Ammonia Not Converting to Nitrite [4 Main Reasons & Solution]

Ammonia Not Converting to Nitrite

Ammonia converting to nitrite is a vital process in nitrogen cycling. However, if ammonia is not converting to nitrite, it may signify an issue in the nitrification process, potentially caused by inadequate bacteria or high ammonia levels. This conversion is primarily carried out by beneficial bacteria known as Nitrosomonas. Understanding the process of ammonia converting … Read more

Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails? [Yes & No]

Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails

Assassin snails will eat nerite snails if they are small enough or already dead. However, it is important to note that assassin snails primarily prey on other small snails and are not specifically targeting nerite snails. Introducing assassin snails to a tank with existing nerite snails may result in some predation, but it is not … Read more

Red Root Floaters Dying [3 Reasons, Solution, Alternatives]

red root floaters dying

Red root floaters, also known as Phyllanthus fluitans, are popular floating aquatic plants that require specific conditions to thrive. If red root floaters are dying, it may indicate issues with water quality, lighting, nutrient levels, water movement, and inappropriate tank mates that need to be addressed for their survival. Regular monitoring and adjustments can help … Read more

Red Root Floater Vs Frogbit: A Detailed Comparison

Red root floater & Frogbit

Red root floater and frogbit are both popular floating aquarium plants, but they differ in their appearance and growth characteristics. The former has reddish roots and small circular leaves, while the latter has larger round leaves without visible roots. Red root floater tends to grow faster and propagate more quickly, while frogbit grows at a … Read more

Java Fern Turning Black| 07 Reasons & Cure

Java Fern Turning Black

Java fern turning black is commonly caused by intense lighting or improper planting. The discoloration may also indicate a nutrient deficiency or an underlying health issue. Java fern (Microform Pteropus) is a popular aquatic plant in the aquarium hobby. It is known for its hardiness and ability to thrive in a variety of conditions. However, … Read more

7 Awesome Benefits of Keeping Fish Aquarium at Home

Benefits of Keeping Fish Aquarium at Home

Keeping a fish aquarium at home provides several benefits, such as relieving stress and promoting relaxation. It also helps to lower blood pressure and enhance overall well-being. The presence of fish and their captivating movements can be therapeutic, creating a calming and peaceful environment. Moreover, observing the vibrant colors of the fish can have a … Read more