About Sujit Modak

Hey there, I’m Sujit Modak, the proud founder of this blog, driven by my deep passion for fishkeeping.

Writing has always been my forte, and I discovered that blogging is the perfect avenue for me to express my thoughts. It allows me to delve into diverse topics, and each time I hit that publish button, an overwhelming surge of excitement rushes through me.

Sujit Modak in front of his one of the aquariums
Sujit Modak in front of one of the aquariums owned by him

2020 was a peculiar year, marked by the unprecedented pandemic. I had a job back then, but due to safety measures, my company enforced remote work, which essentially meant getting paid without physically being present in the office.

Within the confines of my home, I found solace in the company of my loved ones and, of course, my beloved aquarium. With the perpetual lockdown restrictions keeping me indoors, I yearned for a more fulfilling way to spend my time.

That’s when it hit me—I decided to embark on my blogging journey. I took the plunge and acquired the domain aquariumtales.com, where I could generously share my enthralling fishkeeping experiences with like-minded individuals.

My Fishkeeping Journey

Back in the summer of 2005, during my school days, my father surprised me with an aquarium. Well, to be honest, it was more of a fishbowl at the time.

I excitedly set it up with a pair of Goldfish and adorned it with artificial decorations. Following the advice from the pet store, I diligently changed the water every day.

However, as life got busier with studies, I couldn’t give my aquarium the attention it deserved, and unfortunately, both Goldfish met an untimely demise.

Disheartened, I shared the story with my friends, who echoed the sentiment that keeping fish alive in an aquarium was indeed a challenging task.

Fast forward to my university years in the spring of 2011. I decided to give it another shot and purchased a larger fish bowl.

This time, I opted for a cute little turtle from the pet store. I had heard that turtles were hardy creatures, capable of living long lives. That was the main reason behind my choice.

For a year and a half, I had the pleasure of taking care of my pet turtle. It was an exhilarating experience watching it grow and feeding it regularly.

However, as my university days drew to a close, I made the bittersweet decision to entrust my beloved turtle to one of my close friends.

In 2017, I finally took the plunge and purchased my very first fish tank. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities as I delved into the realm of different fish species.

My Community fish tank
My Community fish tank

Starting with Goldfish, Zebra Danios, and Platy, I soon found myself experimenting with over 20 diverse fish varieties, including Oscar, Betta, and Cichlid, among others.

As my knowledge and passion grew, I ventured into creating a self-sustaining tank, where maintenance was minimal (I never enjoyed the cleaning part!).

I even transformed the tank into a captivating betta sorority tank, complete with a variety of plants and a soil substrate similar to a dirted tank. The entire process was utterly captivating and enthralling for me.

Today, I proudly own a 20-gallon community fish tank brimming with life. As a centerpiece fish, I have a magnificent male betta, surrounded by vibrant guppies, lively danios, playful cory catfish, and charming platy.

My community fish tank with plants
My community fish tank with plants

It’s a harmonious underwater community that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

You can connect with me through email or by filling out the contact form here.