Aqueon 10 Gallon Tank – A Good One to Start With

Aqueon 10 Gallon tank - LED Aquarium Kit

Are you looking for an Aqueon 10 Gallon Tank? We appreciate your decision. Every aquarium owner likes to see their aquatic friends happy and healthy, swimming with joy and thriving with health, in a comfortable and cozy home.

Choosing the perfect aquarium is vital for buying! If you are a newbie, picking an aquarium to start with, might become the first challenging job. A big question comes, how will I choose it?

So, our advice, decide how many fish you want to have and what kind they are! Overstocking is a common mistake, and it can turn your fishkeeping to a hassle. The experienced aquarists say it is better to understock fish but never overstock.

It is also important where you want to place the aquarium. Find a suitable space in your residence or workplace or wherever you plan to have your fish pets.

Suppose you want an aquarium neither too big nor too small. In that case, Aqueon 10 gallon Tank is an excellent size to make the perfect accents for your drawing room bedrooms, or your office room. So in this article, we will talk about Aqueon 100527256 Fish Tank Aquarium LED Kit. 

Aqueon 10 gallon LED tank review

Easy to install 

If you want to avoid hassles for setting up your new friend’s home, this Aqueon 10-gallon tank is a perfect choice for you. The full package will provide you some user-friendly features. For smooth starting, they provide a setup guide, water conditioner & a fishnet with the box. 

Bright lighting 

The low profile full hood LED lighting of this Aqueon tank is pretty cool. Three sets of three LED modules reliably ensure total illumination. Bright white lights consequently bring life to your aquatic environment. This aquarium kit’s lighting is sufficient to keep a few low light live plants in your aquarium, adding a natural flavor. 

Effective 5-stage filtration

The filtration system of this Aqueon 10-gallon tank is awesome! QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter with the replaceable cartridge will efficiently keep your aquarium water clean and transparent.

The first stage of filtration removes particulate matters. The second stage is activated carbon, which eliminates odors and discoloration. The third stage absorbs toxic gases like ammonia and nitrate. The fourth and fifth stages provide special filtration to ensure an oxygen-rich environment with crystal clear water. 

Regular filter change is very crucial to maintain a healthy environment in the aquarium. Sometimes it is tough to identify the right frequency of filter element replacement. In this Aqueon 10-gallon tank, a red light indicator at the top of the filter-casing will blink to indicate when it’s the time for cartridge change. No guessing!

The cartridge replacement is as simple as pulling out the used one and placing the new one, including rinsing. The whole operation takes less than three minutes.

Preset Submersible Heater

They provide a 50W preset heater with the box, and this is not common that you get a heater with the aquarium kit. This Aqueon 10 Gallon tank is giving you an added benefit. This heater is shatter-resistant, including an auto on/off safety feature and an LED indicator to indicate heater status. A stick-on thermometer shows the real-time water temperature. 

For most tropical fish, suitable water temperature is 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The preset heater will keep your aquarium temperature precisely around 78 degrees. The thermometer will confirm the temperature reading. It is advantageous to monitor and ensure the optimum environment inside the aquarium effectively. 

Perfect as a freshwater, tropical, and saltwater aquarium 

You can use this fish tank both for freshwater and saltwater use. The preset heater can maintain water temperature perfect for tropical fish.

Aqueon 10 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium LED Kit’ is admittedly one of the best Betta fish tanks. The heater is quite efficient to keep the temperature constant at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and your Bettas are happy at this warm, spacious home.

Product Details
  • Dimensions: 22.88 x 12.75 x 13.88 inches
  • Weight: 26.0 pounds
  • Aquarium Type: Freshwater, Saltwater
  • Capacity (MAX): 10-gallon
  • Fish Type: Marine Fish, Tropical Freshwater

Pros and Cons


  • All parts fit easily, no hard pieces to punch out of the hood, thus super easy to assemble.
  • Bright and white lights consequently bring life to your aquatic environment.
  • Any time you can On/off LED lights with the switch on the power cord, thus easy to operate.  
  • QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter will efficiently keep your aquarium water clean and immaculate.
  • A red light will flash to indicate the filter blockage, simply replace the cartridge with no stress or guessing!
  • The preset heater will keep your aquarium temperature warm and cozy for fish. 


  • There is no easy way to separate LED lights from the aquarium hood. If light burnout, you cannot replace them separately instead of replacing the full hood.
  • The water-intake part of the filter has holes in it that are wide enough for small fishes like Neon Tetras to get sucked in and die.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does this Aqueon 10 gallon tank require much maintenance?

No more than other tanks. Regular maintenance of 10-gallon size aquarium kits is not that difficult. All you need to do is change the water regularly and replace the filter cartridge once in a month. That’s it!

When do I need to change the filter cartridge?

It depends on cartridge condition, timely changing of the filter cartridge is always crucial. Whereas, in this tank with QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter, a red light indicator will flash to indicate that cartridge is blocked.

Can I remove the aquarium heater?

Yes, very comfortably! The heater is separate equipment. In most aquarium kits heater unit is not included in the package; you have to buy one with extra costs. 

At the same time, Aqueon 10 gallon led aquarium kit is providing you this added benefit. A dedicated modular unit separates the heater from the tank body. A suction cup keeps it attached to the tank wall; thus, the heater is easily replaceable.

Does Aqueon 10 gallon LED tank come with an air pump, or do you need to purchase it separately?

The pump unit is a part of the filtration system. It sucks water into the filter and delivers clean water. The pump also creates water circulation inside the aquarium, so yes, this 10-gallon tank comes with an air pump, and you don’t need to buy one separately.

How much does an Aqueon 10 gallon tank Weigh?

It will depend on how much gravels and decors you use, but we can give you a gross measure, approximately 125 lbs when full of water and gravel.

Where can I purchase the filter change time indicator LED on top of the filter?

This is a part of all Aqueon QuietFlow HOB Filters, which is also available on Amazon individually.

Where is the manufacturing place of Aqueon 10 gallon led aquarium kit fish tank?

Franklin, Wisconsin, USA. Some of the components they source from China but everything of this Aqueon 10 gallon tank they assemble in Franklin.

What are the materials for the construction of the tank?

No worries, it’s strong enough. The fish tank construction material is glass with a lid of plastic.

Is Aqueon a good brand?? 

Aqueon is one of the top brands in fish keeping arena. A lot of people use Aqueon products, and they provide positive feedback on it. 

Where to get the LED lights in case of burnout?

This is a demerit of LED light hoods. There is no easy way to replace lights separately; in that case, you have to get a new hood that is available in Amazon.

Unboxing an Aqueon 10 Gallon tank - Video Tutorial

Final Words!

Here we go! How was our Aqueon aquarium kit review overall? A 10-gallon size for aquariums is pretty well-liked to start with. The Aqueon 10-Gallon LED tank is a complete aquarium with all essential features that favor a newcomer of fishkeeping. 

We recommend this Aqueon 10-gallon tank for a precise design and a fine finishing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this fishkeeping arena, you will have a happy time with this fish tank. Enjoy!  

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