range variation is vast, you will definitely get one within your budget. Choose one with the features you need only and don’t pay for the unnecessary songs.

Types Of Fish

If you keep in darkness, most colorful fish start getting pale in colors. Because vitamin-D is necessary for fish coloration, and they get it from light. If you keep sensitive fish like goldfish or betta in the aquarium, it is mandatory to maintain shiny lighting to promote their bright color.

Saltwater fish are more sensitive to color, but saltwater aquariums need special lighting that I covered in a different article.

Wrapping Up

Right aquarium light spectrum can encourage the coloration of colorful fish, simultaneously brighten their appearances. You need to be picky to get the right one.

Hopefully, my review article will somewhat guide you in the buying process. If you have any comments or other sharing, please put them in the below comment box.

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