Can Female Betta Fish Lay Eggs Without a Male? All You Need to Know!

Can Female Betta Fish Lay Eggs Without a male

If you’re an aquarist interested in breeding betta fish, you may have asked yourself Can female betta fish lay eggs without a male?  It’s not uncommon for female bettas to lay eggs without a male present, and in most cases, it’s nothing to be concerned about. This article will explore everything you need to know … Read more

Can Oscar Fish Eat Goldfish? Or, can They Live together?

Can Oscar Fish Eat Goldfish

Oscar fish are predatory fish, and they like to eat live foods including different insects, small fish, various worms, etc. But can oscar fish eat goldfish? Oscar fish eat goldfish, and the use of feeder goldfish is very common as oscar fish food. They can live together only if the goldfish size is large enough … Read more

What Aquarium Fish Eat Poop? [Facts Checked]

what aquarium fish eat poop

What aquarium fish eat poop? Is there any fish that are habituated to eating the fish poop? That will be really nice since cleaning & maintenance requirements would have been much lower. There are some bottom dweller fish and invertebrates such as plecos, catfish, sucker fish, shrimps, etc. which are known as poop eaters. However, … Read more